25 Feb 2013
Nirlep Patel

Although it is an accepted fact of life these days, with the SEO industry going into a tizzy literally on a daily basis, the focus keeps shifting from strategy to the new strategy.

However, each and every strategy is based on the written word. It is this approach that can never be underplayed when it comes to ranking websites on the various search engines, especially the big ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The search engine like Google has become a daily part of Life of person. From booking a Ticket to searching for project and presentation and even for Service providers, the search engine is used. With the growing demand, it has become mandatory for companies to select appropriate keywords where people can find them easily.

Selecting a result-oriented keyword is not a Rocket Science but just a few steep analyses in Keyword SEO that is done by the SEO Analysts. Let’s have an example to understand the Concept

Mr David has been running business for last five years, He is a professional interior designer in California, since last 5 years he is getting business through references, and he has invested heavily on print media too like hoarding, newspapers etc., during few conversations with his friend, he came to know about the Web promotion Services.

He immediately booked a site and gave a contract to an SEO company to handle his site design and promoting it online. The Process began from keyword Analysis based on his business.

The first and foremost thing, Mr David wanted was to target the generic keyword, “INTERIOR”. Our Suggestion, it’s not possible for the website to get ranked on such keyword at such an early stage and that’s the reason a long tail keyword is recommended.

Not getting such keyword on top is nowhere questioning the capability of an SEO Service Company of not getting the keyword on top, but it’s all about the certain algorithm and guidelines that are laid by the search engine. For interior design business, there are types of user like informative & actual buyers.

Any keyword is searched by two types of users :

  1. Users looking out for Information and,
  2. Actual buyers of the Services.

We might also find few companies ranking up for the generic Keywords, the main reason lies on various criteria, viz. The Domain age of the Website, the layout etc.

So the conclusion is if you need instance business from the website, begin the process from high search volume & low competitive keyword.

This keyword can also be geographic keywords like if you are targeting any city in California like Los Angeles, Don’t hesitate to select keyword like “Best Interior designer in Los Angeles”. Such Keywords can get in positions for you on the search engine and eventually the targeted market is reached and gained.