Best Lead Generation Tactics For Social Media Platforms

Best Lead Generation Tactics For Social Media Platforms

Lead generation forms a prominent part of every digital marketer’s social media marketing strategy. Social media lead generation is the best next step for digital marketers to move beyond brand awareness and engagement. Social Media marketing services depend on lead generation, as it is only because these “leads” social media marketing campaigns are successful. Lead generation on social media platforms helps you connect with newer audiences and keep in touch with potential customers.
This article focuses on the best lead generation tactics for social media platforms to help anyone improve their social media marketing game via lead generation.

What Do You Mean By A Social Media Lead?
A lead refers to any information shared that you use for following up purposes. It can be an email address, name, occupation, employers, or any information social media users share with you.

How Do I Get Quality Leads On Social Media?
1.Enhance Your Social Media Profile
Before embarking on your social media campaigns, ensure your social media profile has all the necessary information needed via which your customers can contact you listed clearly. Your social media profiles must include the following :
A .Provide Your Contact Information
All your contact details must be readily available on your profile. Before including them, make sure you can support those enquiries.

B. Create Effective CTA Buttons
Your Call To Action button must align with your goals. Different social platforms offer other CTA buttons. Add a sign-up button, if you want more subscribers for Facebook or a contact us button on Instagram if you want your followers to contact you directly.

C. Add A Link Into Your Bio
If you are unsure about which CTA to add, you can add a link to your bio. This can be possible on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

2.Create Click Worthy Content
Remember, today’s social media users have short attention spans and writing completing & creative content is the only way of gaining their attention. With creative content you need sharp images that result in a strong copy. Ensure that your created content is clicked worthy, having a clear link and enticing call to action.
There are several ways to add a swipe up to your Instagram stories, shoppable Instagram posts and stories, tag the products in your Facebook shop and much more.

3.Offer Incentives:
Who doesn’t love incentives? Social media audiences are crazy about incentives and are bound to engage with brands offering incentives in the form of :
A. Discount Codes
Offer discount codes in turn of a sign-up or reward points encouraging customers for returning to your sites again.

B .Exclusive Content:
Exclusive content in the form of an invite-only webinar, access to private Facebook groups is compelling incentives.

Rewards, discount codes, gated content are the right incentives to offer customers. Remember to collect reliable customer information before offering incentives, for letting the know the incentives provided in the future.

4. Make Use Of Social Lead Ads
A non-organic method of lead generation, social lead ads prove to be extremely useful for lead generation. Every social media platform has its own lead ads generation format. Facebook provides a specific lead ad format for marketers in the form of promoted forms where the collected leads can be directly synced to your customer management system. Facebook retargeting is a handy tool.
Like Facebook, Instagram offers lead ads to help marketers collect information, offering partially pre-fill forms where users have to put in their name, address, numbers.

5. Investing In A Social Media Agency:
One of the best ways of lead generation is investing in a social media agency offering social media marketing services. Social media agencies have skilled social media-oriented marketers who are job is to generate social media leads. It creates social media marketing campaigns further, attracting more audiences and potential leads. There are several social media marketing agencies in Mumbai offering top-notch social media services. GBIM Technologies, a social media marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, offers quality social media marketing services to create path-breaking social media campaigns and quality lead generation for social media platforms.

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