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All About Structured Data: Home Activities Structured Data

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Structured Data

Structured Data can be used to structure online events or videos which can be viewed by people from their homes. The activities which can be performed by people from their homes are termed as home activities.

Home Activities include:

  1. Upcoming Video Livestream
  2. Watching an already recorded video
  3. An Online Event.

PRO TIP: The Home Activity Feature is currently only available in English In the US and on Mobile Devices and only for fitness-related searches.

For Contents to be displayed as Home Activities rich result, the following guidelines have to be followed:

  • Add the said structured data as per the type of content. For example: Use EVENT structured data for online events happening in the future or use VIDEO structured data for videos which are published.
  • All events have to be virtual events and not physical events.

When using the EVENT structured data make sure:

  • Use eventAttendanceMode to OnlineEventAttendanceMode
  • Add the location.URL entity
  • Be sure to specify the correct time zone for the event.


  1. For videos it is important to add the description and duration entities. You may use the Event and Video Markup for an upcoming live event. Using the BroadcastEvent entity

And following the live Badge Guidelines is necessary.

In the next Post of The ALL ABOUT STRUCTURED DATA Series, I will Talk about How To Add Structured Data To Datasets.


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