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Boost Your Business with Google Ads Services

by | Nov 6, 2020 | PPC

Google Adwords services curated by the mother of all search engines: Google, allows you to advertise your products/ services online to web users over Google and Google Partnered websites. Google Ads is based on the Pay Per Click or PPC platform where advertisers pay Google Adwords services only when someone clicks on their ad. You can curate different types of Google Ads like Display Ads, Search Ads, Products Listing, etc. Depending on your online advertising goals and target audience.

Every business owner reading this might instantly feel wow, this is the best way I can advertise my business online! 

But there are also a few business owners who feel Are Google Adwords Services worth it?

So, for all you business owners, amateur online advertisers, who are still in doubt if this PPC Advertising service is worth your time and investment or not. Do not worry as reading this post will solve all your doubts and tell you how Google Ads Services can be a boon to your Business.

This post will help you know and understand how You can Boost Your Business with Google Ads Services.

  • Back To The Basics: What Are PPC Advertising Services & Getting Started With Google Adwords.

PPC Advertising is an online channel of advertising your business, products and services over search engines websites. PPC management services work on a simple rule, advertisers only pay every time a user clicks on their ads online. Businesses that run PPC ads are only charged only when an online user clicks on their ad. Google Adwords works on the foundation of PPC Ads. 

  • How Do I Start With Google Adwords?

Before starting with Google Adwords Services, it is important to know how this PPC advertising platform works.

Whenever a user performs a google search related to products or services you deal in, ensure that your ad will pop as a search result. Also, when you work with Google Adwords services, your ads get displayed overall on Google partnered websites. A pivotal point to remember is that your ad might not pop as the very first search result every time. Want to know how to Get Your Google Ad on top of the SERP? Check out How To Use Google Adwords in 2021 to know in detail about how to use Google Adwords Services and the important working factors to consider when using this PPC advertising service.

Now, before you start working with Google Adwords, you first have to open a Google Adwords account!

Create Your Google Adwords Account in simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Sign Up on the Google Adwords Website via your Google Account or create a fresh Google Adwords Account.
  • STEP 2: Once Signed Up, create Your Google Adwords Budget
  • STEP 3: Select Your Target Audience
  • STEP 4: Pick your desired network for displaying your Google Ads. You can pick from Search, Display, Youtube and Shopping Network.
  • STEP 5: After selecting the desired network, you must perform an important step, Picking the Right Keywords.
  • STEP 6: The Bidding Process. You can bid either manually or choose automated bidding.
  • STEP 7: Write A Mind-Blowing Google Ad.

  • Tips For Working With Google Ads:

The following tips will help you not only when working with Google Ads but also be an impetus for your business growth via Google Ads:

    A. Learn The Basic Terms:

When working with Google Adwords Services, it is crucial to have an understanding of basic terms such as Keywords, Bid, Quality Score, Ad Rank, CPC, Conversion.

   1. Account Organisation:

Organising your account by breaking down your products or services into various categories and forming an account structure helps you boost your business. Google Adwords has two categories of account organisation: Campaigns & Ad Groups. Campaigns can represent larger and important business categories, whereas Ad groups represent specific products/services. This practice helps in creating specific audience-targeted ads. The more specific your ads are the more clicks it will get boosting your business.

   2. Budget Settlement:

Set your overall budget that includes your keyword budget, bid budget and daily budget as per your business goals. It is advisable to set different campaign budgets, bid amounts corresponding to your business goals. You can alter your budget whenever you want, depending on the desired result.

   3. Select Correct Keywords & Set Correct Keywords Match Types:

The correct keywords can skyrocket your business as it leads your ads to a target-specific audience searching the exact keywords you use in your ads. Remember, the more competitive a keyword, the more bid it costs, so set your keyword budget and bids accordingly. Keyword match type practices add a boost to correct keyword selection. It helps in refining your Google Ads, making it more audience-specific.

