Google’s Brand New December 2020 Core Update

Google’s Brand New December 2020 Core Update featured image
4 Dec 2020
Nirlep Patel

Google rolled out its latest core algorithm update on December 3, 2020, creating a frenzy in the SEO world! Google’s core updates always create anxiety and panic in the SEO community as they do not know how a core algorithm update will impact their website. It is the main reason broad core updates are released, to procreate widely noticeable changes across all categories in Google Searches, irrespective of its country and language. The previous broad core update was on May 4th, 2020, making it the third broad core algorithm update of the pandemic struck 2020.

What Is A Core Algorithm Update?

Google Core Algorithm Update is different from its Major Algorithm Update. We are all aware of Google’s habit of shocking us with numerous algorithm updates (major & core) throughout the year. The latest one is Google’s December 2020 core update. So what is a core algorithm update?

A Broad Core algorithm update revamps a major ranking algorithm. It means that a brand core algorithm changes the Google Search ranking algorithm in some way. It tweaks the importance, factors, order, weights, etc. It is the reason Google does not disclose the update outright, but lets you experience it.

Simply put, when Google introduces a core algorithm update, it changes the way of calculating important factors, the importance of links in PageRank, both, or a set of factors they cannot discuss without disclosing the algorithm.

E-A-T Content: A Key Element Of Broad Core Algorithm Update

The latest core update will let Google reassess content ranking following the various changes made on a website since the previous update, having a positive or negative impact on website rankings. Websites that have abided by the last update and made their website content more relevant will notice a positive push in their website rankings.

Whereas, websites that have not worked on their content since the previous update, will see a negative dip in their website rankings. Another factor of content relevancy may be noticed due to the shift in user search interests towards a particular topic.

What happens with new content that has been published after the last update? Simple, all newly published content will be assessed against previously existing content. So all SEO experts must brace themselves as changes in rankings will be seen in the coming few weeks.

Why Does Google Introduce Core Algorithm Updates?

Google wants you to optimize your website to the fullest for the sake of a great user experience, and it is the main reason why Google Regularly releases core algorithm updates. Whenever an algorithm update is released ( Core or Major), it affects your site’s performance for better or worse in the search results.

When Google announces these updates, it helps us analyze if the change in your rankings were due to your changes in the website or something Google algorithms changed. In a way, it also helps you know whether or not your website passes the algorithm update test and the improvements needed for the same.

How Do I Know If I’m Affected By The December 2020 Core Update?

As per sources, a majority of websites will be unaffected by the recent core update. The daily visibility index will help affected websites identify the changes, and you can also refer to data seen in the Google Search Console. It is said that the websites that will be affected should prepare themselves to face some major changes.

Ranking changes might not be the direction the effect of algorithm update on a said domain, but a response due to changes seen in a closely related competitor domain.

For small domains, SERPs updates and other updates are difficult to notice as they usually face a higher percentage of changes.
At times, websites can go through changes either at or around the core update data. It is therefore important for SEO specialists to consider the fact that their website might be affected by local changes.

Broad Core Algorithm Update: Latest News

According to the latest updates, UK search results have already noticed some changes, however, it has not been confirmed as a legitimate part of the December 2020 core update.

We will have to wait for a while to see the actual changes the December 2020 Broad Core Algorithm Update has brought.