18 Jun 2013
Nirlep Patel
Online Marketing

It’s easier for any Digital marketing Company to optimize any Website on the search engine even when they have a good volume of competitions. It sometimes also proves to be advantages in showing up result especially when the market is niche and you have a good volume of searches for few keywords.

Things mostly follow with a positive aspect. The real challenge comes in when two companies with similar offerings come on board to promote themselves with the same digital agency.

The question arises of Justice to be given to both the websites because here one digital agency has to deal with two similar sites and most interesting they are competitors.

One question that arises amongst the companies how we as being a Digital Marketing Agency can bring their website on the top of their competitors, including the current one handled by the digital marketing company.

The Solution to such queries is in the Process that is guided by the Search Engine. There are actually many aspects that influence the ranking of websites in Search Engine.

Apart from the criteria influencing the Position that includes valuable keyword-rich content and the still important backlinks to your site. Majority of the search engine throws special focus on the performance, the loading time of your website.

Long loading time just gets on the nerve of a person entering your website. Google knows that and ranks optimized pages better, a big advantage in terms of SEO. Optimization costs not only time but needs a lot of knowledge, too.

Various other options that influence the position of the website on the search engine :

Quality of Website: This is one of the most crucial aspects of Web promotion while optimizing any website. It is very important to understand that more than your offerings, end-user look forward to your website if the quality of your website is poor with lack of good user interface, good website structure and the easy navigation of the website.

Even if using some other techniques your site gets positioned, this might not let your customer scan your website.  Therefore, it is very important to have a Quality Website.

Brand Reputation: Google considers brand and always keeps on top SERP, to have the best example of this, you can type “Apple” on the Search engine and you will see the Apple Company even before the real fruit.

So this is the best example of having Brand management on the search engine. Sometimes both the companies of same services are on the Search engine, but apart from the same technique implemented on both the Sites, Google checks the criteria of Brand Reputation.

Domain age: This again becomes the most important factor while considering the Position of the Site, in fact, many SEO Companies check the domain Age of your website before beginning the SEO Optimization because this Domain Age indicates about the expected position on the search engine.

The reason behind having this domain age is that of the criteria, it states like the older the better (Cannot be compared to Wine though), but this is a criterion as Search Engine believes that the older domain age you have, the more you have the Chances of getting positioned.

So, every SEO Company (If Ethical and Genuine) will do justice to both the Sites, but it is a search engine and the above criteria that influence the Positioning of two Sites for the Same keyword.