New Tools And Features To Support Local News

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31 Dec 2021
Nirlep Patel
Local SEO

In the case of local News, one must know that it is essentially a bridge geared towards arming people with knowledge about their immediate surroundings. It helps to curate a better understanding of the broader perspective of the events unfolding around the world when one is well-read and aware of the roots.

 This is also an effective measure for building healthy communities that support their local areas in times of need and suffering. One of the most prominent examples of this was the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein different communities had different needs and were impacted differently. 

With the facilitation of local News, some panic control was feasible since people knew what to do, and the local area planned to handle the general issue. Therefore with the timely facilitation of relevant news, one could keep on top of things and remain in touch with their surroundings having a close to normal functioning. 

Further, the importance of being updated about one local area has gained increasing momentum after having experienced the taste of complete isolation, where the world came to a standstill because of the pandemic. 

The need for filtered local area news is seen intangibly by the rise in ‘News near me’ queries on Google Search last year. As a result, the need for local area news filtration is higher than ever; a credible local SEO agency can capitalize on the users’ need to facilitate effective news delivery by suitably using the new free features and tools presented by Google. 

New Data Tools For Local News: 

Local News

Specific new features and tools aimed to support local News by Google showcase a carousel of local news stories for Search queries by online searchers. They are curated for readers and reporters alike with a propensity to assist local news organizations.

 On the day of the launch, the headline feature displayed a slideshow of local News in response to search queries; it was launched worldwide in all languages parallelly. 

This carousel-like news display feature was initially planned to provide local information associated with Covid searches. This eventually panned out over other domains like local government, sports, and other such topics, thus becoming an effective SEO measure used by a local SEO agency. 

Google elaborated on the features, wherein they repurposed the system to match the prevailing requirements such that relevant, authoritative and local news sources more frequently next to that of national publications in Top Stories and other general news features. 

This feature proves to be a valuable aid to people searching for local News since it’ll present authoritative local stories right upfront; as a result, helping the brand and, at the same time, enhance the reach of the content by different news publishers. It seeks to bridge the gaps that come in the path of effective communication during times of need, to act as a link that facilitates the connection of relevant news. 

Local News Feature: 

Local News Feature

As voiced by Google, its operation talks about its capacity to bring into the light even narrow subtopics related to local News such as high school football games, local town festivals, and cultural events. A local SEO agency can optimize these to generate more scaled-down and specific results with the help of these tools. In contrast, location services coupled with Google’s features can effectively generate relevant results to attract more accurate search results. 

For instance, if you type in your location along with a sport of your choice, you’ll receive results for the local high school or college team instead of the professional one of the state. When coupled with social media, these features can equip readers with additional information related to the local issues that they were looking up.

 These will most likely be supplied with surface tweets from news organizations or authoritative sources, news organizations and authors. These can serve a reassuring value since the tweet from formidable and trustworthy personalities can have a soothing effect towards gathering trust and credible reliability during difficult times when surrounded by negative news. 

In contrast, suppose you are sharing good information, like winning your favorite sports team, to cultivate a moment of camaraderie. Either way, it can be a motivator of regard. 

New Data Tools Directed Towards Reporters: 

Data Tools

Apart from the new consumer features, Google has also brought new data tools for reporters. The first, in this respect, alludes to the Census Mapper project. It is essentially a map capable of being embedded in stories, such that it depicts Census data at the country, state and national level. 

These were produced in alignment with the 2020 Census Co-op data, which the Google News Initiative supported. It can show Census data at a local level, showing how population shifts have changed over time. 

The local SEO agency should also note that Google is looking to improve its Common Knowledge Project, a visual journalism project enabling reporters to explore local data effectively. Effective utilization and facilitation of tools can generate authentic and credible traffic to the websites of local organizations and businesses, helping them to a significant degree. 

These features by Google are akin to an optimisation lifeguard for local newspapers and websites to guide interested traffic in such a direction to receive relevant information. Using this, a local SEO agency can value both parties: the local news service and the one seeking to know that these services exist for their perusal and knowledge of the occurrences around them in real-time, if necessary. 


It’s time to realise the value of being supplemented with local news in consideration to the seeker and provider alike. Google outreach is suitably curated to extend a digital helping hand to gently guide local news towards communities using suitable optimisation measures opportunely. 

It is an attempt towards assisting local news publishers in reaching and engaging audiences looking for their essential reporting and ensuring that they have an avenue to continue supplying critical news without going out of business. Effective optimisation effort was an ideal foolproof measure towards helping news organizations reach their true potential.