Google July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update Roll Out Now

Google July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update Roll Out Now featured image
1 Aug 2022
Nirlep Patel
Google Algorithm Update

If you have a product review website, then the google product review algorithm can be your best friend in the picture. When it comes to displaying the products according to their ratings, this algorithm plays a huge part in dealing with the rankings of these products. Google keeps updating its product review algorithm so that there are no bugs in the program. Moreover, constantly updating the algorithm also enables a better and more accurate ranking of the products.

Recently, the new Google July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update has added many of these fixes for the betterment of the program. So, let’s take a deeper look at what this algorithm is, how it works and what are its newest features!

What is the Google product review algorithm?

The google product review algorithm, also called the Product Rating program lets you display concise reviews of the products to your online target market on Google. The ratings usually range from 1 to 5 stars and are located either above or below the product on your screen. You can understand it better by hiring an SEO agency. These ratings are an average of the total number of customer reviews by merchants, review sites, review aggregators, and Google users. Google calculates these customer reviews extensively before concluding the final rating of the product.

The most important significance of these product reviews is that it lets the customers reach a purchase decision. They can easily compare several products based on these ratings and choose the best tones Also when you own a product reviews website, more and more of these customers are driven to your product pages with the help of the Google product reviews algorithm. They visit your site and it increases the traffic giving you the benefits of site monetization.

Google July 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update

Google has confirmed the July 2022 product review algorithm update. This is the fourth in line with the improvements made in the algorithm by Google. This new update will target low-quality product reviews. The quality of the review articles will depend on the efforts put into research and analysis of the product. The update began rolling out on 27th July 2022 and will conclude within the time frame of 2-3 weeks.

The announcement was released on Twitter by Google along with the link to the search ranking updates’ official page. What’s more interesting is that Google rarely announces such updates. Many of these algorithm updates, especially the ones about product reviews and not usually announced as it has been done this time around.

What’s New?

In this new July update, the algorithm will prioritize product reviews that are much more well-researched, extensively written, and feature personal reviews. In short, the product reviews that are tried and tested first-hand by the reviewer will rank higher than the ones that are not. In addition, content that is just based on information simply available on the manufacturer’s website will be negatively impacted through this updated algorithm. In conclusion, short summaries with the minimum information will not be supported by google’s algorithm from now on.

Since the update is quite new, many features and workings of this updated algorithm are still not known. Guidance is yet to be released by Google. The first algorithm was released in March 2021 and till now, there have been four major updates made in the google product reviews algorithm including the July 2022 update. Most of the features are still the same. Therefore, it is advised to keep on creating well-researched content rather than putting out low-quality product reviews. By hiring an SEO agency, you will be able to understand it much better.

How Will It Affect You?

If you own a website that deals with products and reviews, the effects of the google July 2022 product reviews algorithm update depend on what type of content your site has. If you post short product descriptions, this algorithm may or may not affect your website at all. Also, if your website deals with features where your customers can rate and review the products you are selling, this update will again not affect your website’s traffic. The reason behind this is that the content on such websites does not list under “review articles”.

Talking about what type of websites it does affect, long-form product review articles are the ones that fall under the category. Websites that describe the products in detail, adding extensive criticisms as well as the pros and cons of the product come under “review articles and websites”. In the coming time, if you notice changes in the rankings of the product review pages, this new update will be responsible for it.

Along with Search Engine Optimization, one should also keep in mind this algorithm while putting out a product review. As long as your review article is well researched, plagiarism-free, and follows the latest SEO trends and other google guidelines, you need not worry about it. If you notice that because of the algorithm, your site’s usual traffic is lagging, try improving your content. Furthermore, hiring an SEO agency is unnecessarily expensive. So, it is better to enhance your SEO skills and implement them into your website’s content.


Google product reviews algorithm is a super complex program that works based on algorithms on the internet. The best of this algorithm can be used to drive the required traffic to your website once you understand how it works. Furthermore, Google keeps on updating this algorithm to increase its efficiency. The new google July 2022 product reviews algorithm update has features that increase the efficiency of SEO trends, keywords optimization, and a lot of other features of search engine optimization.

As mentioned in detail, this new update also targets low-quality product reviews. Because of this, any review that does not include extensive and detailed information about the product will be put on hold for further approvals. If these reviews do not contain a proper description or do not follow the latest SEO trends, they might not get displayed in the searches. If you find it confusing, you should be hiring an SEO agency to deal with the concern. There are a lot of benefits of this latest update and it can greatly affect your website’s traffic in a positive way!