How To Get Backlinks For A Small Business Website

How To Get Backlinks For A Small Business Website featured image
18 Aug 2023
Nirlep Patel

As an owner of a small business website, one does feel difficulty in getting his/her site noticed online, especially when there are those big guys present too. This becomes more severe when you are not very much aware of what SEO is and how it works. This can be overcome by knowing the fact that more backlinks to your website help. This comes to knowing how to get the links for yourself.

Now, you may be creating useful blogs and other posts to grow organic search traffic for your business website. But even this is just the beginning for the purpose of boosting rankings on search engines. There are many other ways to get the much-needed backlinks for small business websites. A great advantage here is that you may not even have to bother yourself with in-depth knowledge about SEO.

Read on to know what these tactics are so you get to enjoy more backlinks for that small business website of yours.

Creation of infographics

Infographics refer to the visual representations of data, knowledge or information that are intended to present some information clearly and quickly. These are one of the most widely shared forms of online content. They are easy to consume as well as fun to be looked at. That is why infographics tend to get lots of shares on social media.   

In fact, you may even find that the companies and bloggers separate from you are using your infographic content to their personal content, linking back to your website. This is when the industry/niche is the same. Such infographics are also useful in enhancing web traffic.

Getting media coverage

You can enjoy better promotions and new customers through seo outsourcing.However, this is not all that local media coverage results in. It also helps you in getting more high-quality backlinks for that small business website of yours. For example, you may begin with letting news outlets know about a local event or some giveaway that you are about to organize.

Furthermore, you may further go ahead with seizing breaking news opportunities for injecting your own business story, which is known as newsjacking.

Offering a free online tool 

The offering of a free online tool also gears up and lets you get lots of backlinks along with traffic to your website. Your online tool should not be a complicated one. For example, say there is an accounting business run by you; you may just offer some simple tax calculator. Or you may choose to offer a calorie counter when there is a fitness centre. All such things help to target the audience and help get an array of online shares.

Creation of content with customer data

Start with the creation of customer data. Data along with statistics is known to boost the credibility of blog posts. Many writers use this method to strengthen their arguments. Now, when you find out that the writers use data that you are providing, this will be greatly beneficial for you. It will get you tons of backlinks. It is also easy to create your own original search by surveying people who are there on your email marketing list.

Moreover, you may choose a survey topic useful for your audience and relevant to your industry. And this can be presented in the form of infographics as well as in a blog post or report with easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Becoming a thought leader in your industry

Now, this can be done by providing content that is extremely valuable. You are going to have some knowledge and expertise of the niche that you work in. Use it because it may not be similar to how customers and many other people think of the same. For example, one may choose to provide value with the sharing of tips on how to travel while carrying a wedding dress. This is suitable when you are a local wedding dress designer.

When you share valuable knowledge, people tend to turn to your content more often. You will gain authority by gaining the attention of customers. They will be spending more time on your website and will potentially even buy from you. Last but not least, you will gain backlinks to your small business website too.

Giving testimonials

Last on our list is testimonial link building. This is an extremely simple way to get valuable backlinks. You just need to write about your experience with the products and services you bought. Then you may choose to reach out to the same businesses and let them know to what extent you loved it. The testimonials will act as social proof and help businesses with trust-building as well as happy customers.

This is going to be a win-win situation, as you get a backlink, and they get that much-needed social proof. They are going to indulge you through linking back to your small business website gladly.