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Boost Your B2B Marketing using Local SEO Strategy

by | Jul 8, 2021 | SEO

If you have an established B2B company and are operating it across several states then the term local SEO may appear inappropriate for you. However, this is not true. Local SEO holds much importance in today’s world and is an effective way to promote and expand your business. The B2B companies can establish themselves with the help of various local SEO strategies that paves way for reaching new heights as well. It will help you in focusing on the audiences online and reaching out to them to get better results.

Local searches – The most relevant one!

You must be aware of the fact that Bing and Google work continuously on modifying and updating the algorithms to improve the user experience. It helps the users to get the most relevant results based on their search. If we look at the data, it is observed that the most relevant results are more often local. This is because the local searches have their focus on the factors like relevance, distance, and prominence that affects the user’s experience.

How can your B2B company excel using Local SEO?

There are several ways you excel in the market by using local SEO strategies. You are just required to optimize them in your own way and make profits out of it.

Here are some of the major tips that can help you in the creation of good SEO strategies and achieve success in your business:

Work on your Business Listings

After the completion of your audit, the focus shifts on the formation of several strategies to make the B2B local SEO presence reach new heights. The business must be optimized for the B2B local SEO as it will help you in managing your business with much ease. You first need to audit your Google My Business Listings. If you are unaware of it, you can take the help of the Internet as there are a variety of guidelines available for the representation of your business on Google. 

Also, your company or business must start engaging with the people in person to promote themselves and get a Google My Business profile for yourself. 

  • Provide business information

If you wish to grab the attention of users through local search, you must know that business listings are the best tool for that. With the help of Google My Business and Bing Places for Business, you will get the business hours, corporate address, and even the business logo in front of potential clients.

  • Perform categorization

It is important to categorize your business as it will help the users to get accurate and specific results. You must select five business categories for your business where one is a primary location and the other four are additional. Categorization is one of the top local ranking factors for businesses.

  • Start working with posts

The business listing posts can be used to advertise blogs, events, or to feature any new service that is launched on your website. Such posts can be customized for a call-to-action (CTA) or to include graphics. The time duration for which the posts stay is seven days.

Keep a check on customer reviews

When talking about local SEO, customer reviews play a vital role in determining the growth of your business. The customer reviews are among one of the determining factors for Google to decide your rank in the search results. Good reviews provide your recognition and credibility. They speak for your expertise in the related industry. The search engines encourage businesses to reach out to their clients and customers to gain reviews about their products and services.

Never leave reviews unanswered!

It is necessary to respond to the reviews of the customers irrespective of the fact whether they are positive or negative. Your response is indicative of the fact that your company’s major goal is to provide excellent customer service. The response can be as simple as a thank you and it will reinforce your company’s character to a great extent. Having a commitment to your clients is the key to a successful business-building strategy.

Localize your Onsite Content

When you are working on your local SEO, you must make sure that you are using location-specific keywords for your content and users. You must make sure that the searcher finds your website content relevant. It will help you in improving your rankings and increasing website visibility. You should provide proper information to the users about your business and services under the section ‘About Us’.

Never sleep on NAP Citations

This factor is no doubt obvious and is important to ensure that your B2B organization’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) for all locations are correct across all of your website pages. All this information includes location details on the website and business listings for every location your company operates in. 

If you have presented the business listings on a third-party website then it is important to keep them updated to get the profits. If any of the elements from NAP change, you must update them immediately. It is important to maintain consistency with NAP across all B2B websites. It is a crucial factor in determining the success of local SEO.

Link Building

It is another effective way of your local content marketing strategy. It is important to form links back to your website and establish digital assets from a number of local sources. These can include partner sites, local directories, chambers of commerce, and other industry-related sites as well. you must make and promote yourself as a useful resource to let other sites link to you. It also increases your credibility and reputation in the market. 

Apart from this, you can also perform mobile marketing as the majority of the population today conducts searches on mobile only. You must keep the mobile trends in your mind while improving the status of your local SEO strategies. Do make sure that your website pages are customized for mobile and help in enhancing the user experience

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