Instagram Marketing – Promote Your Business Virtually

Instagram Marketing – Promote Your Business Virtually featured image
26 Dec 2020
Nirlep Patel

Instagram Marketing has become part of one of the most used social media promotion strategies in 2020. Why has it become one of the most widely used social media marketing platforms for businesses/brands? The below-mentioned statistics will give you your answer,

  • Instagram witnesses over one billion active monthly users and around 500 million Instagram stories per day!
  • Instagram comes second in the most used social media network race, standing behind Facebook.
  • Instagram forms a great platform for the virtual promotion of your business- it has over 25 million business profiles.
  • Almost 90% of Instagram users tend to follow one or two businesses, and around 83% of Instagrammers have said that Instagram has helped them discover new products/services.

This is the magic of Instagram! Instagram can make your business grow virtually! Just look at the statistics! This blog will help you ace Instagram Marketing by helping you understand:

  • How To Create Your Instagram Business Account
  • Creating The Perfect Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Important Instagram Marketing Elements
  • Why Should You Invest In Instagram Marketing?

So let us begin!


Promote Your Business Virtually- Getting Started With Instagram Marketing:

You need to create an Instagram Business profile for marketing your products/services on Instagram. Remember, Instagram is a pure content social media platform, moreover in the moment content or present content. For staying relevant within your audience, you will have to post regularly. It is advisable to create an Instagram posting schedule so that you always post fresh content on time.

    • Set Up Your Instagram Account:

You will have two choices for account creation after opening the Instagram app, create an account via your Facebook or sign up with your email. Since it is a business account, you will have to create an Instagram account that is professional, containing your business email id. Ensure that you pick a username well-suited for your business, one that sounds catchy yet professional.

    • Instagram Account Optimisation:

Instagram allows you to optimize your account to the fullest via providing a visually appealing profile picture and an interesting bio, introducing your business to fellow Instagrammers. For business accounts, make sure that your selected profile picture is your business logo or some significant business-related picture, as Instagram crops your profile picture into a circle.

    • Your Instagram Bio:

Your Instagram bio can be considered as an introduction to your business, products/services. Remember, your profile picture and bio are the first things Instagrammers will notice about your account. Ensure your bio explains your business in a crisp, catchy yet detailed manner since you only have a 150 character limit. Add clear CTAs for encouraging users to perform a specific action. You can add your business website into your bio as a clickable feature, that helps divert Instagram users directly to your website.


Important Instagram Marketing Elements:

Promote your business virtually and make it reach new digital heights via Instagram’s unique marketing elements like:

    • Instagram Posts:

Insta posts need no introduction. Let’s have a look at the different types of Instagram posts you can create for promoting your business on Instagram:

A. Images:

One of the most basic Instagram posts. All you have to do is click a high-resolution & visually appealing picture of the products/services sold by your business. Share a variety of image posts to let potential Instagram customers know in detail about every product/service sold by you. Also, sharing a variety of images will help your brand look like a diverse brand and engage more followers. Remember, that your Instagram audience looks for authentic and genuine posts depicting your brand’s/business’s journey, products/services, and other crucial emotional elements that resonate with them.

B. Behind-The-Scenes Posts:

A great channel to form a strong connection between you and your Instagram audience is to post behind the scenes posts displaying how your product/services are created, the packaging process, management process, and other important backstage elements. Doing so lets potential customers know how and from where their products are made, and help them form an emotional connection with the brand/business. It makes them curious to know more about your products/services.

C. Employee Reposts:

Reposting photos from your employee’s Instagram is a great way to connect with your Instagram audience. It humanizes your brand/business.

    • Educational & Motivational Posts:

You want to create a brand out of your business through Instagram marketing, that does not happen by merely posting your products/services. Sharing motivational posts or educational content related to your products/services, helps the audience imbibe that you are not just here to “sell” your business but to develop a brand that inspires people, motivates people, and is humane.

    • User-Generated Content:

Nothing makes users happier than getting featured on a business account. Similar to employee posts, user posts involve sharing your follower’s, loyal customer’s photos that show them using one of your products/services. It also indicates that your brand is a customer-friendly brand, increasing your Instagram audience.

    • Instagram Stories:

An interesting Instagram marketing element, Instagram stories give users the liberty to post at a much higher frequency without over-posting on their main feed. Stories are more organic and can constitute an image or a video, boomerang, or even zoom in the video. Your Instagram stories will disappear within 24 hours, giving you the liberty to post as many as you want. With Instagram stories, you can be experimenting, organic and raw, by displaying behind the scenes actions, company culture, employee videos, etc. It helps users know more about their brand culture.

Instagram story highlights is another way of preserving your Instagram stories post the 24-hour deadline. You can find these in the form of small circles under Instagram bios. Make your story highlight by clicking on the highlight option when posting your Instagram story.

    • IGTV:

IGTV is Instagram’s very own tv channel where you can watch videos of all kinds, be it fashion, cooking, lifestyle, news, podcasts, interviews, etc. IGTV consists of uploaded footage that is edited and polished before posting. The time constraint for IGTV videos is between 15 seconds – 10 minutes. Currently, IGTV can be viewed only on mobile platforms using the Instagram app or IGTV standalone app.

