What Is App Store Optimization? Ultimate Guide To ASO In 2022

What Is App Store Optimization? Ultimate Guide To ASO In 2022 featured image
15 Jan 2022
Nirlep Patel

Are you a mobile app publisher facing difficulty bringing your mobile app to the top list of search results? Many such publishers do not know that major app stores have more than five million mobile apps. It can be difficult to discover their app so easily in the search results. The best way to improve its visibility in the search result is App Store Optimization. Every publisher in the mobile app space must understand the importance of app store optimization or ASO.

What is ASO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a familiar word to many people. But most of them do know what ASO is. ASO or App store optimization is a process of the optimization of mobile apps. ASO helps mobile app publishers to improve the visibility of their apps with app stores. Besides, it helps them to boost their app conversion rates. The higher the rank of their app in the search results of the app store, its visibility to the potential customers increases.

The main goal of App Store Optimization is to bring more traffic to your app page in the app store so that you can increase the chances of app downloading. It also gives importance to Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

In order to increase the visibility of the app page, each publisher needs to understand some factors. Some of them include the customer base and the keywords that your potential customers use to find similar apps. In fact, keywords play an important role in app store optimization the same as in the case of search engine optimization.

So, learn more about the keywords that are being used in order to improve the visibility of your mobile app page in the search results of the app store. This helps you to get a deep idea of the language and needs of your potential customers. It also helps you to make a creative marketing plan.

Get an idea about major app stores

Play Store Optimisation

Mobile app publishers must also get an idea about the major app stores. People know that Google Play is for Android and APP Store for IOS platforms. Once your potential customers find an app in the app store listing, you need to encourage them to click on it. So, every publisher must optimize their mobile app with their App rating and app screenshots in addition to the App name, its title, and the App icon.

Know the difference between ASO and SEO

SEO is a familiar word to many online marketers and website users. But most of them do know what ASO is. ASO is the SEO of the app store. In fact, SEO is the optimization of websites whereas ASO is for optimizing mobile apps. Like in search engine optimization, ASO also has some same techniques like keyword and conversion optimization and backlinking. But ranking factors are the major differences between these two terms.


Unlike SEO, which has more than 200 factors for ranking, ASO has relatively lesser ranking factors. Still, people confuse between the two and are unsure which one is better for optimizing their app. The main goal of websites is to increase their traffic while mobile apps aim for downloading.

For optimizing purposes, both ASO and SEO have on-page and off-page techniques. In SEO, on-page techniques include factors like title tag, keyword density, page speed, and bounce rate, whereas the main factors of ASO include App name, description, keywords, usage & quality metrics, and uninstall rate. Off-page techniques of SEO and ASO include backlinks. But SEO has anchor text and social signals while ASO has download stats and ratings and reviews for off-page optimization.

Importance of ASO for boosting app downloading

With more than five million apps in listing in both Google Play Store and Apple APP store, the mobile app publishers face tough competition to bring their app in the search results. So, they need to use the best techniques to optimize their product.

Each mobile app publisher aims to increase its app downloads and boost the number of loyal customers. They can do that only by optimizing their app and improving their visibility in the search results. Once your users can find you easily, they start downloading your apps.

Studies reveal that more than 60% of mobile apps in the app stores are discovered by users through search results. Every app publisher needs to know how to increase its organic growth. And the first thing they need to do is to understand the keywords that they regularly use to search a similar app like yours.

Search is the most used method for finding and downloading apps, be it a new one or an old one. So, use the technique of ASO to increase the search ranking of your app.

Components that affect ASO


As said above, people find new apps in the app store by searching. App store optimization is essential for people who listed their app in the store. So, they get to know the main techniques involved in ASO. Some of the main factors that effect ASO are:

Title: Research the keyword that helps to rank your competitors in the search results. And you can place the same keyword in the title.

Keywords: Find out the relevant keywords in order to improve your search rankings. Use the most often used keywords by your potential audience.

In addition to the above factors, some secondary factors also affect ASO optimization such as the total number of downloads, and the rating and reviews of your mobile app. In fact, both these factors are not in your control. But these are important factors that affect the ranking of your app page.

Benefits of App store optimization

App optimization is essential for those who publish their app in the mobile store. It helps them to bring their app in front of the right audience. The major benefits of ASO are:

  • Stand out in the app store by improving the visibility of your app page
  • Boost the organic download of the app in a sustainable method
  • Reduce user acquisition costs and acquire constant growth
  • Reach your app in front of a global audience

People who publish new mobile apps need to know more about app store optimization and its importance. The techniques of ASO also help those who wish to refine their way of app optimization. By learning the ASO techniques help mobile app publishers to improve their app store success.

Popularly known as the mobile app SEO, app publishers can increase their brand awareness through ASO. Audience engagement and acquiring app reviews and ratings are also goals of app store optimization. Learn the ASO techniques in order to increase the visibility of your mobile app in the app store listing.