How To Update Your PHP Version In WordPress?

How To Update Your PHP Version In WordPress? featured image
22 Oct 2021
Nirlep Patel
Website Development

PHP is an open-source computer programming language, and it is free to use, just like WordPress. It is also one of the most well-known languages in the field of web development. Many open-source platforms like WordPress, Facebook, et cetera use it. Although, there are other uses for it as well.

When you are using WordPress, you must use it with the latest version of PHP updated on it to improve the performance and speed of the website. Although, there are chances that some web hosting companies may be using an older version.

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Why Update The PHP Version Of The WordPress Site?

It gets important to update the PHP version as it is an essential part of your WordPress site. It helps your site by acting as the middleman to extract the data from your site, convert it in HTML and CSS, and produce it to the browser. Everything else will disrupt if any reason causes the middleman to be slow.

With each new update, the PHP version increases in terms of performance and processing. All this impacts your WordPress site’s speed and helps in reducing the load on your servers. Such PHP updates do not affect most websites, and there are chances that you may not notice any change.

Also, it should be updated for security reasons as today, mostly all the websites get under the radar of hackers. Thus, updating your PHP version regularly is often termed as an important factor to maintain your website.  Through this, you get ensured about the safety of your site and your data protection.


How To Check The PHP Version In WordPress?

You can easily check your version of PHP on the WordPress platform. To do this, all you need to do is log in to your account and click on Tools in the admin area.


After that, select the Site Health page and click on the “Info” tab under the Site Health tool. After that, you need to scroll down with your mouse and expand the “Server” tab by clicking on it. A section would open up that would give you information about your PHP version that is being used by your server. Get in touch with a professional WordPress website development company in Bangalore to easily check the PHP version.


How To Change The PHP Version On WordPress Site?

There are many ways through which you can upgrade your PHP version of your WordPress site as mostly all the top-tier WordPress hosting companies allow their users to change their PHP versions that are in use on their websites. There are a few examples listed through which you can proceed with upgrading your PHP version.

Changing PHP version In HostGator

If you need to upgrade your site’s PHP version, you need to log into the cPanel and find the “Software” section.


Then, after the section opens, you need to click on “MultiPHP Manager”, which will direct you to a dropdown, and from there, you can select your preferred PHP version and click on the “Apply” button. After this, you would be notified that the change was successful through a pop-up in the upper-right corner.


Changing PHP Version In WP Engine

Through WP Engine, your PHP version gets automatically updated for you as it is a WordPress hosting company. To change your PHP version, you need to first log in to the user portal and click on “Sites”.


After that, you need to find the “Environment Name” that you want to change and click on “PHP version number”, located next to the environment. Through this, you can choose your preferred PHP version and finally click on “Change PHP version” to upgrade to the latest PHP version for your WordPress site.


Changing PHP Version In Different Hosting Environments

If you wish to change your PHP version in any other hosting environment, you will have to go through similar steps, as they contain the same types of hosting dashboards with a few changes. You can commonly locate the MultiPHP Manager in most cases in the cPanel dashboard. If you are unable to locate it for any reason, you can contact your WordPress hosting provider and request them to upgrade your PHP version of your WordPress website.

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What To Do After Updating the PHP Version Of Your Website?

After completing all the steps of PHP version upgrading, you should check that everything is working perfectly fine on your website or if there are any noticeable changes. You should check that all your themes and plugins in the WordPress website are updated, and after going through everything, it is recommended that you create a backup of your website.



PHP is a very important factor for your WordPress website; thus, it becomes essential to keep it up to date for the proper functioning of your website. This provides your website with the optimum speed and security. After reading the above points, we are sure you would have gotten to know about the different ways of upgrading your PHP version. To get more high-quality professional services, you can connect with professional WordPress web development service providers in Bangalore for a better experience.