Amazon SEO: How to Rank Highly for Amazon Searches

  • October 03, 2020
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 5 min read

Growing a successful business is the dream of every online retailer. Amazon is a great platform for them to display their products and earn income. But studies reveal that most of the businesses on this platform fail because of the lack of knowledge of how to get traffic to their product pages. Business owners need to optimize their product listings on this platform to appear on the top of its search results. So, read this article to know the tips to know the factors that help to boost traffic to your product listing page and increase its sales.

Benefits of selling on Amazon

Many business owners and online retailers list their products on Amazon to improve their sales. Amazon is an excellent platform for buyers as they can find an amazing number of choices when it comes to a product. At the same time, sellers can enjoy great profits by selling through this platform. 

With a large addressable audience, an online retailer can find numerous already established customers on Amazon. That helps them to sell their products easily. But a potential buyer cannot reach your product if he or she does not view it on the search results. So, it is important to optimize the product listing page to boost your sales.

Learn about Amazon SEO

Everybody knows the popularity of Google as it is the most popular search engine in the world. But when it comes to product search, Amazon is the most used platform. People depend on Amazon for product searching three times more than Google. So, any seller on this platform needs to know how Amazon SEO works to boost their sales. Here are the SEO tips to improve the results on the Amazon search.

Understand the A9 algorithm of Amazon

Making sales is the function of Amazon’s algorithm of Amazon. The site is designed to sell as much as products to their customers. So, the algorithms of this platform require listings for making sales. These listings help Amazon to create more sales and also help the seller to sell more of their products. Relevance and performance are two important factors considered by this platform. An online retailer needs to be mindful of the above two factors for optimizing their product listings.

Choose the best product keywords

Choosing the right keywords is important to optimize products on Amazon. For that, each online business owner needs to look at the keywords used for other successful products in their niche. Choose a few highly ranked products in the category with high reviews and get an idea about the keywords used by them. Compile a list of such keywords and use them for optimizing your products on Amazon.

Optimize the product title with keywords

The best way to increase the conversion rate of a product is a good title. The product should contain keywords to optimize the title. Create an easy to read a title with less than 200 characters. Ensure to include all the relevant details in the title, but it must be appealing to the viewers. Try to include the product, brand, material, colour, and quantity of the particular product for creating a perfect title.

Keyword-rich product description

Include the keywords on the description of the product as well. An online retailer can expand the features of its products through the description. They can engage the customers and improve conversion rates by creating a catchy product description. A product without the proper description with keywords could lose its sales, maybe to his or her competitor. Or it can lead to negative feedback from the buyer.

Ensure the proper supply of products

Every online retailer who lists its products on Amazon needs to ensure the supply of its products for improving its rank of the search results. Set reminders as it helps retailers to know when their stock reaches a particular level. It helps them to restock products within time and avoid showing the non-availability of products. Always keep in touch with suppliers so that you can avoid the deficits of products in the future.

Consider the backend keywords

Finding good backend search terms is an effective strategy for Amazon SEO. These keywords are also equally important as the keywords that are used in the title and description of a product. Unlike the primary keywords, the buyers do not see the backend search terms. Such keywords are only for Amazon. Backend keywords act as direct messages to this product search engine. The keywords that cannot fit naturally into the title or description can be included in this list.

Importance of performance optimization

Placing keywords strategically on the title and description is not sufficient to rank a product on the Amazon search results. The overall performance of a product is a key factor in Amazon algorithms. Amazon reduces the ranking of a particular product on its search results and replaces it with another product if it has not a good conversion rate. If a virtual window shopper buys a product, the conversion rate of that product increases. So, the products with a high conversion rate should have a high ranking in the search results.

Benefits of using bullet points

Using bullet points is an optional one, but using them can improve customer engagement. It helps customers to read the product listing easily and encourage them to make the purchasing decision. It is a great way to catch the attention of potential customers. 

A product owner can explain the benefits of their products through bullet points. Ensure to use all five bullet points to optimize your products. Begin each point by using a capital letter and include keywords in it. There is no need to include any information related to the promotion or pricing of the product in the bullet points.

Importance of high-quality images

A potential buyer considers buying a particular product after seeing its images. So, images are another important factor for Amazon SEO. Using high-quality images attract the attention of customers and improve conversion rates. Ensure to follow the guidelines of Amazon when adding images to your product listing page. Try to use images of 1000×1000 pixels to optimize a product and improve its ranking on the Amazon search results.

Customer reviews for improving rankings on search results

Studies reveal that more than 85% of customers prefer online reviews before buying a product. Most of them trust such reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations because these are social proof. As a product selling giant, Amazon knows the importance of customer reviews and how a person relies on reviews to make a purchasing decision. Most of the high-ranking products on Amazon have good customer reviews.

There is no better platform in the world than Amazon for a seller to list their products. People use it more than Google when it comes to search for products. Optimizing the product list page is the best way to improve the rankings on Amazon searches. By optimizing the visibility, relevance, and conversions, an online retailer can increase his or her conversions and sales on Amazon. Any online retailer can optimize their pages and improve their business by following the above techniques.

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