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A brochure is like a sales pitch on paper. It has the power to convert a prospect into a client. In today’s connected world companies are making use of e-brochures which can be sent to clients across the world with just the click of a button. Well made brochures are not only used for making a sale or creating brand awareness but have the potential to become a collector’s item for your prospective clients. Such iconic designs stay with your customer and remind them of your business services and ensure repeat customer interactions and loyalty in the long run. No wonder companies spend top dollar on designing cutting edge brochures for their sales teams.

Creative brochures is an art form that we at GBIM have perfected. Our team has created thousands of brochures for clients with proven track record of generating sales and achieveing marketing goals. For us brochures are like vivid story books. We create original graphics which convey information succintly with just a glance. Our expert content team helps choose just the right words to present your information to your clients in an easy to understand manner. When combined together our brochures stand out for their intuitive flow of information, easy to understand graphics and truly innovative design. We aim that every brochure becomes a piece of art for our client that brings in business and helps the brand.

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General Questions by Clients
Want to explore more about us? For you, we have incorporated common questions that might have arisen in your mind at times. Find answers to your questions right now & straight here!
What’s the process of designing a brochure?
The GBIM team spends time with you and takes a detailed brief from you to understand your expectations in terms of the design and the content. We then undertake a detailed competitor analysis where we visit your competitor’s websites and download their brochures and study their plus points. We then make a first round of design template and share with you. Simultaneously our content team starts creating engaging and simple content. Once design is approved by you we then populate the brochure with content and share with you for approval. Upon final approval we convert the brochure in the desired format including pdf, video etc.
 Process Of Designing A Brochure
Readily Available Template Online
Can I pick up a readily available template online?
Readily available templates are very common and can be used by your competitors as well. To make your brochure a powerful sales tool it needs to be unique and well written. With readymade templates you run a risk of becoming common and a look alike of others. This can potentially damage your business’ impression and not get you the desired results. It is also advisable to use professional design services to get your business the edge.
What to expect from a Brochure agency
How many days does it take for you to design a brochure?
Brochure design may take 7- 21 days. It depends on the complexity of the brief and the innovation that maybe needed to execute the design.
What inputs are needed for a brochure design?
Our team will have a detailed discussion with you to understand the exact content requirements. Based on that the technical information if any will be needed from you. On the other hand if you wish, our team of technical writers will handle all the content creation at our end. But it will be inserted in the brochure after confirmation from your end.
Can changes be made in a brochure once its finalised?
Changes in a brochure are possible at any time. We can edit the content as per your requirement and also change the formats if you need so. We will be happy to make minor changes free of cost. However, extensive changes will be at an additional cost. Our team will be happy to assist you with the rates.
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