Is Google My Business Posts Really Implemented By The Businesses And The Companies? A Research Study

Is Google My Business Posts Really Implemented By The Businesses And The Companies? A Research Study featured image
26 Mar 2019
Nirlep Patel
Google My Business

One of the powerful methods for improving local search engine optimization and online visibility is Google My Business (GMB). If you are a local company it is one of the first steps that you should take to increase the online presence of your Google My Business profile.

As long as your local company complies with the guidelines of Google, your Google My Business profile can help give you free access to the search engine in your company. In addition to viewing your company name, addresses, and phone numbers rapidly, prospective customers can do the following activities all without visiting your website:

  • See Business Photos
  • Read Online Reviews
  • Find a Company Description
  • Complete a Transaction (like an appointment)
  • See Other Information that attracts the attention of a searcher

These are quite powerful things!

In addition to being easily visible for potential customers when searching Google, Google My Business is an important factor for Google’s local rankings. Indeed, Google My Business “signals” are a key factor in local package rankings, according to local industry leaderboard research. Between 2017 and 2018, Google My Business signals rose significantly from 19% to 25%.

Claiming your Google My business profile is your first step towards optimizing your local business – but a lot of people mistakenly believe that it is enough to claim your Google My business profile. However, it is important to improve your ranking and to ensure the completeness of your business profile to optimize your Google My Business profile, frequently logging into your Google My business dashboard.

Functions that make your profile rock Google My Business!

Google offers a range of solutions to improve your Google My Business profile and optimize it. It allows customers to book appointments, reply to reviews online and much more, and to add photos, videos, business hours, a description of their companies, frequently asked questions and answers.

The creation of Google My Business Posts is one of the most powerful ways to get the attention of a searcher for your business, products or services. The GMB posts are almost like mini-ads. Google offers a range of posts that you can create for promoting your company.

Posts also allow you to include a call to action (CTA) so that you can control what the user does. These create the ultimate marketing experience when they see your post. Current CTAs are:

  • Book Order
  • Buy Online
  • Learn more
  • Call Sign Up

Posts use a combination of pictures, text and a CTA to show potential customers your message creatively. A post shows when someone searches on Google to find your corporate name or views Google My business profile on Google Maps in your GMB profile.

You can even share a mail once you create a mail on your social media channels to get more information.

It’s nothing but social media posts, despite the name Google My Business posts. Usually, the first 100 signs in the post will be the ones shown on your display (the rest of it is cut off and you have to click it on to see it).

Don’t use hashtags— it makes no sense. It’s best if every seven days or so you can create new posts. Google My Business Postings are an excellent way to display your company in a unique way exactly when a search engine views your company online. But there is a long-lasting question: Do companies actually create GMB Posts to send potential customers their message? Let’s find out…

The big question: Are companies using Google My Business Post actively?

In the SEO industry a lot has been discussed about the value of Google My Business Posts:

  • Do they contribute to the SEO rankings?
  • How efficient are they?
  • Do posts gain commitment?
  • Does the GMB profile issue include the postings?
  • How many times are you supposed to post?
  • Do you even want to create Google My Corporate Points?
  • If industry experts look at all these aspects, what do daily business owners do in GMB posts on average?
  • Is it true for companies that create posts?

With real data, we can find the answer to this question. The details are here.

Google, My Corporate Post case:

The facts: Ler’s check for data in competitive industries and markets if companies were to actively use GMB posts for Google My business profiles in their companies. We examined a total of 2,000 Google My Business profiles, including the top 20 Local Finder results. In the top ten cities (based on population dense according to Wikipedia). We looked for highly competitive keyword phrases.

We also chose to look at companies in the service type for this case study. The results are here. Towns:

  • Chicago
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Houston
  • Boston.


  • Immobilizer
  • mortgage office
  • travel agency
  • Insurance
  • insurance agent
  • Dentist
  • plastic surgeon
  • a lawyer for personal injury
  • Plumber
  • Veterinarian
  • veterinary officer
  • and locksmith

Surprise! Personal injury lawyers and locksmiths were the most frequent in the industries investigated. For the case study, we have looked at the following:

  • How many companies had active Google My Business Post (i.e. in the last seven days)?
  • How many had done at least one post?
  • Do companies create my Google Posts?

We found that more than half of the companies actively create posts or have created Google My Business posts based on research into businesses, cities and keywords. 17.5% of businesses held an active post within the past 7 days. 42.1% of firms have never created a posting Highlight before: 59.60% of the businesses posted a Google My Post on Google My Business profile, at least one after 40.4%.

NOTE: You can check the research document, which describes all of the raw data if you want to view the raw numbers. (NOTE: We have used the credit for the Research Table and inspired Phil Rozek, SEO expert to carry out this case study.)

  • Do you search Google My Business Post?
  • Do searchers and potential customers actually take time to look at your posts if a business takes the time to create Google my business posts?
  • And above all, do they get involved and take action with your posts?

This table shows 9 random customers with total views on their Google My Business profiles for 28 days and the corresponding total direct / brand impressions. In comparison with the number of views received the total number of direct / brands views seems to be higher for the posts. This means that a single user is more likely than several posts to be viewed. That means you have a good chance of transforming the potential searcher into a customer–or at least someone who will have to take the time to look at your marketing message if you take the time to generate a GMB post and your message is meaningful. (How terrific is it?)

Click on Google My Business Posts for searchers. So when you search for your business on Google and Google Maps, do your GMB posts appear in your Known Panel? But do you actually click on a post to read more?

On average the post is clicked almost 100% of the time when we assess the various posts of the sector for their total direct-brand views! You can see first hand – how well your posts work when you log in to your Google My Business dashboard. Below is a side-by-side picture of the post views and the direct search. You can learn how well your Google My Business posts perform for your business by checking your GMB views!

GMB postings have a value that we found many things after seeing 2,000 GMB profiles. There’s certainly one thing. The number of companies using GMB posts on a weekly basis is hard to explain as posts go ‘dark’ on a weekly basis every 7 business days (except if the post is the post of the event that starts and ends). In addition, recently Google has moved posts from the top of Google My Business Profile down, making them not as outstanding as they had a few months ago. This could mean that companies are less encouraged to create posts.

However, the case study shows us that companies in a competitive location and business should use Google My Business to optimize strategies and features like posts, in order to achieve a competitive edge.