The Most Recommended SEO Audit Tools In Digital Marketing

The Most Recommended SEO Audit Tools In Digital Marketing featured image
22 Jan 2020
Nirlep Patel

There are several SEO audit tools out there that you can use for digital marketing. Some happen to be better than others in this regard. The first name that comes to mind in this regard is that of Zadro Web.

Zadro Web (

Zadroweb Seo Auditor

It comes with several advantages. It provides you with the Page Speed ranking from Google which is a strong ranking signal to gauge the success of your SEO. It has both the Domain Authority and Moz Page Authority that are helpful for connections.

It provides you with the top 10 keywords of SEMRush. It has plenty of technical aspects such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.Over here, you can also look for missing data regarding the images and the metadata that you have used.

It also provides you with details on the social links that are there on your website. Perhaps, the best feature of this tool is that you can use it for free. It also provides you with the reports in the PDF (portable document format) format.



SEOMATOR is one tool that would crawl your entire website and offer an on-page SEO analysis that is fully detailed. It analyzes more than 100 issues in areas such as social media, ease of accessibility for mobile devices, and backlinks, to name a few. It would also offer you the best solution for such issues based on the principles of SEO.

The tool would also allow you to check how accurate the content on your website is. Its data includes areas such as duplicate content, similar content, unique content, and thin content. You can use this information to throw out useless content on your website quickly and publish the pages again.

SEOptimer (


SEOptimer is also a great tool that you can use in this particular regard. It provides you with an on-page look at how well your SEO efforts have fared. This SEO audit tool also functions within a very short time. It also creates reports that include the following details and more:

  • performance issues
  • on-page SEO tips
  • social media issues
  • your platform’s security score

This platform also provides you tips by using which you would be able to do both your off-page and on-page SEO work by yourself. This way, you would be able to improve the ranking of your website as well.

It is a browser extension tool and thus works on all kinds of browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, to name a few. It can generate charts with consummate ease. It would also perform responsive tests that would help you determine if your website is compatible with the following:

  • tablets
  • laptops
  • mobile devices
  • desktops

SiteChecker Pro (

Site Checker Pro seo analysis tool

SiteChecker Pro specializes in on-page SEO. This way, you can find out the SEO-related issues on all your pages. This means that there is a good chance that you would be able to correct them as well. The tool normally helps you find issues with the following SEO elements on your page:

  • meta titles
  • page size
  • meta descriptions
  • load speed
  • tags
  • photos

Apart from these, it looks for errors as well. It also provides you lists of technical errors on your pages and how you can correct them.

Seobility (


The special thing about Seobility is that you can use this SEO audit tool for free. All you need is a basic subscription and you would get a tool that can crawl up to 1000 pages! It analyzes your entire website and identifies the issues that it has with SEO.

Its Content Report is easily its best feature. This means a list of pages on your website that have issues with their content such as thin content and stuffing of keywords.

SEO Site Checkup (

SEOnSite Check up

If you use SEO Site Check-up you would be able to use its SEO Toolbox. The Toolbox is an amalgamation of monitoring and research tools that are supposed to take care of all SEO-related issues. This helps you improve your ranking, and, thus, draw more traffic to your website.

The app analyzes your website automatically and provides you weekly and tracking reports regularly. These reports deal with more than 30 issues that are extremely important in the context of search rankings.

Woorank (


Woorank normally inspects your website to find out the most critical SEO-related issues on the same. Its on-page SEO analysis is comprehensive and the same can be said of its off-page SEO analysis. It also checks areas like backlinks, location of web pages that have faults, and broken links.

It also provides you with recommendations based on which you can improve the ranking and visibility of your website. It provides you with reports that are easy to read and would exemplify the SEO strategy that you should take. It normally approaches your site just like how Google would do.

The hoth SEO Audit Tool (

The Hoth SEO Audit Tool

This is an SEO audit tool that comes to you for free from the hoth is a well-known SEO company with plenty of experience in this industry. You can be sure that you would be able to perform a proper audit of your website’s SEO with this particular tool.

It would give you an overall score following its SEO audit. It would also offer you a list of steps that you can take to improve the SEO of your website. These results are rather easy to understand as well. You can export the results as PDF files.

