Scalable SEO Strategies To Boost Category Pages

Scalable SEO Strategies To Boost Category Pages featured image
26 Apr 2021
Nirlep Patel
Ecommerce SEO

Most of the time large-scale modifications and changes are required to bring about a high level of improvements in the organic search performance. The presence of online businesses needs to be maintained with regular updates and relevant information. 

With so much competition in the market today, you need to hold on to effective SEO strategies to increase your rankings and maintain your position. You need to devise new ways to move ahead of your competitors and generate increased revenues. You must know how to target your audience and promote your brand further.

Regular optimization

The e-commerce SEO agencies need to adopt new and innovative strategies to reach out to the audience. The products and services provided by you should be informed accurately. You must optimize your product details page to deliver correct information to the target audience. 

It is not always an easy task to run an e-commerce website. Handling a website comes with a unique set of challenges. If even a single thing goes wrong, your entire content can become subject to questions and you may have to improvise your data again. 

What is a category page?

In most simple terms, a category page acts as the bridge between your homepage and the product pages. Once you have created the homepage, the category page is the next important step in your design. It is a web page where the product options are narrowed down for the users and the process of purchase is made easy for them. Many factors need to be considered while designing a category page.

  • Layout

The layout refers to the arrangement of information on your page and how it is presented before the audience. Your layout should be engaging enough to help users attract and surf through your website. A good and responsive page layout leads to a smooth browsing experience and increases the chances of clicks. It is an overall composition of your category page that should appeal to the users.

  • Page Colours

This is another factor in line that needs to be considered to improve the look and appearance of your pages. It becomes important to understand colour psychology to represent what your e-commerce brand stands for. Your team of professionals should be able to hit the right emotions among the audience through the right choice of colours.

Here is a guide to what different colours represent:

Blue: It invokes refreshment, cleanliness, and calmness in the minds of users. It gives a hint of professionalism as well.

Red: It symbolizes love, attraction, aggressiveness, vibrancy, and danger. These different categories are identified depending on the context in which they are being used.

Green: It refers to healthiness and life. Moreover, it is also associated with money and wealth.

Purple: The purple colour is associated with royalty, wisdom, and creativity.

Yellow: It is used to represent happiness, warmth, and joy.

 Heading optimization

When you visit a website, you must find a ‘Search Results’ tab on top of it. This is where you can search for a particular category of the products and the results will be displayed in front of you. The page showing various products can have a heading optimized at the bottom in the form of ‘’Related Products”. 

The use of this strategy is done very often to boost the organic traffic to the category pages. However, it is advised not to over-optimize the templates with excessive keywords and links. 

Header Navigation

You will notice the header navigation on every page of your website. But you must be thinking how is that useful anyway? Well, the pages in that navigation are benefitted highly with the help of internal linking authority that is provided by every other page on your website. The pages available in the header navigation are meant to grab the attention of the audience and the search engines to be surfed. 

Keyword and link stuffing

The navigational optimization should be balanced with the user experience to get the best results. What is more important is to focus on the type of keywords that you are going to use. The use of relevant and unique keywords is appreciated by the search engines and helps to improve the ranking. It should be made sure that the keyword and link stuffing is not excessive. Try to enhance the user experience at every step. It will help in increasing the conversion rates and decreasing the bounces. 

Correct coding methods

It is a well-known fact that the pages are coded in a manner that they are recognizable by the search engines. The way you provide the codes for navigation links should be recognizable and Google should be able to crawl through it. You must use the anchor tag with an href, URL, and anchor text. 

When you talk about scalable SEO, it helps you to optimize the page once and receive benefits for a longer period. The single-page optimization, on the other hand, is quite laborious and you have to wait to witness the results. Scalable optimization lets you receive profits quickly. 

It is important to have an SEO technology that lets you understand how to streamline your keyword research, manage blogger outreach, and have good knowledge about market share opportunities. 

Include reviews

Often, the brands forget to include reviews on their pages and that acts as a major drawback for them. The customers tend to look for reviews of your products and services before buying them. Along with the promotional texts and graphics, you must provide the customers with reviews of your services. 

The audience tries to look for the ratings and personal experiences of others to get an idea about how the product will be beneficial for them. It gives them a hint of product performance and if it can fulfil their needs or not. The legit 4 to 5-star reviews can help to increase the conversion rates on your page drastically. 

Do internal linking wisely

You must omit the internal links that become a restriction in increasing your sales. Being on an online platform, you must be familiar with the use of anchor texts to derive the traffic. The links should be created and provided on relevant pages to help the user dive deep into your website. You can also present the items under the heading ‘Customers also bought’ to drive the attention of your customers and convince them to check out other accessories in your store. It increases the chances of their shopping carts being filled with more items. 

Another commonly used method to present the accessories in front of your customers is to display ‘Most searched products’ on your page that will inform them about what other people are seeking out. 

Focus on navigation bars

The navigation bars are among the most important design elements of your website. It provides a sense of orientation and arrangement to the users and helps them to find what they are looking for. The process of search becomes smooth and quick with the help of navigation bars. It is responsible for segmenting your website into the most important categories. Available in all shapes and sizes, you can customize them according to your requirements.

Inclusion of action items

The action items refer to the inclusion of categories like wishlists, shopping carts, and user profile options. When these options are available, the people can easily select between the items of their choice and add them to their wish lists or buy them by adding them to the cart. These icons should be placed on the right side of the navigation bars as people are used to having them on the right side. The left side of the navigation bar can be used for providing informative content. 

Use of feature banners

The feature banners are very useful when you are trying to promote the products in a specific category. These are a great method to attract the attention of your customers if you want to convey some important piece of news or information. These feature banners are located above the fold, below the top-level navigation and above the categories grid. This is the normal setting of the banners but it can be adjusted at your convenience. 

Make them more appealing!

One of the best things about the banners is that call-to-action buttons can be added on them that guides the users to your hot deals and offers to go on the products. To boost the engagement of people with the banners, you should make sure that they are represented on relevant pages and the content displayed on them complements the categories that users are browsing through. This way your promotion will appear more appealing to them.

The category pages are highly beneficial and essential to keep your website coherent. They help the audience to reach out to products and services that they have been looking for quickly. Apart from just being a bridge between homepage and product pages, it can be used as an effective business development tool as well. they can be taken to a whole new level for boosting the conversion rates and enhancing the overall SEO.