    • The Power Of Influencers:

We all know how powerful Instagram influencers have become over the past couple of years. Influencers are Instagram users having established credibility and a sizable audience with respect to a particular niche. Influencers impart knowledge, advertise products/services related to their niche. There are several Instagram influencers like fashion and lifestyle influencers, tech influencers, food influencers, fitness influencers, etc. These influencers can open up a plethora of audiences for you: their audience. People worship influencers and will immediately invest in the products/services used by them. The influencer marketing zone is a profitable and high-conversion producing zone. Influencer posts, IGTV videos, stories can help you gain a sizable amount of Instagram audience.


Instagram Marketing-Creating The Perfect Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business:

Social Media Marketing companies aim at creating the best Instagram Marketing Strategies that will skyrocket your business on Instagram. Have a look at the below-listed tips for acing your Instagram marketing strategies:

    • Dictate Definite & Clear Instagram Goals:

Like every other social media marketing strategy, you must set clear goals for your Instagram marketing strategy. Goals stating the type of posts you post, the frequency of those posts, the various marketing Instagram elements you use. How should the flow of products/services look on your Instagram feed and other important elements that help you set clear definitive goals that help you attract your Instagram audience.

    • Define Your Instagram Audience:

The Instagram world is wide, with an infinite amount of audience interacting with brands and businesses of different niches. You must target audiences who like interacting with your niche of products/services as it would lead to increased followers and conversion rates. For example, if you have a fashion brand, then you must target Instagram audiences who like fashion, products/services, and even fashion influencers for promoting your products/services. Do not forget significant factors such as audience age, location, gender, income, interests, etc. Use popular hashtags for attracting audiences.

    • Competitor Analysis:

Instagram marketing is no easy business. Thorough competitor analysis helps you understand what strategies you must use and the strategies you must avoid. Review your competitor’s profile to know how they interact with their audiences, their strengths & weaknesses, the engaging hashtags and captions used by them, how often they post, and other important elements. Competitor account auditing helps you consider the opportunities you have missed and helps you create a highly optimized Instagram marketing strategy.

    • Construct An Editorial Calendar:

An editorial calendar helps you keep a track of your Instagram post frequency. Avoid over-posting or under- posting. You must post just enough for your Instagram audience to be attracted. Your editorial calendar comes to use for blocking out dates to post your Instagram posts, be it stories, live, IGTV videos, or images, you will function systematically with an editorial calendar.

    • Build A Consistent Brand:

You must aim at building a consistent aesthetic Instagram brand for your business. Focus on your brand’s personality, think about the contents you want your brand to display for developing a consistent brand. Stick to the decided elements and post accordingly.

    • Convert Instagram Followers To Customer:

Avoid purchasing followers for increasing your number of followers on Instagram. It will only derail your Instagram marketing strategy. Use organic ways of increasing followers, like posting consistently, following accounts similar to your business, business interests, etc.

    • Select The Perfect Social Media Marketing Agency:

Investing in a social media marketing agency aligning with your Instagram marketing goals is a must, as it helps channelize your time, budget, and energy to achieve your said goals. GBIM Technologies, a social media marketing company is a full-fledged social media marketing company in Mumbai offering all social media marketing services under one roof. Our Instagram marketing plans guarantee to skyrocket your business/brands on the Instagram Platform. All our social media marketing strategies are client-specific budget-friendly and proven to deliver performance-based results.


Instagram Marketing – Why Should You Invest In Instagram Marketing?

Businesses/brands must invest in Instagram Marketing owing to its large benefits like:

    • Multi-Channel Customer Connect:

With Instagram’s help interact and connect with customers across channels and give an impetus to cross channel engagement. Use your Instagram photos on your website, your customers will surely check out your Instagram feed after browsing through your Instagram posts on your website, increasing your Instagram followers, and re-connecting with you.

    • Instagram Builds Trust :

A brand’s Instagram account builds trust and credibility for the brand/business. You can post customer-created brand pictures on Instagram that boost customer trust and engagement rates. Customers from the past buy’s influence on new customer purchase decisions. Potential buyers will read your product review, go-through product images to confirm their purchase decision. These potential customers get influenced by the visual content posted by previous customers when it comes to purchasing decisions. Ensure your brand posts consistent customer-oriented products/services pictures on its feed.

    • Brand Building:

Instagram offers paid advertising as well as organic ways to connect with your target audience. You can build followers organically on Instagram, creating a natural way for your audiences to interact with your brand. This organic way of brand building proves to be more forceful than any paid advertising method, building strong client-brand relationships.

    • High Visual Appeal:

Instagram is a photo-centric social media platform resulting in a high visual appeal, as compared to other social media platforms. People imbibe visuals strongly over texts, allowing you to create a highly visually appealing brand value on Instagram. High quality, well-clicked photos can do wonders for your brands, attracting users who are not in your audience target list as well. People will remember your brand better when you post consistent photos and videos over plain text ads., helping them make more product/service purchases, thereby increasing your profits and sales.