Raventools (


If you are an SEO consultant or a digital agency Raventools is a great tool for you. You can be sure that it would provide you with reports of the highest quality. From them, you would get all the suggestions that you need to fix the issues that your technical SEO is facing. The tool provides suggestions on areas such as the following:

  • site page speed
  • backlinks
  • site page design
  • online popularity
  • Social media credibility

It also provides you lists of tools that you can use to do further research on your SEO and thus optimize your site even better.

Screaming Frog (

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is a desktop program, which works as a crawling tool and analyzes your whole website. This is how it provides you with some very useful insights on the SEO-related issues that your site may be facing. You can use this tool to look at various parameters such as the following:

  • site links
  • security
  • outbound links
  • broken links
  • meta descriptions
  • response time
  • anchor text
  • ALT tags

You can crawl a maximum of 500 URLs (uniform resource locators) with this tool for free.

GTmetrix Speed and Performance Audit (


You can use the GTmetrix Speed and Performance Audit tool to come with specific benchmark scores. You can use the scores provided by it and get an idea of the areas in your website where you need to make it stronger. These findings are right helpful as they provide you with some great insights.

This is the reason why many SEO professionals use this tool when they are auditing the websites of their clients in the initial stages. These reports are highly detailed as well. This means that you find it easy to use the same.

Technical SEO (


Merkle brings to you This is a collection of free SEO tools that help you improve your site’s SEO from a technical point of view. It becomes friendlier for your search engine as well. This is a structured generator of data and uses testing tools such as robots.txt,, and fetch & render, to name a few.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer (

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

The SEO Analyzer of Neil Patel is an SEO audit tool that is free. It analyzes a wide range of factors that are critical for your SEO. This includes the likes of title tags, robots.txt, and meta description tags.

It also has a unique feature named competitive analysis, which is unique. In this case, the SEO Analyzer looks at how well your rivals are faring. It looks at areas where you can get better than them. From an overall perspective, the tool is user-friendly and handy.

Plerdy SEO Audit (

Plerdy SEO Audit

Plerdy SEO Alerts is one tool that would analyze the SEO-related factors of your website continuously. It would also provide you with consistent notifications on how well things are going on your website. It checks various elements related to your SEO so that it can determine the areas where improvements need to be made. Those areas may be mentioned as below:

  • keywords
  • headers
  • titles
  • attributes
  • tags

It provides you with on-page and aggregated statistics that are helpful when it comes to evaluating the situation. The tool provides you with regular notifications as well.

SEO Tester Online (

SEO Tester Online

The SEO Tester Online has been designed keeping in mind making the content SEO friendly. The SEO analysis that it performs is geared to achieve such a result. This is why the tools that you get from the same look at SEO items that are related to content.

This includes the likes of on-page content, keyword integration, and blog content. It has a keyword explorer tool as well. This helps you monitor your leading keywords and analyze them as well. It also has a copy metrics tool that rates all the pages on your website that have content.

Varvy SEO Tool (

Varvy SEO Tool

From the Varvy SEO Tool, you would get a detailed report on what is not there on your website with respect to the guidelines of Google. The tool would show you how to make your website more compatible with mobile devices. You would also learn how you can provide the user with a better experience on the same.

The report includes details such as speed, markups, and ease of access for Google bots. You also get plenty of guidelines that you can use for purposes of reference.

SEO Report Card (

Free SEO Report Card

Are you looking to analyze your website within a short time? Then, one of the best tools that you can use is the SEO Report Card. It acts swiftly and provides a highly visual representation of issues with your website. It normally audits your website based on the following categories:

  • rank analysis
  • metrics
  • link building
  • current Indexing
  • on-site analysis

SERPSTAT Website Audit Tool (


The SERPSTAT Website Audit Tool is one that makes it easy for you to assess your technical work and improve them as well. The quality of the tool can be gauged from the fact that all kinds of people can use it easily.

It does not matter if you are an expert such as an SEO agency or a specialist, or a stranger to the same.

It would show you the kind of mistakes you have made on your website and the areas where they are located. It would also recommend you on how you can fix such issues.

FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool (