What Is Keyword?

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24 Jun 2019
Nirlep Patel

If you are a beginner attempting to start the SEO work for your website or your client’s website the first step is to understand the Keyword. The keyword is a critical part of SEO analysis. Broadly the keywords should be understood based upon the following questions:

  • What is the keyword?
  • How Keywords can be used effectively to increase web traffic?
  • How keywords help in enhancing the conversion of the leads and business of your website?

I have written this article for the people who are new to digital marketing. Even if you have done some preliminary groundwork in SEO or you are an expert, still, this post is useful. This will help the user to attract more traffic at their website from the selection of right keywords.

The scenario changed very fast, According to Google, By 2020, 50% of all searches will be conducted via voice. So it is important to consider that have you prepared your website according to the compatibility of the voice search

Before that let’s understand, What is  Keyword?
People type a word, expression or phrase into a search box on Google or on any other search engine, for searching the websites, content, images, videos, etc, related to these terms. Keywords are essential terms that users input to the search engines in order to obtain the results for information, items, answers, or content we are looking for. Let’s understand the keyword on the basis of my real experience as an SEO expert:

The keywords are generally not selected at random, but they can be effectively selected based on the user mentality, the user behavior; in short what the user is looking for in general. Based on this the keywords can be  broadly classified as per the following:

    1. Informational Keywords:
      The Informational keywords are the keywords/phrases/expressions which are used by the internet user to obtain information of some sort. This information can be regarding various products and services related to directions, places localities, facilities, etc.  The average age of the typical users of these informative keywords on the internet is from any age – 10 to 65. This means using these keywords in the content of your website targets a full spectrum of a large number of audience. Examples: “which are the good movies”,  “which is the bestseller book”, “best inspiring movies” etc.


    1. Generic Keywords:
      Unlike the informative keywords, the general keywords contain the direct mention of the name of the product and the services. Example: Guitar, Paan-Shop, Car, Bike, Motor, Shoes, etc.These keywords are generally short and very generic in nature. Your business should not use these keywords unless you are an already established brand or have a monopoly in that particular product or service. This is because if you already rank comparatively low on the search engines chances are that because of the of use generic keywords all the big branded competitors would outrank your page.


    1. Specific Keywords
      Specific keywords mean the specific requirement of the user typed in the search engine box. These are amongst the best Keywords to be used strategically for SEO. The use of specific keywords is beneficial for small enterprises and even for corporates. The important purpose of strategizing the specific keywords is that by doing them we are targeting a niche audience for your business.
      Example: “Best Singing Classes”, “SEO Company”, “Best Insurance Plan”, “Product Design Company”.


    1. Local Keywords
      One of the most important strategies to be implemented while doing the keyword research for finalizing the keyword strategy is to use the geo-targeting keywords. The most common behavior of the user on the search engines is to find products and services best upon the locality. It is an essential strategy to make use of locations in your keywords. Examples: “Web Designing Company Navi Mumbai”, “Chines Restaurant Near Me”, “Transport Services Near Ludhiana”, etc.Though Keywords seems like a difficult subject to understand, I hope this post must have made this concept easier to understand. Search the best keyword to make SEO campaign successful.


Keyword Research Tool:

  1. Google Keyword Planner Tool 
  2. SEMrush
  3. SERanking