You can set your Keyword match type in one of the following settings:

  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Negative Match

   4. Place Relevant Landing Pages:

Your landing pages have to be attractive as it is the first-page potential customers visit after clicking on your ad. It is advisable to create a landing page relevant to your ads and keywords as it fastens the search process for potential customers. The quicker a potential customer gets what they want from your ad or landing page, the faster he becomes an actual customer!

  5. Decide The Devices Your Ad shows Up On:

You must know what devices your ideal customers prefer using while online surfing and searching for products and services. Is it a Desktop, Mobile or even both? Placing the ads on audience preferred devices helps you connect with your ideal audience quicker, leading to quicker sales.

 6. Write Ads:

Your main goal of using Google Adwords services is to create Ads! Ensure they are creative, detailed yet precise and target the correct audience. Ads implementing target keywords become an audience favourite and are clicked on more. It is advisable to include a strong Call To Action in your Google ads for boosting your business.

 7. Link Your Account To Google Analytics:

You do not always need to link your account with Google Analytics when using Google Adwords services. Linking becomes an added advantage as Google Analytics shows you what actions people perform once they land on your website. You come to know if people perform the desired action after reaching your website or just click on the ad and then leave your website. The insights help you to improve your ad game for boosting your business and optimising your online marketing budget.

 8. Performance Monitoring:

After campaign activation, it is time for you to see whether or not your campaign works. For boosting your business with Google Ads, you must monitor your campaigns consistently to know what strategies work and what fails.

  • How Does Google Ads Services Boost My Business?
  1. Google Analytics:

Linking your Google Account to Google Analytics proves to be a boost for your business. Google Adwords services only keep a check on the number of clicks on an ad, whereas Google Analytics tracks and keeps a check on all user-related activities performed on a website post ad clicks. With Google Analytics, you can track, monitor and report website activities. For gaining information about complete user journeys, it is essential to link your Google Ads to Google Analytics. 

Although two separate distinct fields, Google analytics is a unique campaign monitoring tool giving clear insights on customer behaviour post ad clicks. Online advertisers and business owners can have an idea about how many clicks are actually turning into potential customers and how many are just waste clicks. 

  • Google Analytics helps you know:
  1. How long visitors stay on your page
  2. The number of visited pages
  3. Land Page Bounce Rates
  4. New visitors, recurring visitors and other important information.

This insight can help PPC Advertisers know what is working and what’s not and select accurate keywords for curating audience-specific keyword-oriented google ads. This practice gives a big boost to businesses.

  1. Works Faster Than SEO:

Google Adwords Services & SEO both are search engine marketing strategies aiming to generate increased traffic and leads. SEO is a long term, stable and organic practice, whereas Google Adwords is a paid, less long than SEO and consistent practice. SEO is good for business stability. Google Ads are essential for revamping or boosting your business quickly and displaying your business in front of the preferred target audience. With Google Adwords Services you can:

  1. Focus on multiple keywords
  2. Switch on and off campaigns according to your marketing goals
  3. Your Ads appear on top of SERPs increasing visibility.

So businesses who want to make a strong & quick impact must opt for Google ads as it provides them with an easily reachable audience improving visibility, the website traffic and thereby increasing potential customers and sales.

  1. You Can Advertise Across Platforms:

A major boost that businesses receive with Google Adwords services is the multi-platforms it offers for business to advertise their products and services over:

  1. Computers
  2. Laptops
  3. Mobiles
  4. Apps

This multi-channel platform exposes your business to a wide world of online users who could turn into potential and actual customers. 

Using Google Adwords services for your business could end up getting you customers which were not even a part of your target audience! 

These customers might have seen your ad on the devices of their choice, liked it and clicked on it and further performed an action on your website, thereby increasing your sales and boosting your business.

  1. Fulfil Your Marketing Goals:

You can fulfil various marketing goals with the help of Google Adwords services. You can make use of different ad formats and ad features for customising your ads as per your marketing goals. 

Want to receive more phone calls? Add the “call” button, use video ads for creatively displaying your brand.

You can fulfil various marketing goals such as:

  1. Make customers take an action on your website
  2.  Make Customers visit your stores
  3. Make customers Call up your business
  4. Make visitors/customers install your app.

