How Nofollow Links Can Affect Google Ranking? Know With Us!

How Nofollow Links Can Affect Google Ranking? Know With Us! featured image
14 Feb 2020
Nirlep Patel
Google Updates

What Is A Nofollow Link?

A Nofollow link is a link that does not impact the website it is linked to. Links are considered as votes of favour that help to determine the ranks for the websites. Linking a website for its content or piece of information reciprocates it as a vote for the quality of the content and information that it offers.

If you wish to avoid the linking, you can add the Nofollow attribute in HTML. Most of the webmasters prefer Nofollow links. On the other hand, Dofollow links pass the link juice and act as a hint for improving Google rankings of the linked website.

There has been tremendous unwanted use of links and anchor text all around the web to get better ranks on Google. Some people even spam multiple links on their website to increase their Google rankings and get the top positions. Multiple comments in comment sections of blogs and articles were also used to increase the visibility of the website.

But some websites even allow you to just comment on anything and link it with the desired link. They publish these comments without monitoring the quality of content, its purpose and authenticity.

Nofollow Link As A Factor And Hint For Ranking

According to a recent major algorithm change, Google instructing that it will now treat Nofollow link to determine the quality of the website and rank the same accordingly. Now onwards, the Nofollow link will be used for ranking purposes.

Initially, when the Nofollow attribute introduced Google. It did not use it in their search engine algorithms for website ranking purpose. But because of excessive spamming, now, Google is exploiting this important attribute to determine the Google ranks.

Attributes such as sponsored, UGC (user-generated content links) and Nofollow will now help Google to find out which links should be considered and it should exclude which links.

Are There Any Benefits To The Publishers?

Well, there are no specific benefits that publishers can enjoy with the help of this attribute, however, one of the important points to note is that ranking boost is something that will not Nofollow link. The publisher won’t get any incentives for using new links.

This has raised new confusion in the SEO community about how needs to Get more traffic on the website and get the Google Trust.

Benefits of Nofollow Link:

Most webmasters are aware of the fact that websites automatically post Nofollow links on all the links on the website. It gives them the unwanted advantage of multiple links, irrespective of their authenticity and credibility.

This creates an overall unfair situation for other websites opting for content building and legitimate SEO tools for boosting their rankings. With the new Google policy the probability of websites, obtaining equity with the support of Nofollow link changed completely.

Now the websites will get the ranking they deserve based on the content and its quality. Google supports fair traffic on the website and wishes to eliminate black hat SEO tactics for the rank boost.

What Criticism Faced By Google?

On the announcement of the Algorithm change and how Google will consider link attributes for ranking purpose, it received several remarks and criticism for the same.

Some SEO experts considered it as an unwanted move and did not support the decision of using Nofollow link as a hint or tool to gauge the quality of the website.

However, Google responded patiently and addressed the world saying, “The two new attributes are voluntary choices for those who find it useful to be more granular. It’s a choice, and we need not put “teeth” into a choice. Use them. Don’t. It’s a choice.”

The New Changes That Google Has Introduced?

Google introduced two major link attributes to know whether the Nofollow link is user-generated content or a sponsored content. This helps Google to calculate the number of links that a website has and rank the websites accordingly.

A sponsored link means that the website won’t get any page rank and also helps Google to understand the complex world of links.

It also gives a good understanding, if the website sells sponsored links to boost Google rankings. Therefore, it eliminates the use of links for diverse purposes and unethically increasing the Google Ranks too.

Will Google Trust UGC Nofollow?

UGC gives hints to Google about what the content is all about and uses them for ranking purposes. For example, forums are a good source of information. It provides a good platform for people to share their ideas, experiences, knowledge and much more. This also encourages one to share their personal experiences with products or services. It can be in the form of FAQs.

Here, a UGC Nofollow attribute can be a major factor and a strong hit posted on the forum that can be extremely useful for ranking purposes. As it is not commercial but an honest endorsement and face off with the mentioned product or service.

We consider a link from the forum as a reliable and trustworthy link and have a positive impact on the Google rankings. However, no incentives are provided to the forum for the content on it.

But Google gives the recognition to the content that person is looking out for is mentioned on a particular forum. Google will ignore the outbound links with Nofollow attribute with the content/answers mentioned on the forum.

Is Google count Wikipedia links for Google Ranking Algorithm?

Wikipedia links are the high-value link. They are widely used as a reliable source of information. Adding Wikipedia links to the Google rankings calculations can help tremendously to improve weak link signals. This helps to determine rankings based on strong links. Wikipedia links can improve overall link calculations.

Does Nofollow Link Impact The Current Digital Marketing Scenario?

Nofollow links are already trading in the markets for those who vigorously want their websites to rank first on search engines. Using Nofollow link as a strong hint by Google to determine the Rankings can give a boost to this business and commercialize Nofollow links too.

One can speculate an increase and excessive use of Nofollow links, spam links, articles, forums, blogs etc to get increase >Nofollow link and get their business desired Google rankings.

How SEO Will Be Impacted By The New Google Ranking Algorithm?

The announcement of how Nofollow links will calculate Google Rank has changed the digital marketing and SEO strategies. However, this move encouraged fairness and transparency by counting the Nofollow link for determining the quality of the website and ranking.

What Are The Benefits Of Nofollow Links For SEO?

Nofollow links can be used for internal links and get more traffic to the website. One needs to have the right balance of Dofollow and Nofollow links to get the desired Google Ranks.

SEO companies to boost the traffic on the website also use black links. Nofollow link enhances the quality of the website. A Nofollow link is valuable links that are widely used by the SEO company. It can attract a good amount of traffic to your website and boost your Google ranks too.


It is important to use links seamlessly to increase your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. A combination of UGC links, Nofollow links, sponsored links, internal links and do-follow links can fetch you good exposure in the Google Search Results and get the desired reach too.

Nofollow link attributes aims at eliminating spammers and excessive bombarding of links. It helps to control the link quality and reduce weak links.

Nofollow links are a vital part of the website SEO strategies today. They are used wisely to leverage SEO optimally. The latest tweaks in Google ranking algorithm have received mixed responses from the industry but speculated to have a beneficial impact on the SEO world. It promotes transparency and good quality backlink generation practices.

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