The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads (Secret) -2022 With Effective Marketing Strategy

The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads (Secret) -2022 With Effective Marketing Strategy featured image
28 Feb 2022
Nirlep Patel
Google Ads Guide

When running an online business, there will be several hurdles that you might have to face. One of the most popular methods to help improve the reach of your business is through advertising. Well, the advertisement doesn’t come free, and if you are spending your hard-earned money to reach your target audience, you should note whether they are helping you get the right amount of traffic and audience that you require. Analyzing your business needs and demands is paramount to staying in the lead.

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Google Ads Guide

The Role of Marketers to help with the needs:

Marketers will help you find your right audience through advertisements based on consumers’ needs. Be it through television, radio and now on the internet, it’s their role that helps customers get hooked on your products and end up buying them. There are SEO experts and PPC experts for the business need to help your products sell. Knowing the need for a particular product is of the utmost importance to help your business prosper.

Why should you offer Quality Solutions?

After finding out the customers’ needs, you will have to offer them quality solutions. For example, if you are a soap manufacturing company, it’s no longer an option to sell only one type of soap to meet consumers’ demands. You will have to improvise and offer multiple variants such as dry skin soap, oil skin soap, face wash, bathing gels, and so on. Offering quality and reliable solutions is a must.

Offering a competitive cost:

Ad Budget

Well, the more budget-friendly your products, the more chance you will be selling them like hotcakes! This does not mean that you have to degrade the quality of the product. Try to keep a competitive cost for your products as people like value for money services. Keeping the price tag similar to your competition is essential. For example- You are thinking to buy a sedan, the BMW will cost you more than a Toyota or a Honda. You won’t expect people to buy a Honda sedan for the price of a BMW, don’t you?

Response time:

How you respond to your customers will play a crucial role in getting the conversion. Before sales or after-sales, you should take minimum time to get back to your customers to maintain a healthy relationship. Before reaching the deal, you should be ready to help the customers know about the products and services that you can offer, prepare a brochure, or a link to your website or something that the customers would know what you have for them. The best example of this would be; If your looking for a flat in a particular area and reaching out to an agency to help you out. You would be choosing an agency that will help you offer multiple deals and rates for the flat in the shortest duration and not someone that would take like a week to respond.

After-sales service is also as important as you can check with the customer if they have got quality service or product that had been promised. This will help strengthen the bond between the customer and business, and they might return if they want to avail the same service again.

Why are feedback and customer testimonials important?


The internet is filled with customer feedback to help future customers decide whether to buy the product or the solution offered. For example, if you plan to purchase any online product, you will also check for customer reviews before making the final call on whether you will be finalizing the deal. If you seek a restaurant, you will look for what people would be recommending and what to avoid. Also, asking your customers to rate and review your products and service is a sure-shot way to stay ahead in the business, albeit you should offer quality service.

Constantly Upgrade your Products and Service offered:

Innovation is the key to success. Coming with something creative, new and listening to your audience’s demands will be the key to selling your product or service. The best examples you can see will be in the mobile and automobile industry. Every six months to a year, you will realize that the manufacturer has advanced or new features added to the previous generation. This is done to make the customers note your business and help grow sales.

The best example of this is the iPhone market. Every October, a new iPhone is launched that offers you hardware, designs or software upgrades. Within six months, you will see them provide the same device but with different shades (iPhone Red) not available earlier. What this does is that it keeps the lookout for a new iPhone still fresh in people’s minds, and they get to buy something new in the process. Consistency is the key to keeping your customers always eager to look out for what’s next?

Ensure that your business evaluates its fundamental needs as stated above every quarter. Always try to keep your business at the same level as the latest technology or new requirements that have cropped up and integrate them to stay ahead of the competition.

There are several marketing solutions that you can consider, such as SEO, PPC, SMM, etc., to help your business grow. In this article, we will be focusing on how you can leverage Google Ads to help you reach the maximum audience.

“Did you know that 46% of Google clicks came through the top 3 PPC ads!”

Top Ads

Consider a situation wherein you need a salesperson working 24/7, 365 days a week? Sounds impossible, right? Well, then this is what Google Ads helps you with. Whether you set the Google Ads yourself or take help from an Agency, your target audience is the first thing to note down. Check the market need for the product or idea you want to sell. See how your product will help the customer with value-added solutions. Proper utilization of Google Ads will help you see at least a 5-10X rise in sales within a short period. As Google reaches the maximum audience, a broader spectrum of demographics leads to better returns.

Google Ads is not a one-trick pony:

Google Ads offers you multiple options to fit any business model. Proper setting of the amount you send to beat the competition should be considered. For this, keep checking the analytics to help you better understand your audience requirement and act accordingly. Even if you rank better organically, adding a PPC campaign will strengthen your case to keep the top spot in the search results. Constantly upgrading your Adwords campaign as per the latest updates will help you beat the competition.

