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A Short Guide To Rank In Google Featured Snippets

by | Jan 2, 2020 | SEO

Google keeps changing its ranking factors with time so that it can provide the best of the services and knowledge to the user. In other words, Google is a completely User-Centric Search Engine.

This is what makes it the top search engine with the highest Alexa ranking of 1. So in order to get rankings for your website, it becomes necessary to answer as many questions of the users as possible.

Featured Snippets are the ways that come handy wherein you can bring in more traffic to your website. It is the bait used by websites to earn more website visitors and page views.

Let’s have a look at how to optimize it to extract maximum benefit out of it.


What Is A Featured Snippet?

featured snippets

To make something better we need to know at least a few basic things about that thing. That’s why we need to answer this question.

A Featured Snippet is a selected search result present on the top of the search results in a box where a summary or a part of the information in your website, relevant to the user’s search query is displayed.

They are added to a website with the sole purpose of answering the user’s search query. They provide as much information the user wants and makes him/her want to enter your website.


Featured Snippets are of the following types:

  • Paragraph:
    This is the most commonly used where a text (Relevant to the search query) is visible to the user (For example, the definition of Search Engine Optimization)

featured snippets

  • List:
    This is when the user searches for a list of interrelated things and this list is presented to the user in a well-structured format (For Example, a List of top guest blogging sites)

  • Table: This is when the required data is present in a tabular form (For Example, conversion rates)

tables schema

How To Optimize The Featured Snippet?


Featured Snippet is not a so very new hack to rank higher in search results. So it is obvious that at least 90% of the websites of your competitors have implemented it. There may be a very minute difference like that of value or a massive difference as that of the optimization (and/or implementation) that matters in the ranking.

It is a very vicious loop where you need to be already ranking at the top of the search results to make your featured snippet visible to the user. And once it is visible, it will improve traffic flow to your website thereby increasing the CTR and the Domain Authority of your website leading to better rankings for your website.

  • It All Begins With Your Keywords: Keyword research and proper keyword strategy is the basis of a good success rate in SEO. This fact is indifferent to the implementation and optimization of Featured Snippets too. Step into the shoes of the user and target the keywords that you think is what a user may search for. There are a number of free tools that help you to get ideas about what a user may search for based on your business. Try those tools and find out the different variations, permutations and combinations in which users might search for your business. Most Importantly, NEVER FAIL TO INCLUDE LONG-TAIL KEYWORD VARIATIONS.
  • Content Optimization: Optimize your website content in such a way that all the queries of the user are resolved in your content. Also, include related keywords and queries as a part of your content. This helps you to gain trust amongst the users that their queries will be resolved. Just imagine from a user’s point of view for the case mentioned ahead. You need SEO services but are not much aware of SEO. In this case, you take help from your search engine and you come across a Paragraph Featured Snippet where the definition of SEO is given and below that, you find other questions that are already present in your mind. You click on them and find the information useful. Such a beautiful feeling! What would be your next step? Obviously, entering the website. Isn’t it? You have your answer!
  • Work Towards Better Rankings Of Your Website For The Keywords:You have included better keywords and have optimized your content. What you get in turn is top rankings in the Search Results. Remember, you just read a few minutes ago, that implementation of featured snippets is a vicious loop wherein better rankings will display your snippet, and when the snippet is displayed, it will improve your rankings. So next step is to implement your featured snippet for the search queries you are ranking for.
  • Implement Your Snippets For Your Top Ranking Keywords:You are now ranking at the top of the search results for your keywords, let’s say around 75% of your keywords. What next? Implement the featured snippets for the keywords and search queries that are ranking your website on the top of the search results. This will help your user to get a better search experience form your website. Every time a user searches for the search query, your featured snippet will be shown to him/her along with your website at the top of the search results.
  • The Most Obvious Part Ahead:Improve the website navigation with the right internal linking structure to keep the user engrossed in your website. Connect the user to the other pages of your website to bring rankings to your other pages that are targetted by the keywords for which you are not ranking. When your webpage gets increased traffic, your Search Engine assumes that you are trustworthy. It understands that the users get what they want on your website. This is the moment you are waiting for. You will rank for those keywords too. Now implement snippets for those respective search queries and keywords too.


Featured Snippets are things that reinstate the fact that your website must give the user everything he/she wants. Resolve all the queries of your user in your snippets as well as website content. Increase your website traffic, improve your rankings and enjoy the boom in your business with the help of SEO Experts in Mumbai. Good Luck Snippeting!

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