Since the time the concept of promoting Websites came into existence, the Search Engine giant, Google have come up with regular updates in the methodology to Promote the Website, the Updates (Panda and Penguin) are generally misconcepted by many Internet Marketing Service Providers as medium by Google to increase its revenue, but the fact is, Google has always believed in providing the best result based on the search by the User, it has always been a Search Engine known for its quality results to its Users. To maintain this stability and provide user more quality results, Google brings in regular updates in the name of Panda and Penguin.

After the recent updates by the Search Engine Giant, Google made few changes that marked a new concept in the Search Engine Marketing history. One of the most crucial part of online promotion, back Linking has been revised and now the bots hunts for quality back linking, with this revised concept somewhere the algorithm of the process has changed. No more submitting your links to numerous irrelevant websites gets you good ranking. This change has revised many position of the Keywords, Google has always tried to improve the search engine results by rewarding high quality websites and reducing the chances of autoblogs and poor quality websites of ranking high. Post the Updates, some changes did take place and many webmasters have found it difficult to improve their Promotion Startegy Plan, using the same old backlink building techniques.

To make the optimum use of the current phase, another medium Google considers is the Quality of the Website. What is a high quality web site?

A high quality web site has the following characteristics

  • Unique content – Content that is not only informative but also has the optimum use of the keywords to be targeted. Unique content that is executed smartly to target the keywords.
  • Accessibility – With the growing Technological world, things are getting more mobilized. Tabs and smart phones are replacing Desktops, therefore its very important to grow with the demand and have websites that is accessible on Tabs and Smart Phones.
  • Navigation Structure – The navigation Structure of the Website should be reliable and user friendly. When an End user enters the website, they should have an absolute structure of the website.
  • Web Optimization – Optimizing Website for Search Engines has many benefits but it is important not to overdo it. A good quality web site needs to have non-optimized content as well. The reason is that algorithms can sometimes interpret over-optimization as an attempt to game the system and they may take measures to prevent this from happening.
  • Placing Ads on Site – It is not something bad for a web site to have ads or promotions but these should not distract the users from finding the information they need.
  •  Site Loading Time – A high quality web site loads fast. A fast web site will rank higher but will also create more conventions, sales and loyal readers.
  • Social – Social media changed our lives, the way we communicate but also the way we assess quality. It is expected for a good product to have good reviews, Facebook likes and Tweets. Before you make a decision to buy or not, you may examine these social factors as well. Likewise, It is also expected for a good web site to be socially accepted and recognized.
  • User Engagement– Do users spend enough time on the site and read more than one pages before they leave? Do they interact with the content by adding comments, making suggestions, getting into conversations etc.?

With the Updated Search Engine Algorithm, the Search Engine Marketers have to check the guidelines before beginning the Project.

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