Get Instant ROI Through Our Cost-Effective PPC Packages & Plans

Get Instant ROI Through Our Cost-Effective PPC Packages & Plans featured image
19 Mar 2021
Nirlep Patel

PPC Packages 

PPC or Pay per click is one of the marketing avenues that allows businesses to advertise their offerings in the best possible way to reach out to a wider range of audience. PPC allows you to accurately target your audience, select the times at which you want to show the ads to your target audience, set up the budget and identify the bidding strategies. If you have so many powers within marketing avenue then there is absolutely nothing that can come in your way of utmost business success. 

Plus, unlike the other online marketing avenues like Search Engine Optimization, the results with PPC campaigns are quite fast. You don’t have to wait for months and months to see a noticeable change in the results and the overall returns on your initial investments. In addition to that, your ad campaigns will not be affected because of any upgrade or sudden changes in the algorithms of Google. 

Unlike SEO, the sole power of controlling the performance of your Google ads campaigns stays with you. This article clearly focuses upon how you can boost your overall returns on investments with the help of PPC experts (GBIM Technologies) and what are our pricing plans. We believe in delivering nothing short of quality services. So without wasting much of your time, let us just begin with the same. 

1- We Understand Your Business and Then Identify The Best Ad Extension For You 

Any Google ad without an ad extension is a complete waste of time and money. Google ads usually provide a variety of ad extensions for you to decide the best for yourself. Your ad extensions must be in accordance with your ultimate aim or goals. For instance, if you want your target audience to directly buy your products then you can simply add an extension that reads buy now and compel the buyer to buy the product by making an offer that he or she simply cannot resist. 

We at GBIM Technologies, firstly will understand your business operations and then will ask you what is the sole or primary motive behind setting up ad campaigns. After having a thorough insight about the same, we will then recommend to you the best ad extension that meets all the requirements in the best possible manner. 

2- Time Matters A Lot 

If you own a restaurant that is operational only between 11 am to 11:30 pm. Then you would obviously want your target audience to see your ad during your operational hours only, right? Do you think it will make any change if your ads will be shown to your target audience anywhere between 11:30 pm to 11 am? The answer is obviously a no, right?

Why? It is simply because if your target audience sees your ad during the hours you are not operational then they might order from your restaurant or even visit the restaurant only to taste the disappointments, right? Hence, to avoid such situations, you need to manage the display timings of your ads to the core. Showing your ads to the right set of individuals at the right time is very important in order to see some noticeable results. Needless to say, we are the masters of the industry and have worked with a lot of brands from various industries and hence understand the perfect timing for all of you. 

3- Don’t Worry About Complex Keyword Research 

The keyword research is the most complex and time consuming process of the entire Google ads campaign setup. If you try to do it on your own, you will face hardships after a short time only. You must have heard that it is better to leave certain things on the professionals to take care. And keyword research is again one of those things. The success of your Google ads campaign lies between how well researched, relevant and accurate your keyword research is. 

Hence, you would obviously not want your ad campaigns to get affected negatively because of some lags in your keyword research. Hence, it is a viable thing to invest time in doing your keywords research. Well, do you know why our campaigns get the clients the best results? Well, it is simply because We thoroughly perform keyword research, eliminating any scope of deviations or mistakes. 

4- Tracking and Reporting Like Nowhere 

We don’t believe in merely setting up productive and effective ad campaigns. But we also focus upon delivering the performance of the campaigns to the respective client via easy to understand and well described reports. Reporting has to be very effective because it helps your clients to understand what they were spending and what is the return on their expenditure. A well detailed report will provide useful information like cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, demographics of the traffic and sources, etc. 

Our Services Are Both Great And Quite Economical

You must be wondering that if we are providing so many excellent services then our charges might reach the sky. Well, we focus only on helping our clients grow and satisfy their respective clients. It is simply because the only way for our growth is to achieve full satisfaction of our clients. Our pricing policies are quite easy to understand. 

We only charge 10% of your total ad spend. No additional charges and no hidden fees. In addition to that, we will help you idealize and finalize an ad spend budget for yourself. You can determine the budget based on these factors. 

  • Business specific campaigns goals
  • Target keywords 
  • Additional required services
  • Targeted Google ads channel 
  • Other business specific requirements

Final Words 

By Now You are clear about how we can be of great help if you decide to hand over all the PPC requirements to us. Plus, you are also familiar with our pricing policies. But in order to get an exact quote or help with setting up your ad budget, it is high time that you should get in touch with us.

Don’t wait any long, call us now.