A Wave Of Changes Rolling In Social Media
Change, is the only thing permanent. Social media is not an exception to this statement. Social media platforms have progressively evolved over the years and their behavior has changed in a timely manner. This certainly is not a surprising factor. Owing to the changes in trends, it fits to discern the difference in the platforms. [...]
Have You Integrated Your Business Listing With Your Google Account Yet
Businesses today have optimally utilized the Social Media platform to expand their reach, locally and globally likewise. The idiosyncrasies of G+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have given an opportunity for businesses to plan their internet marketing strategies accordingly.   The most used search engine today, is Google. Google gives answers to numerous queries in the [...]
7 Advantages Of Outsourcing SEO Projects
SEO has become a familiar term and most importantly it has become a pivotal factor to market your business. Experts might argue that it is a piece of cakewalk and no rocket science. Amateurs might argue otherwise. We really can’t blame them both as they speak of what they know. The reality here is that [...]
Circa 1989, the World Wide Web, came into existence.  Initially it was proposed as ‘a global hypertext project’ by Tim Berners-Lee, who was working at CERN.  Majority of the browsers then were Unix-based and text heavy. It was in 1996 that Microsoft created its first browser, and since then there has been a steady evolution [...]
Importance Relevance Of Print Media In The Digital Era
The era of internet and digitalization has enchanted us.  Anything and everything, today is directly or indirectly related to the internet. The digital era has certainly opened up many new options for businesses to market themselves. Some may argue that the “Print Media” age has served its time, but there might be counter-argument s as for [...]
PPC The Safest Online Promotional Tool
PPC, today is regarded as the safest option for internet marketing; Safe with respect to approach and outcome. So now the question here is, why is it safe? And what about the other strategies like SEO and email marketing. SEO has built a reputation of long term planning and implementation, not to mention with effectiveness. [...]
Content Management Systems (CMS) provide the easiest ways to handle data; which can be processed Online or Offline. Offline Data processing systems or ‘static site generators’ use a pre-defined set of templates to produce web pages, whereas online processing systems may generate an HTML. The explanation above might be too technical to fathom, and rightly [...]
Does Web Redesigning Revamp Your Brand Image
Everybody in business today wants to be the best. That’s fairly natural, isn’t it? Who doesn’t? Even so, there are front runners in the market who outplay their competitors. There are ample reasons that can be attributed for their success; one of them is redesigning. Yes, this might seem as a bit of an over-statement, [...]
Online Branding An Indispensable Marketing Technique
“I checked online, and it’s in stock again, they just updated it, m going to book it today...” “Their services are really awesome; they even commented on my suggestions...” hey, they’ve got this new video uploaded, the new one has got many features, it’s totally cool” That’s how the world talks today, and that is [...]