Why You Must Hire Search Engine Marketing Consultant!

Why You Must Hire Search Engine Marketing Consultant! featured image
31 May 2018
Nirlep Patel

Why You Must Hire A Search Engine Marketing Consultant? 🤝

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is nothing but an umbrella term for all paid marketing elements, namely, PPC, Paid Search Ads, CPCs, CPM, Paid Search Advertising. Both, SEM and SEO are the two pillars of Digital Marketing. SEO is a long-term organic practice whereas SEM is a short -term paid to practice. SEM is one of the best ways for growing your business online and leaving an impact. It makes business visible over search engines and improves its visibility, client exposure and click through rates.

One of the biggest benefits of Search Engine Marketing is the exposure it gives to advertisers who want to expand their business and attract potential customers who are ready to buy as soon as the ad pops up.

Who Are Search Engine Marketing Consultants?

SEM Consultants are marketing professionals working with business and brands for improving their paid searches and advertisements. They offer advice, strategies, tools and methods for improving the quality and impact of paid searches over the SERPs resulting in greater brand value and customer exposure. The consultants are also masters of PPC advertising and choose the right keywords, target audience and other ad elements for making brand or company-specific ads.

What Do Search Engine Marketing Consultants Do?

SEM Consultants have the following responsibilities:

  1. Inspect, Report and Monitor Website data, marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns.
  2. Collect Website data, Test and Explore various marketing campaigns for knowing the current trends for increasing ROI in paid search devices.
  3. Curate Search Engine Marketing plans and Schemes for improving and increasing website exposure over Search Engines.
  4. Evaluate the Marketing plans, communication,   promotion programs of a company.
  5. Keyword Research, Expansion and Upsurge.


Why Do You Need To Hire A Search Engine Marketing Consultant?

  • Thorough Keyword Research:

Hiring an SEM consultant, especially a Google ADs consultant will solve all your SEM related worries. Google ADs consultants are well informed about the Search Engine Business and integrate the information into the paid online marketing landscape. Google Ad experts perform thorough Keyword research and analysis and use several tools for verifying keyword research results. Further, SEM consultants also deliver great insights on competitors by comparing your competitor’s ads and targeted keywords to yours.


  • Consultants Create Business-Specific ADS:

Creating PPC ads is very difficult as Google has a strict set of rules for PPC ads. The developing strategies depend on various factors like target audience, pricing factors, etc. SEM consultants understand PPC thoroughly and create business-specific ads for companies that abide by all Google Rules and also fulfil various criteria like Target Audience, Price factors, etc.


  • For Cost-Effectiveness:

Hiring SEM consultants are cost-effective and you can let the same consultant manage all your paid campaigns and work on them regularly. The consultants save time and money by reducing the insane amount spent on paid ads otherwise and time when doing your own paid marketing.


  • For Technical Expertise:

SEM consultants, like every other job professional, are high on their job-related expertise. They are highly knowledgeable about Google Adwords Platform and use the knowledge for curating customer-specific ads.

It is advisable to hire SEM consultants for companies not known for Google Adwords and Paid advertising as even the slightest of the wrong move can damage your ad campaign.


  • For Better Results:

Hiring SEM consultants is guaranteed to give you better and improved marketing results. Since the consultants are highly experienced, knowledgeable in the field, they create unique ads and also understand the complicated Google And Bing Adwords process, resulting in better ads, increased ROIs and customer exposure.

  • For Proactive ADs Management:

Hiring SEM consultants leads to better ads management, creation and monitoring rather than managing and creating ads by yourself. It also helps to receive faster results, greater exposure and click through rates.


  • For Attracting Potential Clients:

SEM consultant runs SEM campaigns correctly and targets the correct clients too, resulting in increased lead generation. Your business will generate increased sales, conversion rates and increased target audience when working with an SEM consultant.


SEM consultants are a must-have for companies wanting to explore Google Adwords and Search engine marketing. They help in saving time and money, increase potential clients and exposure, and the digital impact of a company over the Search engines


  • How long does it take for a search engine marketing consultant for finishing projects?

Every project completion depends on the AD type and investment. Research, Planning, Execution and 2.Results can be from a couple of months to 5-6 months.

  • How do I know whether or not I need an SEM consultant for my company?

Companies should hire an SEM consultant as Search Engine Marketing can be a tricky process and can lead to disastrous results if implemented by individuals having no clue about its various processes. SEM consultants know the whys and hows of Search Engine Marketing and will curate Company-specific ads.

  • How much do SEM consultants charge?

It depends on the SEM consultant’s expertise, area of interest, experience and skills. It also depends on the company’s aims and goals, requirements needs and wants and budget.

  • Is my consultant or company Google AdWords Certified?

Every Google AdWords Company and Consultant has a mandatory Google AdWords Certification differentiating them from regular SEM consultants and companies. It is how you come to know whether or not your SEM consultant or Company is Google AdWords certified or not.

  • What makes a Good SEM Agency/Consultant?

A Good SEM Consultant has the following qualities:

A. Excellent Communication Skills

  1. Flexible and Honest
  2. Technical Skills and Passion\

B. Experience in their field

  • Google Adwords Knowledge
  • Analytical Skills

C. A Good SEM Agency has the following qualities:

  • Team Of experienced and Skilled SEM consultants
  • Cost-Effective and Budget Friendly
  • Honest and Transparent
  • Equipped with the latest SEM tools, strategies and technique.
  • Passionate and Communicative


  • Social Media Marketing Vs Search Engine Marketing, which is better?

Both are good Marketing options. The choice depends upon the company’s marketing goals, needs, wants, target audience, budget, etc.

  • What are the various SEM Tools?

  • Google ADs – Where you can run the Google Ads
  • SEMrush : Competition research and Ads creation you do (Many more Features you can )
  • SERanking

What are the benefits of SEM?

  • Increases Potential Clients
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Improved Website Traffic Via Ad Visibility
  • Targeting Specific audiences via Ads optimisation
  • Pay only when an action is performed
  • Test And Measure Performance