YouTube SEO: How To Rank YouTube Videos

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6 Sept 2020
Nirlep Patel
YouTube SEO

Every business owner or a social media influencer knows the popularity of YouTube and how to use the platform for promoting their business or brand. Even if many video platforms are available these days, YouTube is the most preferred one for everybody because of its popularity and large audiences. Publishing video content in this platform helps to reach out to a large number of potential customers or clients. People know how to publish their videos, but lack the knowledge of getting good traffic and views. Here are the best tips to rank YouTube videos and help your business.

YouTube for growing business

No business owner can deny the importance of video content to promote their business. In fact, it is a fantastic way to make an online presence for a company or business. The reason is that the size of the audience on this platform is enormous. YouTube is the only platform that comes almost near to Google Search Engine. With this platform, a business owner can grow its brand and improve conversion rates. Since millions of YouTube videos publish each year, getting traffic to your videos can be not so easy. For that, a video publisher needs to know how to optimize it.

Know about YouTube SEO

YouTube is a very large platform for publishing video content. People usually type a keyword in this search engine in order to get the results. The YouTube SERP shows the organic results after showing Ads at the top just like Google SERP. Every video publisher on this platform desires to see their videos on top of the YouTube search results. That means YouTube SEO is optimizing the videos for bringing them on top of the organic results of this platform. But for its optimization, the publisher needs to know how the algorithm of YouTube works.

Learn the best tips and tricks for YouTube SEO

Many factors need to consider ranking a video on the search engine results of YouTube. It must have a good title and description, and the content of the video also matches the query of the audience. The following tips and tricks help YouTuber to bring his or her videos on top of the search engine results.

The benefit of focus keyword

People search for videos with keywords, and the best way to rank a video on YouTube is by using the target keyword. So, a video publisher needs to know the target keyword or phrase that can bring the video on the top of the search results. Once decide the keyword or phrase, optimize each part of the video around it. Use this keyword in the title, description, tags, and in the video content itself.

Ensure to optimize the title

Finding the focus keyword is the most important thing in YouTube SEO. Once you get the keyword, try to optimize the video in different ways. Ensure to include it in the title in order to improve its ranking. Always make a compelling title that encourages users to click on the video. Promising something is a way to make the title more compelling.

Optimize the description

Optimizing the description of the video with a focus keyword or phrase is also as important as optimizing its title. The idea of an attractive title is to catch the attention of potential viewers. But the description of a video must be in-depth and unique. Using the focus keywords at the beginning of the description can bring better results in the YouTube SERP.

Significance of including the right tags

Most people know how to place a keyword in the title and description of their videos, but forget to put them in the area of Tags. Since this section is only for the reference of YouTube, audiences do not see the tags that a publisher includes. So, one can use many variations of their keywords in the tag section. Using the Chrome Extension, Tube Buddy is beneficial to find the best variations for tags for YouTube SEO.

Importance of an engaging script

Many publishers do not mind including a script for their videos. But they never lose their viewers and get sidetracked if they add well-written and engaging scripts for their YouTube videos. It is a great way to catch the attention of their potential viewers. A publisher can lose their viewers if they cannot capture the attention of their viewers and engage them within ten seconds. They can tune their viewers with a well-written script with a short intro.

Longer videos for more engaging viewers

People have a misunderstanding that short videos perform better than lengthy videos. But YouTube SEO suggests longer videos as it can help to make the viewers more engaging. A viewer sees more advertisements if they watch videos longer, and the chances of ranking also higher. Avoid dragging the videos but make it more engaging and interesting.

Consider the watch-time

Publishing engaging videos is necessary to make them stand out because watch-time is an essential factor when it comes to YouTube SEO. Retaining the viewers is highly significant to improve the ranking of a video. So, ensure to make the videos visually entertaining and interesting as possible.

Telling the audience about the content of the video at the beginning is helpful to make them engaged. Adding some animation or any interesting things can also improve the watch time. Compare the watch-time of the previous videos to help publishers to know the taste of their viewers.

Ensure to use Keywords while talking

People who wish to improve their YouTube ranking must consider this SEO tip. Use keywords while talking helps publishers to rank their videos on YouTube SERP. YouTube displays auto-generated subtitles with the help of a speech recognition method, even if he or she forgets to upload subtitles. YouTube picks up vital keywords that the presenter speaks with the help of speech recognition technology. So, use keywords while talking in the video in order to optimize it.

Make sure to well-optimized the channel page

Although many publishers overlook this tip, it is certainly one of the techniques that help to improve the video ranking. Ensure to optimize the channel page also along with the videos. The entire YouTube channel gets displayed for some search queries. So, optimizing the channel page helps to improve the YouTube rankings. Search for the proper keyword in order to optimize the channel page to get maximum benefits. 

Benefits of optimizing playlists

Video publishers on YouTube also ensure to optimize playlists similar to their channel page. People make videos on different topics under one channel. But avoid posting them on the channel randomly. Create playlists for each category first and then publish videos accordingly. Make proper keyword research for each niche, and make playlists based on them. It is a great way to rank the videos on YouTube SERP.

Generating views on YouTube is pretty easy as creating and publishing videos on this platform. But what the publishers of such videos know is the exact tips and strategies to promote them. One can easily promote their videos and stand out with unique content. People search for videos because of their hunger for information. If publishers work on the content of their videos, they can easily promote it. Consider the above tips for promoting your videos on YouTube and growing your business.