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Best Tricks That Will Get Your Google AdWords PPC More Clicks!

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Whether or not you like to admit it or not, we all have at alteast once in our lifetime given a go for the buy one and get one free tagline set by the seller or have tried going for the all you can eat unlimited buffets. Believe me, you are not alone, these are some of the best psychological tricks that have been played that makes the consumer return back for more. For the best Google Adwords PPC campaigns, you should have a thorough understanding of what would make the other person return to your website, make more purchases and so on. Well, not all humans function the same, but some common behavioural traits would work on most of them.

If you are not strategising your Google AdWords PPC campaigns based on some of the most common behaviour, using psychology and the vast data available, then you are doing it all wrong! In this blog, we will be focusing on the best tricks and tips to make your Google AdWords PPC the best that stands out from the rest and leads to an increase in clicks and conversions.

1- Adding Emotional Triggers in Your Ad Copy:

One of the most common traits observed in most humans is they always think about themselves. For instance, when you see some pretty shoes, your mind wanders- “How would the shoes look on me?” “What should I be preparing for dinner?” and many more. Hence, your Google AdWords PPC copy should have a lot of “you” in it to create an impact. The best way to deal with this would be to research what your customer loves and hates. How are your competitors dealing with when getting their ads through? Try to make the ad targeted to the customer and make them emotionally high to ensure emotional attachment such as curiosity, love, revenge, etc.

2- Play with the FOMO factor:

Most people would buy a product that they had a fear to miss out on. All human beings tend to fear missing out on golden opportunities and would go the extra mile to get the job done. Some of the classic examples that you would have seen would be the “Last few stock remaining”, “Sale available only for a limited time!” Which all lead to more click-through rates (CTR). Creating urgency is the best way to implement your Google AdWords PPC copy.

3- Think Outside the box!

Creating a unique and somewhat different copy will certainly stick in your customer’s heads for a bit longer. Make sure that your customer will return to visit your site. Well, this does not mean that you have to go out and write bizarre headlines, but look into your competitor’s website and look into things that they might be missing and then write content that would spark the user’s interest. Try to add in some puns, add some cliches into the mix and try to grab users attention using specific words like- “Hey there”, “Listen Up!”. Add something compelling and unique that would make your potential customers click through.

4- Headlines is the most vital part:

Your headlines and conclusions are the main part that would create the most impact on your Google Adwords PPC copy. Your headline should be impactful and convey the message that you would like to spread. A good headline would give customers a liking to visiting your website and checking out the content. Towards the end, there should always be a call to action (CTA). Adding discounts, site links for extensions, adding free shipping on products and so on. An eye-catching pitch is a must-have for your Google Adwords PPC copy. 

5- Increase the Repetition:

Most ad types today have made themselves appear in multiple ad spaces to reach out to maximum customers. Sometimes, you may see the same ads shown in your Meta, Instagram and email. Remarketing is very important to ensure clients make the purchase. The more times a review has been read, the more one’s gonna believe that the stated review is truly accurate. What this additionally does is that the customer is attached to the brand. Creating some beautiful and eye-catching slogan or a CTA is a must-have. Remarketing has also become an important factor so that the person sees the ads multiple times to ensure they finally click through them. Having your Google Adwords PPC showing the same message across platforms will help your target audience better understand you and your needs.

Hoping the above blog has helped you gain more insights on the best strategies that you can follow to get your Google AdWords PPC rocket above the rest and make your brand more recognisable. We at GBIM Technologies Pvt Ltd, have the best team of Google AdWords PPC experts, who have the right skills and knowledge to handle your sites and get them easily ranked amongst the top pages. Visit our website or call our team on +91 9167725966 for getting the best results and top rankings at the earliest and affordable rates.

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