Learn How Website Security Impacts SEO

Learn How Website Security Impacts SEO featured image
26 Apr 2018
Nirlep Patel

Most enterprises are making money through their internet marketing efforts. Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of internet marketing and it is changing drastically. With every algorithm change that search engines like Google bring in, enterprises can lose prospective clients and potential sales. This makes it essential to enlist SEO services. By using the services of the Best SEO Company Mumbai business owners can ensure that they do not fall behind.

Apart from SEO, there are other things you need to do in order to operate a successful business. One of them is enhancing website security. The need for security against hackers has become essential and apparent. User information is imperative in the online world and for this reason, Secure Sockets Layer technology is mandatory to be trusted by search engines and users. The HTTP encryption in the URL of your site inspires trust and confidence.

User friendliness is vital for SEO. The expectations of internet users change as technology advances. Certain functionalities and features of your site are necessities that help attract consumers. As you continue optimizing your site in anticipation to the changes in technology, it is also important to focus on website security. Hackers are able to redirect your site to another, install malicious code, gain access to private data like credit card information or remove your website altogether. If a user lands on your site while its down or has his or her private information stolen, they will blame the site as well as the search engine for serving them a potentially harmful link.

Website security is becoming a significant ranking factor. In order to protect internet users from dangerous websites, search engines label the potentially dangerous sites below the title of the listings in the search engine results pages. If your website is at risk of being considered malicious, you should take steps to prevent this from happening before search engines identify it as being potentially harmful to internet users. You can take the following steps to make your site more secure:

  • Verifying ownership of your site
  • Ensuring that your WordPress plug-ins are up to date
  • Using advanced web server software
  • Monitoring your site for common vulnerabilities
  • Maintaining security of your own computer files

To keep your site secure, you can also sign up to receive security notifications through Google Analytics. If a third party compromises your site, you will get an alert in Google Analytics. The alert will flag the affected domain within the Google Analytics user interface. It will also direct you to the resources available for solving the problem. Besides receiving alerts through Google Analytics when your website is compromised, it is also important to verify it in Google Search Console. Through the security issues feature, you will get alerts when your site is compromised.

If you are worried about the security of your site, GBIM Technologies Pvt. Ltd can assist you. Our SEO experts and security services can identify the vulnerabilities of your site. We can help you to remove malicious code and assist you to prevent major setbacks in reputation, revenue and ranking because of future alerts.