Want to become a Google AdWords Expert in 2022? Do read our post below to gain some valuable insights from our experts. You will be learning about-

Google Ads Guide

Important Google Adword Terminologies-

  • Keyword

-Positive Keyword

-Negative Keyword

  • Content
  • SiteLinks and Ads Extension
  • Landing Page
  • Campaign/group/Ads
  • Quality Score
  • AdRank
  • Audience Selection
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Remarketing
  • A/B Testing
  • What’s New in Google Ads? Always Try
  • Why should you start using the landing page if you have not yet started?
  • Benefits Of Landing Page
  • How to Improve Landing Page Experience?
  • Why Should You Retarget Your Audience With Remarketing Ads?
  • Make Sure You Target Right Audiences
  • Different Extensions You Can Use.
  • Why use Discovery Ad Campaigns?

Critical Google Ads Technical Analysis That You Should Keep In Mind-

Google Ads Info 1

1. Keywords: They are search terms or phrases used when entering a search. When setting your Google Ads Campaign, you can add around 15-20 keywords to help rank your page. Always try to add keywords that are relevant to your search. Choosing a keyword with higher searches will lead to more money being bid. Hence always bid for keywords having moderate search volume. They can be classified as-.

A- Positive Keyword: When such keywords are typed, Google can trigger your Ads. They will reach a wider audience as they are primarily generalized keywords.

B- Negative Keyword: These allow users to reach out to a targeted audience and not spend their money on unreliable sources. You can set a broad match, board match modifier, phrase match, and exact match.

It would be ideal to go for a mix of positive and negative keywords to get the best results. Some of the best tools to help you with keywords would be SEMrush, KWFinder, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner.

2. Content: Whatever the ad you seek to publish, make sure that the content quality is of the highest level. Make your content compel your reads to click through and visit your website. Some of the critical focus pointers include-

  • Keeping the text short and sweet (to the point).
  • A creative headline that will make them click through.
  • A defined Call To Action.

You can set headlines for your Ad. Each headline can have a maximum count of 30 characters. You must add a keyword to the headline. Whereas for description, use up to 80 characters to convey your message, add deals, discounts, or anything that will lead to the user clicking on your Ad. Grammar and spellings are a top priority here. Hiring writers to help you with compelling headlines and irresistible content with a call to action will be the key to out-clicking your competition.

3. SiteLinks and Ads Extension:

Want to add additional information at no extra cost? Then make sure to use Ads Extension as they are free and help you convey more messages. You can easily add a site link, phone number, address, offer, and application.

  • Site Link Extension: Adds a link to your site to give users more reasons to visit your website.
  • Phone Number: Want more engagements to convert potential customers? Adding your business number should be a must-have.
  • Address/ Location: An address/ location will help people directly to your business. They will additionally help you get marked on google maps as well. Best used for searches that have “near me”.
  • Offers: Who doesn’t love deals and discounts? This will undoubtedly help more clicks for users wanting to buy similar products from your website.
  • Application redirects: Where you are a food delivery, gaming or transport business, if you want people to download your app, you can directly place them to get people to download your app.

4. Landing Page: A landing page is a page the user “lands” on when they click your ad. Ensure they are made as a standalone page, distinct from your homepage, and optimized to convert the lead to your customer.

5. Campaign/group/Ads: While setting up your PPC campaign, you will have to select between the following campaign types- Search Ads, Display Ads, and Video Ads.

Campaign Types

  • Search Ads- These ads are primarily visible in the google search result itself.
  • Display Ads- These ads are showcased on the Google Display Network.
  • Video Ads- You will see them mainly in Youtube videos that can play between 5-15 seconds.
  • App Ads- These ads are usually displayed on Play Store, App Store, Google Search, Youtube, etc.
  • Shopping Ads- Mainly displayed on SERPs to display your products, prices, and images.

6. Quality Score: Google doesn’t purely depend on money for ranking your ads. Having a good quality score is what matters. A quality score will depend on the following factors- Landing page relevance, Ad relevance, and Expected click-through ratio. A good quality score should be 7/10 or 0.7 to help lower your bidding cost.

7.AdRank: This feature shows you the ad placement on the SERP’s page. They are calculated using your bid amount multiplied by the quality score.

8. Audience Selection: Targeting your audience plays a crucial role in the PPC campaign. This will allow targeting the audience of a specific geographic region you want. You can also specify a set radius around a zip code that you want your ads to be targeted using the advanced setting feature. This comes in handy for local stores.

9. Bidding Strategies: Google Ads are based on a bidding system wherein the business can bid on the amount they are willing to spend on an Ad. You can choose between a CPC, CPM, or CPE.

Google Ads Bid

CPC (Cost Per Click) – The amount you pay for each click on your ad.

