A Comprehensive Guide To Effective Link Building

A Comprehensive Guide To Effective Link Building featured image
27 Apr 2021
Nirlep Patel

Building High-Quality Links is the primary goal of every SEO Expert. After all, building high-quality links lays down the foundation of solid SEO strategies.

The Search Engine Mother, Google, too, judges a website depending upon their link-building strategies. Websites that follow quality link-building strategies are awarded high SEO rankings, whereas websites that do not follow quality link-building strategies fail to mark their presence over the search engine.

When it comes to building high-quality links, few SEO experts believe in taking a slow and steady approach that involves creating high-quality content and waiting for links to come naturally.

There are a few SEO experts who believe in strategic link prospecting and email targeting.

The others believe in the power of PBNs.

The most crucial step you can take for building high-quality links for your websites is investing in a strong SEO agency.

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Before we dive deep into building high-quality links, let’s get back to the basics and start from the beginning.

What Is Link Building?

An integral part of SEO, link building, is undertaken for increasing the quality and number of inbound links to a said web page that results in increased SEO rankings of the said website or webpage.

How do you build high-quality links?

Simple, you get other websites to link to web pages on your website that help them gain higher rankings in Google Search results.

What are the different types of Links In SEO?

There are several different types of links in SEO. However, listed below are the three critical types of links that will boost your website’s SEO ranking

  1. Backlinks (Inbound Links)
  2. Outbound Links
  3. Internal Links

Simply put, all link building strategies have two fundamental goals:

  1. Curating Notable & Worthy Content
  2. Displaying It To People Who Own Websites as they can link it too.

Why Is Link Building Important?

Links are considered to be one of the three integral ranking factors in Google. All search engines work on complex algorithms that undergo constant updates to give users the best search results. While there are different types of links in SEO that determine Google’s ranking systems, Backlinks have always been one of the most impactful links for determining a website’s google ranking.

So, the more backlinks you have, the more likely Google will consider your website a trustworthy resource.

The SEO Importance

Recent studies like the 2020 Data Study that Backlinko And Ahrefs published discovered that webpages having more backlinks tended to have higher SEO rankings than the pages having lower backlinks.

This itself states the strong correlation between links and SEO rankings.

The same study also discovered that the total number of unique referred domains also substantially impacted SEO rankings, indicating that the various sites that link back to your website have more value than the total number of backlinks! This is because earning multiple links from the same domain has less value.

A Magnified Digital Presence

Everything is connected. Building high-quality links is an essential factor for Google’s ranking system and help build a robust digital presence for your website.

One of the most notable benefits of investing in building high-quality links for your website is increased traffic. Link Building for websites with a high number of visitors can bring in more traffic from visitors who otherwise would have been unable to find your website. Also, robust link-building strategies result in improved rankings that directly bring in more visitors to your website.

Link building with different types of links in SEO can help in building solid relationships with industry websites that ultimately result in improved brand recognition.

How To Build Backlinks?

Backlinks, also known as Inbound links, incoming links, or one-way links, are the sites that are linked to your websites. These are links from one website or webpage to another website or webpage. Considered as “votes” by google for a particular page, the higher the number of backlinks a website has, the higher organic SEO rankings it receives.

Backlinks notify search engines that the webpage or website content is credible, helpful, and of high quality.

Take A Look at the various ways of building quality-oriented backlinks

Business Directory Submission

Business Directory submissions build the foundation of off-page SEO strategies and attract high website traffic.

This method helps to generate authoritative backlinks resulting in optimised page ranks. All you have to do is submit your web site’s URL to web directories.

Few Tips To Keep For Optimised Business Directory Submissions:

  • Ensue To submit your website only to the most suitable sub-category
  • Avoid spamming a directory
  • Ensure to provide the correct physical address or blog stats.
  • Avoid Adding Your Website to every single business directory to generate numerous backlinks.

Social Profile Creation

Creating a social profile is a must not only beneficial for generating quality backlinks but also for a powerful digital and branding presence. Ensure to create a social profile on almost every social media platform, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, leave none.

A Simple way of doing this is to add your website’s link to your personal and business social media profiles.

Further, adding your company’s basic information with a landing page URL showcasing your company’s products and services is another efficient way of generating quality backlinks. You can also use image links and video links to increase your backlinks and social media presence.

Article Submissions

Article submissions are an effective way of building solid backlinks that results in high organic website traffic.

Few Tips for optimized Article Submission Backlinks Generation:

  • Avoid Adding Links in the body section of the article. All links must be added in the about the author or bio section
  • Add about only one to three links in the bio as more than three links will get rejected.
  • Avoid Plagiarism at all costs
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, grammatical e& spelling errors

“Write For Us”

Write for us; guest posting or guest blogging is the method of writing blogs for other websites that get published—a unique process of gaining influential backlinks from blogs to your website in the exchange of an article.

Insert the specific links within different places of the blog or article.

You can also paste the links in the body of the article that is anchored to a related phrase or keyword.

Posting To Forums

Another innovative way of backlinks generation, when posting to forums, ensure you choose a relevant forum to join, participate in relevant and specific forum discussions, use the right keywords for posting and be well informed before participating in any forum discussion.

Image Submissions

Image submission involves placing your image at different websites to interact with people, generate quality backlinks, and attract sufficient website traffic. Using this method, add a good alt text as per the image, add an image description and select a proper image with a suitable image format.

Q&A Sites-Quora, Reddit, Etc.

For backlinks generation via Q&A sites, ensure you spent a decent amount of time selecting specific questions. Avoid directly linking your website to the answer, instead formulate a step-by-step answer in a conversational tone, with the correct information, use images. The more questions you answer, the more visibility you receive on quora. You can smoothly build your stats, increase your upvotes and share content better.

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