Why Does Google Recommend The Mobile-Optimized Website More?

Why Does Google Recommend The Mobile-Optimized Website More? featured image
9 Jul 2020
Nirlep Patel
Mobile Website

Internet traffic at present comes increasingly from mobile devices. That is the reason; Google has fixed its focus on mobile-friendly website optimization. In case, your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are there of all your other organic search efforts going in vain.

A well-optimized website and chunks of well-written content might mean nothing to Google without mobile optimization. So, what makes a mobile-optimized site so important and how to improve your ranking with a mobile-optimized website?

Read on to find out.

Why do you need a mobile-optimized website?

  • Everyone is smart

We no longer live in a world where smartphone users are regarded as exceptional humans. We do not even live in a world where excessive smartphone using is considered an exception. At present, near about 1.2 billion people access the web from a mobile. Out of this mass, near about 80% of internet users use a smartphone. In other words, when people are online, they are surely on their phones.

In simple words, you need to think of mobile while building your website as all everyone is on mobile.

  • More than half of your web traffic is mobile

As per a report published in May 2014, mobile media use was near about 21% higher than on a desktop. That accounts for near about 51% of all digital media consumption! That means your website is going to have more than half of the web traffic through mobile. So, if you are looking for getting more traffic, you must think mobile.

  • Mobile users have different behavior

People’s behavior tends to change across devices. Theoretically, it is the same people behind desktop and mobile traffic. Mobile users are more interested to consume an excessive amount of visual media, with the main focus on images and short videos. Social media platforms like Instagram and Vine earned huge success from offering images and videos.

So, if you want to capture this traffic, your website needs a mobile-optimized design. You should also learn to bind up the power of these social media ingredients to attract users.

  • Mobile users spend more

Mobile users generally spend more than their desktop counter equivalent. Smartphone users are responsible for the lowest dollar rate per transaction. Such users tend to make frequent and small purchases. If you are looking forward to selling something below $10, Smartphone users are the perfect audience.

Desktop or tablet users, on the contrary, offers the highest average transaction amount. However, the users will not buy anything from your website if the mobile UI is bad.

  • The mobile traffic switch device

Near about 90% of people tend to switch between devices to complete a goal. That means even if the majority of the users come from desktop, they will engage in the site through mobile at some point in the sales process. Often users browse their phones when they are bored, searching for something that interests them. They will finally move to a desktop to complete the buying process.

So, your site should have the ability to handle every type of screen transition to keep on the sales activity.

  • Set a different strategy for mobile landing pages

Remember that most of the conversion is going to come from your landing page. So, it needs to be perfect if you are looking forward to generating online revenue. But you need to know that what is perfect for desktop landing pages is not the same for mobile landing pages. Certain principles will surely remain constant, but mobile screens will not be able to handle the same presentation style that you choose for a desktop screen.

So, if you are hoping to take advantage of the frequent and small purchasing behavior of mobile users, you must create landing pages that are responsive.

  • Google supports mobile optimization

According to recent studies, Google has started favoring mobile optimization in its SERP rankings. The risk has been raised and mobile optimization has become more important than everything else to please Google and retain organic traffic. With Google’s latest algorithm update, the company is imposing significant penalties on websites failing to meet the new mobile-friendliness standard.

If you are looking for ways to improve your organic traffic and retain it, you should create a mobile-friendly website.

  • Mobile-optimized sites differentiate your brand

Google’s new algorithm update might seem too strict for you, but it offers you an excellent opportunity to stand out from others. If you are yet to optimize your website, follow the rules strictly as chances are there that more than half of your competitors might come up with un-optimized sites. Furthermore, some old business ventures who have recently implemented the responsive design might not be doing well in the market.

So, optimize your website for mobile users in an easy way. That will help your business to gain an edge. Implementing a responsive design is the first and foremost step towards creating a mobile-friendly website.