How Global Business Market Get Affected Due To Corona Virus

How Global Business Market Get Affected Due To Corona Virus featured image
20 Mar 2020
Nirlep Patel
Digital Marketing

COVID - 19 Overview

COVID 2019 is a combination of several viruses that causes an illness that ranges from common colds to acute respiratory infections. The coronavirus that has been identified in humans is referred to as the COVID 2019.

The signs of coronavirus are similar to those of the common flu. Therefore this sometimes makes it hard to distinguish the common flu from the coronavirus without undergoing a series of laboratory tests.

The coronavirus is spreading across the globe quickly, and this is making it difficult for health officials to determine the source of infectious disease. Therefore it is essential to take preventive measures to avoid getting infected with the virus.

Here some of the symptoms and the preventive measures you should take to protect yourself from the deadly disease


  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty breathing (Severe Cases)


  • washing hand thoroughly
  • Use a tissue or towel to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing
  • Avoiding touching eyes nose and mouth
  • Avoid close contact with anybody exhibiting the above-listed symptoms
  • Wearing a mask in some situations
  • Stay at Home (If you can)

It is now official that the coronavirus becomes pandemic disease across the world, according to the World Health Organization. The COVID-19 virus has a disruptive impact across the world’s economy and particularly on the global market.

This is because most companies are operating under challenging conditions, and they cannot assess how long this will take. The coronavirus has affected global marketing strategies in several ways. 

Sometimes it is difficult to predict the impact of the coronavirus on the digital marketing world. However, search activity mainly remains unabated because of its daily utility.

However, the decline of the consumers in various categories will result in a few searches for products and services, especially hotels and airlines.

This will, therefore, impact the search engine optimization, paid search as well as online display advertisements. If sales fail to happen, the marketers will be forced to defer spending and redirect budgets.

Other industries like hospitality, retail, and events will experience lower ad spending levels in the first half of this year. However, reduced online spending will create opportunities when competitors are retrenching.

Due to this, digital marketing strategies will become essential; in a downturn while trying to stimulate and maintain their demand. However, in other categories, the search volume may increase.

Most of the search brands that will gain popularity are those involving searches related to drug stores with keywords like a face mask, hand sanitizers, and other related to coronavirus prevention.

The search is increasing tremendously, especially those that involve queries regarding the COVID-19. Most stores have also increased their spending on e-commerce, as store visiting has reduced significantly.

According to the data obtained from different sources, the traditional retailers who own online stores have experienced increased online shopping revenues, as well as online conversions, which have significantly increased.

Global Impact Of COVID-19 on Businesses:

Since the stringent policies in response to the coronavirus, most global businesses have been inevitably impacted, both with short-term effects as well as less expected long-term impacts. The following are some of the impacts of the coronavirus to businesses and industries.

Travel restrictions and quarantining are affecting millions of people who have left, and the industries are short of labour. Besides, the levels of sales will be going down across all global businesses and industries in the already affected countries globally.

However, the pandemic will trigger sales in other sectors like consumer goods, pharmaceutical technology and well as other automotive industries.

The prices of commodities have declined in response to the fall of the global consumption of the raw materials, and the producers are considering the cut-out.

The mobility of work disruptions had marked the decline of consumption, squeezing of multinational companies in many sectors like electronics, education, tourism, entertainment, infrastructure, hospitality consumer as well as luxury goods.

Who Will Get Affected In Businesses And Industries:

Any recession would create a severe impact on e-commerce when it lasts for a long period. Although physical stores are at high risks in the near term, a mild recession will also result in the closure of retail stores and bankrupt businesses.

Therefore as the coronavirus grows the thing that needs careful attention and concern, the large problem remains to be uncertainty it’s causing to the global market. The withdrawals from day to day activities are justifiable because of health reasons; however, the changes are dictated by fear and confusion.

Most market purchasing and investing decisions are dictated by certainly, confidence, and predictability. However, after a couple of months, the prospect will demand, and consumers and businesses will suffer heavily.

However, different opportunities need to be seized. Decisive measures and clarity of the information will create a significant impact between the thriving and surviving of the challenges caused by the coronavirus.

Is There Any Need To Change Our Marketing Strategies?

Changing the marketing strategy might be one way of getting into feet with business. For instance, the COVID-19 has forced people more into online shopping globally.

Therefore it is giving sales boon to online groceries since people fear to leave their house. This may also adopt food delivery services.

Consequently, this way, online businesses will prosper significantly while other sectors like entertainment will struggle. Direct consumer bands may also get benefit in different categories.

Finally, both the public and private sectors are on the verge of slowing down due to the spread of coronavirus infections. Although there are full economic consequences of the virus, there are different measures that are laid in place to contain it.

It is, therefore, the responsibility of every individual to take cautious steps to help in the control the spread of the virus as well as save the economy that is sinking because of the COVID-19 consequences.