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9 Reasons Why Video Advertising Is The Next Big Thing

9 reasons why video advertising is the next big thing

Videos, particularly in the marketing space, have evolved into a shot of information as it hits hard and leaves an enduring impression.

Everyone wants a piece of the video marketing action. A video advertising agency can help you fulfil your demands by creating unique videos that align with your marketing strategies.

Following are the nine reasons why video advertising is the next big thing:

Social Media is an Integral Part of Video Advertising

The earliest movers in this field are experiencing stiff competition as new video media such as short videos and reels on social media platforms gain attention and enjoy audiences. Marketers and consumers will benefit from this as there are various ways to reach out to your customers and the option for them to pick and choose when they want to view your message.

Facebook and Instagram are good examples of these video advertising. Facebook has up to 50% video views. Instagram allows you to post your videos in seconds to a minute format as reels.

Video Advertising Reach

Having the right message and delivering it will help you find the right balance between marketing your business and fulfilling customer curiosity.

According to Forrester Research, a minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words of text, and people are more likely to remember video marketing than print commercials, for example, because of the high recall and numerous compelling pulls of audio and video combinations.

Mobile Video Ad Spending Increases in 2015

The video market has grown fast from $ 720 million in 2013 to $ 1.5 billion in 2015. Since millennial clients are likely to use video as a trusted medium for education and knowledge, investing remains a powerful field.

 It is complemented by data’s portability, durability, comfort, ease, and low cost, contributing to a simple search procedure.

Another benefit of mobile video advertising is the potential to convert to full-screen watching that may be strategically placed before or during the video, making it a seamless part of the viewing experience.

Higher Google Ranking through Video

The video, like the textual information, has keywords that help visitors discover it. On the other hand, other video criteria can help the video clip rank higher than the written content.

  • User Engagement: The longer you watch, the more engaged you are.
  • Using comments to improve user interaction
  • Sharing on social media
  • A higher rate of subscriptions
  • Other mentions
  • High rate of “see later” occurrence

Google and Brands have released Real-time alternatives that can put video advertising across video platforms like YouTube and OTT platforms.

Consumers are more open to Video Advertising like Never Before

They are more open when the video is tied to consumers’ interests or brands rather than their web history. As a result, there is a greater likelihood of interaction when consumers are willing to share their information rather than being stalked by brands and forced to watch videos; consequently, the brand is generally disliked. 

Users prefer videos more than TV and Print.

Unlike TV and print, which are for a mass audience, you can create multiple versions at a lower cost video and with a greater reach.

Did you know that the use of video as a primary medium of information has increased by 16% in the last four years? Average viewing time and viewership frequency determine how well a video clip has performed compared to the competition and the various ways to customise it for the audience.

Video is directly related to purchasing decisions.

Video is essential at every stage of the consumer’s purchasing process as Consumers invest in learning more about the product before making a purchase, from initial awareness to checkout.

  • 58 per cent have faith in companies that create video content.
  • More product description videos are desired by 42% of consumers.
  • Consumers want videos on their electronics in 57% of cases.
  • Restaurant videos are watched by 39% of people.
  • 70% of people watch videos while watching TV.
  • 83 % prefer videos that are 5 minutes or less long, funny but logical, and provide a 360-degree view of the product.

Once you have the consumer data, you must develop a proper video marketing strategy to execute it effectively.

Growth of Video versus Text

For a variety of reasons, video has grown faster than written text.

  • Quick viewing in a short period
  • It gets to the point quickly without reading through the entire piece, as in a text-based work.
  • Connects with customers on multiple levels by appealing to their emotional needs.
  • With auditory and visual elements in a single experience, it assists different people in adapting to their learning styles.
  • As it plays, the interactive video gives the impression of being a part of it.

The Future of Video Advertising

In terms of marketing, video marketing is a step in the right direction as it helps businesses create advertising or marketing messages in which audiences would like to view it, and most importantly, understand it. Video marketing is taking a marketing strategy to the next level, and your business should try it. Contact GBIM TECHNOLOGIES for unique and interactive video advertising as it’s trendy and the new best yet familiar thing worldwide.

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