CPM (Cost Per Mille) – The amount paid for the ad to reach a thousand impressions, that is thousand people.

CPE (Cost Per Engagement) – The amount paid when your ad leads to a conversion.

You can also set the bidding in Automatic or Manual option-

  • Automated Bidding: This process lets Google handle all your bidding processes. You have to set an upper limit, and Google will run your ad in the best possible way to reach the maximum target audience.
  • Manual Bidding: This helps users set the bid price on ad groups, keywords, etc., to spend your budget as per your terms.

10. Remarketing: Also known as retargeting, is the way to engage with your previous users who had not been converted to clients. This is mainly done using cookies to target ads to the user. Remarketing has become an essential tool in the advertising field.

11. A/B Testing: They are referred to as split testing or bucket testing. Your audience will be divided into two segments. Group 1 will be the control group where no parameter changes. Whereas, Group 2 will have variable parameters like content (headlines, descriptions), email, website, etc., that you want to be tested. This will help you find where you need to improve or which parameter is causing the issue. For instance, You are getting clicks but no conversion? Maybe your product would not be as specified or be irrelevant. A/B testing might be costly, but in the long term will bring you more conversions.

Always Try New Features in Google Ads:

New Ads Feature

New features are added by Google so that there is always something new for the user to try out that may bring in changes to his conversion, profits, etc. Always keep 10-20% of your budget to add the new features. This might help you beat your competition if you get the tactics spot-on.

Why should you start using the landing page if you have not yet started?

Landing Page

Your focus should not end when a customer clicks through your ad. What step he takes next is also crucial to converting them to your customer. As mentioned above, a landing page plays a considerable role to help you with conversions. The page should have the keyword and solution to the question raised by the user. A seamless transmission will be a sure-shot conversion.

Benefits Of Landing Page

  • They will help you leave a good first impression on your user.
  • They are direct and to the point, with no extra content present to distract them.
  • They will help build your website’s credibility.
  • They can be tested several times before finalizing your final landing page.
  • They will help generate leads and conversions.
  • You can develop targeted content for specific audiences as per the keyword.
  • You can add M=multiple contact resources.
  • Add a Callout and Call to Action for the best result.

How to Improve Landing Page Experience?

Landing Page Info

  • Optimize your landing page: Use quality images, copy, UI and keywords to make a killer landing page.
  • Present a great offer: Your offer should be made based on the following factors- Will it solve the problem faced by the user?

-Ask questions of what are the benefits that the lead will gain?

-Will your competition be able to offer the same value?

  • Pay attention to page speed: Delay in your website’s speed will lead to fewer conversions and fewer page views. The time for your landing page should be kept optimal.
  • Create a seamless experience: The ad you displayed should be the same available on the landing page. Avoid click bates, as that would make you lose your conversion.
  • Make your pages mobile-optimized: More people are switching to mobile for daily searches. Your website and landing pages should be optimized for a user-friendly experience to gain more conversions.
  • Add a FOMO experience: Adding a timer or speaking of limited-time offers will make your visitors purchase the product or get the signup done. Use terms like “ends soon”, “last chance” to get your customers emotionally charged.
  • Thank you page: Lastly, don’t forget to place an excellent card to thank your customers. You should ensure that your conversion stays loyal to you in the long run, and a simple thank you card would be a great start.

Why Should You Retarget Your Audience With Remarketing Ads?


  • Remarketing is a Cost-effective technique that uses cookies to track users who left the purchase on the halfway mark so that they can continue with their purchase.
  • Remarketing helps you stay connected with your audience as you can notify them of price drops, new arrivals, etc.
  • It provides Higher ROI (Return on Investment). Once you find that the user is interested in your service, retargeting will help you get the user’s attention to bring them back to your website and become a loyal customer.
  • Remarketing helps to improve ad relevance. They will be shown to genuine users, and they would love to make future purchases from your website.
  • It provides you with a specific target audience that you can be confident will buy your products.
  • It helps the customer to recall the brand. It was observed that 97% of first-time users leave your site without any purchase and later forget about it. Remarketing will allow you to connect back to the customer and provider deals and offers.

Make Sure You Target Right Audiences:

As stated above, you can easily set up the audience while setting up your PPC campaign. Choose how the product or item you want to sell will impact the audience. For example- Setting the geographic location, demographics, time to display your ads will all play a crucial role to help target your preferred audience. By getting the right setting, you can be assured of-

  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Get high-quality leads.
  • Security of customer loyalty.

Different Extensions You Can Use:

Some of the top extensions that are available and should be used while setting your campaigns to include-

  • Sitelink Extension
  • Call Extensions
  • App Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Structured Snippets Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Offer Extensions
  • Social Extensions

Any additional information presented to the customer will only help you with the conversions. They will have an impact on your ad rank. Make your ads more authentic which will help improve the Click Through Rate (CTR).

Why use Discovery Ad Campaigns?