Local Seo: What You Need To Know Right Now (2021)

Local Seo: What You Need To Know Right Now (2021) featured image
30 Apr 2021
Nirlep Patel
Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization can be a compelling process. Local businesses are booming today, and the need for solid local business SEO strategies has also risen.

You are more likely to perform a local business search over google than searching for businesses outside your locality. Why is that? It’s because these small or local businesses are within your vicinity easily accessible and reachable. 46% of Google Searchers look for local business information, which means that you have optimized your local business SEO and small business local SEO strategies!

If your business is not optimized for local search engine optimization, you will be missing out on several potential clients who are ready to shop.

If you want your business to be the best and stay relevant and optimize their local SEO in Bangalore, you need to invest in local SEO services in Bangalore.

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Still, confused about investing in Local Search Engine Optimization?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered!

This Guide will help you get familiar with the concept of local business SEO, will tell you its importance, and offer you a few tips that will help optimize your small business local SEO strategies for your business!

If you own a local or small/medium-sized business, then you must read this Guide!

So let’s get started.

What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization Or Local SEO is an SEO Strategy that involves optimizing a website to increase its organic visibility, traffic, leads, and brand awareness obtained via local searches. The primary function of local business SEO is to improve and maximize search engine visibility, specifically those businesses that operate via brick and mortar locations. 

Following small business local SEO, businesses strive at attracting online users conducting organic searches from nearby areas, thereby increasing their customer base.

Using Local Business Seo, businesses can conveniently market and advertise their products and services to local audiences and gain maximum visibility and popularity.

Why Is Local SEO Important For Your Business?

76% of consumers who search for local products or services via mobile phones visit the said business within that same day. 28% of local searches are purchase intended.

The statistics are not enough to make you believe in the impact of local SEO, so let’s give it a data-oriented look.

  • The Impact Of COVID-19

The Pandemic has changed our shopping and consuming behaviours drastically! With stores’ physical locations being shut, there has been a massive digital transition of the business, be it small, medium or big. People cannot travel outside their local areas and rely on local business to satisfy their needs and demands, which has led to a rise in local SEO.

More and more people today prefer shopping for products and services from small or local businesses over large companies. This has led to a drastic rise in small business local SEO activities and given an impetus to small businesses.

  • Rank In Local Packs With Local SEO

Local packs entail the maximum CTR required for search engine queries. People love seeing local packs displaying the businesses’ basic details like address, name, ratings, timings, etc. Via various CTAs like call buttons, and websites and directions, people can easily explore local businesses. This can help local businesses generate massive traffic. All you need to do is make a GMB listing for making yourself eligible for local packs. The higher ranks you gain, the more search engine visibility you get.

  • Local SEO Is Modern Marketing

The days of traditional marketing are over. Today if you want to be noticed on a local level, local SEO is your best friend! Your business does not exist, If you are not online. By investing in Local SEO services, you get your business listed on various online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, etc.

Local Seo Aims at making you the best business choice for every customer’s requirements, resulting in boosted conversion rates and profitable results.

Tips To Optimize For Local SEO

  • Optimization For Google My Business

Google My Business is the epitome of local search and is the ideal tool that helps your business meet Google’s needs.

Follow the below steps to ensure that your business is optimized for Google My Business:

  • Ensure you create your Google My Business Page and verify it
  • Ensure to use Google Posts within your account
  • Request your customers to share reviews online
  • Ensure to respond genuinely to all reviews and also specify locations correctly.

Once Google verifies your business as authentic, it can reward your business with a sidebar space in the google local search.

  • Ensure Your NAP Details Are Consistent Over The Internet

You have to ensure that search engines and online users find you quickly over the internet. Setting up your Name, Address & Phone Number (With Area Code)

Or NAP is a crucial step in doing so. The information should be inputted as crawlable HTML text onto your site. Input the NAP in either the footer or the header and avoid adding it within an image as search engines cannot images like HTML texts.

  • Optimization Of Online Citations

Online citations help users discover local businesses quickly, and you must optimize them thoroughly. Ensure that your online citations are consistent. And do not include any discrepancies such as misspellings, working address or phone numbers, abbreviations, or wrong or misleading information. Remove all duplicate listings tools. If Google cannot decipher which information is correct, it might not show your business in any SERPs.

  • Social Media Engagements

Your local business must have a solid social media presence as Google strongly considers a robust social media presence. Share your Google My Business Page across all your social media profiles resulting in an aligned social engagement and search.

  • Postings On Google My Business

Using Google My Business, you can opt for a direct sales approach by posting sales, offers, specials, or content that make your business unique. You can post videos, pictures, and even team member introductions for a more personalized approach that makes your customers connect better with your business.

  • Add Location Pages To Your Website

Businesses with a brick and mortar location must create location pages that provide users with the address, name, phone number, store hours, store descriptions, promotions, and testimonials from customers. Avoid duplicating similar content for multiple locations. For single locations, ensure to create a locally focussed about us page. Adding a google map to your website on your said location page/pages will surely help you get bonus points!