SEO Content Strategy That Actually Works

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31 Dec 2021
Nirlep Patel
Content Marketing

All the best SEO agencies in Mumbai worth their salt know that quality content alone is not sufficient to generate effective SEO results; in fact, a successful content strategy involves an abundance of legwork. 

It is vital to realize the value of an effective content strategy paired with reliable content and links as the top-ranking factors accosted with commendable SEO ranking. However, creating content just for the sake of it does not do much in generating results. This is in the current economy with the overflowing of data across the internet; it is crucial to stand out with one’s content and earn credible links. This is where strategy gains momentum. 

content stratergy

A typical strategic content planning and execution design by the SEO agencies in Mumbai yield the following intrinsic checkpoints in their SEO content strategy. That is:  

  • Diverting focus towards less complicated topics and themes.
  • Engaging in content layering and optimal internal linking
  • Comprehending linkability and recognizing opportunities.
  • To ensure constant upkeep and maintenance of current content.  

Here, to be among the top rankers, one’s strategy has to be more than adopting a consistent approach; one also needs to be link-worthy to secure more links, elevated ranking, and enhanced traffic. Enlisted below is an elaboration of the parameters that one must stand by to navigate exceptionally to achieve a successful content strategy for their website. These are: 

  • Prioritize Lower-Difficulty Topics: Thi is essentially the first step in this arena aimed at determining the topics your content must cover. It is ideal, to begin with, research that analyzes the keywords and themes compatible with your business model. Here, some criteria are carried out by even the best SEO agencies in Mumbai, i.e. research volume, competition or keyword difficulty, and traffic value or cost. In this respect, the best possible combination is a high search volume paired alongside value with low difficulty. To gauge the keyword difficulty, you can either use the help of a tool or take the manual route of analyzing the SERPs. 


  • Optimize Internal Links: When you are strategizing and planning content, take account of opportunities where internal linking and content layering is feasible. Content layering throws light on the practice of “layering” middle-of-the-funnel content over the bottom-of-the-funnel content by considering relevant, complementary topics and internally linking between pages. 

Internal Links

To figure out and optimize these components can result in several positive conclusions.

Shared authority alludes to middle-of-the-funnel content that is increasingly more linkable than bottom-of-the-funnel content. Here, internal linking paired with valuable equity can be passed through the links referring to your mid-funnel content amidst your converting pages. Further, it also enhances brand authority and recognition and link acquisition to convert pages. Internal linking and content layering are critical aspects of content strategy that are pertinent to curating the structure of your site such that it eases the following process for both readers and search engines. 

  • Linkability And Opportunity: Links are an indisputably important component that impacts rank and presents multiple search benefits. There, one must divert sufficient focus on linkability while planning content. Linkability, also known as link worthiness, talks about the propensity of securing links.