An Ultimate Guide To Google’s Core Algorithm Updates May 2020

An Ultimate Guide To Google’s Core Algorithm Updates May 2020 featured image
3 Jun 2020
Nirlep Patel
Google Updates

A Twitter post from Google SearchLiaison read-

“Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the May 2020 Core Update.”

The purpose behind the frequent update is to modify and ensure improvements in the search results. According to the experts, some of them are not so significant yet would play a crucial role in redefining the searchability. The update threw a slew of challenges for the webmasters to follow as well for the best results.

Updates Stand Important and Noticeable!

It’s an important update and hence, each of the webmasters informed with the advance advice and notice about it. The webmasters, the content producers, and all the other associated professionals need to know about the information, the changes in the search algorithm and systems for the delivery of the authentic, scholarly, and relevant content to the person searching. Experts say that these tiny, yet crucial things will always be a deciding factor for Google Discover.

The updates can be suitable for some websites while they might not suit others. The notable impact would significantly bring out the person’s in-charge ability to address or fix the wrong things.

What Google’s Core Algorithm Update is all about?

Is it about the reassessment of the content of the website? Or is it all about the pages’ performance? Have your website violated the webmaster guidelines?

Well, according to the experts, there is nothing as such. There is a possibility that several myths associated with the core algorithm updates but the fact is that the changes brought in or introduced to modify and improve the way how our system assesses the content. Thus, the process opens the doorway of opportunity to the other pages that have not been performing well.

Take a simple example to understand this.

You might have searched for the top melodies or music in the year 2015. Your search about it again with the same keyword phrase. 100% possibility is that the list will change and would have the songs or melodies that were not present in 2015 but now are there. While scrolling through the SERP, you would find out some songs or melodies, that were earlier underrated have now included. Thus, with year, the list will change.

CONTENT will Always Remain the KING!!

Yes, as already discussed that the web pages that dropped in the ranking after the core update rolled out, nowhere facing ranking drop, or had poor content or presentation. But yet, being a content analyst or curator, this can be your feeling. One should always strive for and stay focused on creating the best content. The algorithm always rewards websites with the best content.

Focus on Content Assessment with the Following YES-NO Questions

According to the professional associated with the field, a web content developer needs to develop the best in quality content for the websites. To ensure if it is good or not, one should go through the following analysis questions–

  • Is the content authentic and has the best and relevant information, research, report, or analysis?
  • Is the content complete and provides comprehensive information about the topic to the readers?
  • Does the content have any interesting information or any info that was unknown earlier?
  • Is the content enriching and not merely based on copywriting or paraphrasing?
  • Does the content’s information add value?
  • Is the content complete in every aspect- structure and flow?
  • Does the content have a proper headline, summary, para?

Apart from the readers’ perspective, it is also necessary to analyse the content from the experts’ point of view. It must be a delight, for whosoever has searched for it. Other aspects that need analysis and scrutiny based on the following questions–

  • Is the content of particular about the topic and fit the demands of the page, author?
  • Will you trust the content, if you, as a reader, asked to validate the authenticity of the content?
  • How do you want to present the content- like a pro or a newbie?
  • Does your content have facts? If yes, have they been taken from the authentic source?
  • Does the content beat around the bush and deviate from the line of the topic in the midway?
  • Is the content responsive to the device?

Well, an assessment of the entire content of the webpage on the above factors would help in getting an idea of how good precisely written and would perform amongst the trillions of searches across the globe.

A comparative analysis is often helpful. Therefore, when content for a particular website concerned, it will never be a self-opinion or idea (unless it is a personal blog or reporting). Therefore, how well the content will perform is assessed by comparing it with the other similar pages. Always look for unbiased answers for the best result.

Site Recovery Time and Content Improvement Post Core Algorithm Update

One of the most frequent questions about the core update stands at how long the page will take to improve the raking post update.

Well, the fact is- they do frequent changes in core update. One can find it every few months. Amidst all these, the possibility of page improving in the ranking is 50-50. It can or it cannot between the two core updates.

However, with the core algorithm update from Google, according to the professional associated with the global giant, updates roll out frequently to better the searches. But unless core updates, the updates are not announced because the minor updates are either overlooked or remain unfocused. But an improvement in the ranking will happen. The need of the hour is to present content in a simple, not only human-understandable but also machine-readable language where search engines like Google correlate them with the human searches.


Any sort of broad and core algorithm update is not possible to roll out overnight. Instead, it undergoes rigorous testing and feedbacks for improvement or changes (if any) for the best result. The above mentioned also applies to Google’s core algorithm for May 2020.