Fulfilling your marketing goals is bound to have a direct impact on your business growth.

  1. Consistent Performance Measurement For Business Growth:

Traditional advertising media ROI can be very difficult to calculate and keeping a track of your advertising budget can be a hassle.

When using PPC Advertising services, you face no such hassles you are aware:

  • Who clicks on your ad
  • The leads you have generated
  • The traffic you generate from Google Ads to your website
  • Which keyword is important and generates the most traffic & leads
  • Your Per lead costs

This data helps you change or twist your campaigns whenever necessary for achieving better results and boosting your business.

 6. Ace Your Competition:

Businesses not running ads on Google beware! You might ask why? It’s because your competitors, even the ones whom you think might not perform well, can be running ads on Google, giving themselves a greater exposure to the audience and enlisting the perfect keywords for their products or services. So remember, whenever an online user searches for a similar product or service offered by you, your competitors pop up as Google ads over SERPs and not you. Your competitors can ace you, pushing you behind the race. You can lose out on business in the wink of an eye.

To stop yourself from being in this unfortunate position and for boosting your business you must choose Google PPC advertising services. Being a transparent online advertising service, Google Adwords helps you track your competitors and know how they are promoting their business, the keywords used and the networks used for ad display. Once you have a thorough understanding of your competitors , nothing can stop you from among them and growing your business.

 7. Customer-oriented platform:

Google Adwords services prove to be a customer-oriented platform as you can:

  • Reach your customers whenever they search for products and services related to you.
  • Connect with local customers who might not even know about the products/ services provided by your business.
  • Allows you to display your location to your contact information to online users via ad extensions, making it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.
  • Enable you to target highly specific searches by selecting customer-oriented keywords so that whenever a customer inputs those keywords for Google search, your ad will be the first one to pop up.
  • Follow up with old customers via retargeting
  • Optimise Ads as per your potential customer behaviour.
  • Reading the unique customer-oriented opportunities Google Adwords provides must have made you realise the key role it plays in Boosting businesses. You can reach a wide customer base when advertising via Google Adwords.


  • Boost Your Business With Google Adwords: Google Announces New Resources For Managing campaigns Through Covid 19:

In the lieu of the Covid 19 Pandemic, Google Adwords services have been extra supportive and provided a guide detailing the various ways and resources for managing campaigns through covid 19. You can go through the guide on the Google Adwords website. The Covid 19 Google Adwords Guide aims to help businesses adapt their business strategies to the current turbulent times and move forward with their businesses.

It explains how consumer patterns and behaviours are changed due to the pandemic, how you can access the pandemic’s impact on your business, the new challenges faced by businesses and the steps to take for overcoming these challenges. Click here to know more.

  • Boost Your Business With Google Adwords: The Final Verdict

Many businesses prefer managing their own Google Ads Services and PPC advertising services. This practice can be useful for upcoming or small business. 

However, businesses running multiple Google Ads need an undivided focus that sometimes is not possible by inhouse online advertisers. It is for this reason that businesses running multiple PPC or Google Ads campaigns must approach PPC Management Services or Digital Agencies specialising in PPC Management Services.

The goal of PPC Management Services is to oversee the Various PPC campaigns, offer strategies and manage the said company’s PPC funds. 

Selecting a PPC management service with Google Adwords certification can be the perfect combination for large businesses aiming for aggressive PPC or Google Adwords campaigns.

We at GBIM form the perfect combination of a PPC & Google Adwords certified Digital Agency. We offer unique, client-specific paid media strategies. 

It is with great pride and utmost responsibility I humbly accept being known as Mumbai’s visionary creator of successful SEO values. I have professional expertise in developing target rich SEO campaigns, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Google analytics tactics. I also possess a gamut of associated technical know-how. As the Co-founder and director of Mumbai’s best SEO company, GBIM Technologies I have the resources and capabilities for optimizing online businesses to accomplish target goals. Over five years of focused learning and experience in SEO and digital marketing has honed my skills, improving organic search engine rankings for online businesses. I achieve set targets with a unique and creative approach based on research and analysis.
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