The Impact Of Digital Technologies On Society

The Impact Of Digital Technologies On Society featured image
27 Apr 2018
Nirlep Patel
Digital India


Digital technologies have changed our outlook on the world. Many of us believe that technological advancements are a thing of the new age and are future related, which is not valid. 

Human civilization has been going through digital evolutions since the beginning of time.  


Society gives technology and technological advancements a sense of purpose as technology helps us make our lives easier. 

So from the time, we learnt how to hunt to the present time, technology and technological advancements have been an integral part of human society.

We perform most of our activities like shopping, discovering places, paying our bills,  online, technology and technological inventions have been a crucial part of our lives.


The technology and society union has led the world to futuristic improvements, exceeding our expectations. Yet, there is so much more technology to be discovered!

Today Digital technologies control every aspect of our lifestyle, and we cannot do without it.

Digitisation is affecting every industry in areas like financial policy, employment and competition. Digitisation is not a new phenomenon. 

For many years, this concept has encompassed technological developments in general, especially in information technology.

 Digitisation of the Indian economy has impacted our lives in various ways.

For instance, some of the services and products that were previously analogue, such as travel arrangements, music, film, translations and media, have now become digital. 


You can sit at home and book your flight tickets, catch up with the latest movies or quickly go through news updates, all in the blink of an eye.

 Public transportation means like taxis, cars, and trains can be booked online via various apps like Uber & Ola, without even stepping out of your homes.

 Companies have taken advantage of digital technologies for developing digitally advanced technological business models, and new ways of customer communications.

 New services are also growing within several industries. Examples are cryptocurrencies in the financial services sector and digital payment services like UPI, Mobile Wallets, Internet Banking among others.


 Digitisation has simplified our daily lives, as well. Today, almost every daily life aspect be it vehicles, household appliances, machines, and payment systems built with built-in computers and sensors, raising our living standards effectively.

 Although inflation and unemployment rates are high, people eat better, living more comfortably and dressing better.

Digital technology also positively impacts our culture’s fundamental aspects, including health care, law enforcement, art, education, mobility, and religion. For example, the technological advancements in the healthcare industry have provided doctors with the opportunity to treat patients in a virtual environment by using mediums like video conferencing. Video conferencing also plays an essential role in the legal environment. It enables judges to listen to the cases of criminals who cannot enter courtrooms because of security reasons.


Digital technology also harms society. For instance, advancements in digital technology often lead to the destruction of creativity. The introduction of new technologies can also negatively impact the economy. For example, television can consume several productive hours that people have in a day. The long term consequences of digital technology are not always foreseeable.

Although digital technology can negatively impact society, most of the impact is positive. It helps make our lives better.

Digital Marketing Services have become sophisticated, using futuristic technology like AI & VR extensively in online marketing campaigns.

It has led to increased productivity, sales and brand awareness. 

Technology has helped in uniting the world and breaking unnecessary barriers. 

Villages to have gone through digital transformations, quickly connecting them with almost all metropolitan cities. 

If you ever visit a village, you will notice how almost every villager today has a touch screen phone that instantly connects them to the rest of the world. Villagers are well aware of happenings not only in their own country but in other countries as well.


 The overexposure has made villagers become modern thinking individuals overcoming superstitions and orthodox thinking and believing in concepts of Gender Equality, Liberalism and Equality Of All Humans.

Even the pandemic has not stopped us from getting what we want! 

The lockdown saw many businesses go through a complete digital transformation, and many new companies are completely digital, being formed.

Despite being under a strict lockdown, we could watch our favorite shows, eat good food and lead a comfortable life.

Digital technologies will continue to play an essential role in our lives for years to come.