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13 Jun 2020
Nirlep Patel
Google My Business

These days, most people use Google and customer reviews to make decisions regarding their purchase. These are the most popular resources thus in that regard. All buyers in the world have an inherent faith in what other buyers like themselves have to say about a business. If they want to gain information on any topic in the world, they simply Google it! This is the reason Google My Business has become so important nowadays. This should come as no surprise as well. After all, this is the only resource that combines both the abovementioned factors.

It is one of the most powerful tools that you can use for marketing, even if the not strongest one.

Gaining Trust Instantly –

If your listing is visible on a Google search buyer would see that you have been backed by Google itself. The logic here is that if you are good enough to be supported by Google, people would know that they can trust you as well. With a listing on Google My Business, there is more chance that they would consider your business to be a reputable one.

Getting More Visitors To Your Website –

This is the most important factor as well. When you get listed on Google My Business it makes it easier for people to get access to your business. However, more important than this is the fact that it shows people how it feels like to be in your shop or business establishment physically.

Even more important than that is the fact that they can get all the information that they need on the business and they do not even have to visit your website as such. When buyers have a greater chance to envision how it would be to visit or contact a business with the likelier, they would be to do so.

The same also applies to the chance of being able to contact your business quickly. When you have a Google, My Business listing you would have a 70% higher chance of attracting visitors from the locality where you are doing the business.

Getting More Sales – 

Google uses your listings, and other real-time information so it can answer those specific questions that people have regarding businesses. This includes the likes of “hair salons near me open now”.

This means that most of the higher qualified people could find your business. These are the ones who are likelier to buy from you. When you have a listing on Google My Business there is a 50% higher chance of a rise in product or service sell.

Engaging With Customers –

Google My Business now comes with a posting feature where you can make all the major announcements, promotions, and events for your target audience. When you keep your customers updated regarding the latest goings-on in your business, you occupy a top spot in their mind. It also helps that all these different posts come with calls to action.

This means it is easier for you to engage your audience and there is a higher chance that it would be successful. In certain cases, they can show the content in these posts in search results for searches relevant to your business.

Showing Up in Google Maps Searches –

For making a buying decision, one of the most important factors for buyers is the location of the business. How close is it to their office or home? With a quick search on Google, one can always narrow down the options that they have in this regard.

This is especially true for people who do most of their searches on the internet on their smartphones. A lot of consumers, however, use Google Maps to locate businesses close to their immediate location. No matter what people are searching for – the local Ramen noodles eatery or a mechanic–people can trust Google Maps to show them the results that match their search query. When you have a Google My Business listing your business would be more visible on these local search results.

This is a major help as it helps buyers see how close your establishment is to their location. This also increases the chance that they would visit you.

 Showing Up On The Local 3-Pack of Google –

Have you followed the local search results of Google for the last few years? In that case, you must have noticed how the 7-pack, which was so inclusive, has now replaced by the 3-pack, which is a lot more restrictive. This is a special club and businesses around the world have been trying various SEO (search engine optimization) ploys so they can improve their local rankings.

This would automatically improve their chances of being included in the said pack. Most of the brands do not know that getting membership of the club is pretty easy. All you need to do is have a Google My Business listing. With this, your chances of becoming a member of such a highly sought-after club would be exponentially higher.


So, if as a business if you are yet to make a Google My Business listing it is high time that you did so. Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing with the help of professionals.

This is a significant opportunity that is Google is providing you and that too for free! You cannot afford to miss out on it. However, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind. You need to make sure your listing is complete, updated, and accurate. Otherwise, you could not get the benefits of such a privilege. If you already have such a listing there are tools that you can try to find out how effective your listing is. These tools would also offer you recommendations on how you can make things better in that regard.