Three Key Steps To Ensure SEO Success

Three Key Steps To Ensure SEO Success featured image
24 Mar 2021
Nirlep Patel

Have you ever heard of the term search engine optimization? Well, SEO is the technique used by companies and brands to enhance their digital presence on different search engines. On the other hand, SEO can be used to attract an audience. Google, Bing, and other search engines have developed ranking strategies on the web to make it easy for internet browsers to access the content which users are searching for.  

Creating compelling content is never enough; you must go the extra mile to dominate your niche as far as SEO is concerned. Remember, your competitors are struggling to outsmart you so that the more effort you make, the higher the chance you’ll create successful SEO content. At least now you understand why some pages appear at the top of the first page. So, let’s look at the three essential steps for ensuring Search Engine Optimization success. 

#1. Understand Search Engine (SE) Platforms for optimization

The secret to SEO success realizes how much you understand the behavioural patterns of your targeted audience. Moreover, it would help if you had a rough idea of who your audience is and whether the content you provide answers for are good which they expected. Mobile searches and desktop searches are the standard ways to find answers on the internet. So, before you think of optimizing your website for SEO, it’s good to know the devices used by your customers. 

However, it’s essential to ask the one-size-fits-all question as far as SEO is concerned. Remember, it’s not only a search engine that your customers will use to obtain information about the brand/company; that’s why you need to invest in other social media platforms. 

Other platforms that can boost your companies’ digital presence

  • Mobile app stores: many firms are now developing mobile Apps customized for Androids or iOS-enabled devices. As your target audience wants to connect to you through the Mobile App Store, you should have developed a good program that caters for all their needs.
  • Video hosting: currently, many firms use video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo for advertising their service and goods. Don’t be left out; create impeccable videos that address your audience’s needs. 
  • Social media platform: think about sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram with billion members. If you choose the correct SEO strategy, you can use it to attract the attention of many potential audiences and drive traffic back to your website.
  • Third-party platforms: lastly, the audience will need information from Yelp and Amazon, which provide reliable information.  Do some research to make your content attractive to the audience as much as possible. 

There are mainly two primary reasons website owners invest in SEO; first, to enhance digital content and advertise their products or services. Now, if you can understand how your audience behaves on every platform, you’ll be able to increase SEO performance, enhancing the customer search experience. 

Web contents are meant for people

Regrettably, many web content creators spend too much effort on optimizing content for search engines. When it gets to that point, your content may lose its purpose; search engines will not be reading the contents; through its developed algorithm, it will rank the content so that people can find them easily on the internet. Every time you create content, think of whoever will be reading them as human rather than a machine. SEO strategies should help brands and companies reach out to as many people as possible. 

How to create contents meant for people

  • Under which context do people search your company? When you fully understand why and how the audience searches your content, you’ll be able to produce contests that answer their questions. As such, you shall have provided useful information to them. 
  • Use 3-5 specific keywords: Depending on the kind of service or products you provide; you can find at least 3-5 keywords related to the focus keyword. The keywords should be included naturally in the content so the reader can understand them easily. With these keywords, the audience can find your content easily on the internet, and if you do it right, your product/ services may feature on the first page of search engines like Google.
  • Understand keyword intention: This is the last tip that can help you to create human-friendly content. All you must do is to understand the intent of the keyword on your content. It will not only help to raise your SEO ranking but also inform your audience. 

Whether you are using your website as a source of information to an audience or as a digital marketing firm, you’ll have to rely on the content quality and choice of keywords. There are free keyword generator tools that you can use when constructing your content.  

We aim to archive through step two of the SEO strategy to provide the audience with whatever they need. So, you must produce high-quality visual content or the written copy that’s mobile-device friendly and with an easy-to-read infographic. 

#3. Optimize website data, resources, and contents

This is the final step of ensuring success in the Search Engine Optimization strategy, and it all relies on the word content. Without visual or written content, your brand won’t have anything to present to the customers. Information is power, and you’ll be missing that crucial part. Your firm will be off the radar, and it will never have an online presence. So, find out if you have met the following criterion.

  • Accurate contents: If you deal with products, you should create up-to-date and precise content to help customers decide while they are informed. Even under service description, never miss the point. 
  • Customer engagement: Earning customers’ trust involves responding to their inquiries and showing them how much you care about them. If there are pending concerns about customer feedback, service, or engagements, you should try to resolve them. 
  • Optimized for mobile devices: Nearly 60% of the world population owns smartphones instead of a few percentages that own PCs. Therefore, your sites should be Search Engine optimized for mobile users, searches, and devices for seamless browsing.  
  • Auditing existing digital contents: Being at the top of the first page of a search engine doesn’t remain; you’ll stay there forever. Your competitors are working day and night to be there too, so if you relax, you’ll find your website on the 6th page of the search engines. The only way to stay where you are to improve to synchronize your digital contents with that of your competitors

Well, it’s another step that we believe you’ve deployed successfully. We shall continue to the next step to optimize the online content, resources, and data to perfect customer experience and improve SEO ranking. So, consider using titles, URL descriptions, internal links, and external links. 


SEO is a long term process and requires much dedication. It doesn’t cost much of your time to become a successful SEO expert; all you need is to stay updated with the latest techniques and Google Algorithms. With the above three steps for ensuring SEO success, nothing can ever stop you, and not even your competitors will match your website. Get in touch with the best SEO agency in India to achieve your SEO success.