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Google Ads Experts Tips: 9 Smart Ways to be Ahead of the Game in 2021

by | May 20, 2021 | PPC

In today’s modern era, the need and importance of Google Adwords are simply undeniable. When used combined with other branches of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Management and Marketing, and Email Marketing will fetch you some amazing results in terms of improved brand awareness and recognition, brand visibility, improved conversion rates, and ultimate surge in the overall profits. 

If you are already in this field or even leveraging the power of online marketing then you might be aware that this industry is highly dynamic and changes here happen faster than you blink. These changes simply take place to provide a better user experience to the users of the world’s largest search engine, Google. These changes can prove a bit tricky on the ordinary men but Google Adwords experts, have already decoded a few techniques that will ensure your success in the form of successful ad campaigns. 

Google Adwords experts know the platform in and out and hence developed the tricks that work well for most of the time in delivering excellent results to their brand clients. In addition to that, they are called experts because they have worked with different brands from various genres that help them understand almost all the industries with closer proximity. 

Well, this article will focus on the 9 smart ways that you can use to be ahead of the game in the year 2021. So, Let’s start without wasting much time:


9 Smart Ways To Be Ahead of The Game in 2021

Here are the nine smart ways you must use to get nothing short of the best results for your clients. 


1- Automate Your Auctions

The first and foremost tip to keep in mind and to follow is of automating your auctions. If you are automating your auctions that means you are guiding Google ads about how to manage events. For instance, increasing the ad spend when the average cost per click is considerably less. However, this is an important decision to be taken by the clients because it has both positives as well as negatives of this trick. The reason why it is so is that every business is different. For some, the automated bidding technique might wonder but for others, it may unnecessarily spend a lot of money. Hence, it is highly advisable to check your needs and requirements to the fullest and then take the ultimate decision. 


2- Use Facebook and Google Ads To Drive Content Success

Opting to advertise or show your ads on search networks, display networks, and social profiles like Facebook, is the best way to attract quality traffic to your site. In addition to that, it also helps you increase the overall brand visibility. 

If you want to market your offerings on Facebook, then one of the most effective and prominent ways is to increase brand recognition and stimulate traffic on site is to promote the content. The content has to be well planned, scheduled for the best times, and communicative. If your content is monotonous instead of engaging, then all your efforts will go unnoticed. Hence, to achieve the most content success, you must advertise your offerings on Facebook and Google Ads. 


3- Put Your Message Match on Steroids

You have to focus on maximizing the message match. To do that, you will have to align messaging for each landing page too – 

  • Which locations the visitors on your site are coming from. 
  • Who all are visiting 
  • The probable reason why they are visiting

This is one of the most complex yet fruitful tips to maximize your results. You would obviously need help from the professionals to take care of this bit because you cannot afford to miss out on such an important thing 


4- Upgrade Your Offers Not The Buttons

Try upgrading your offers and not keep on editing your CTAs and buttons. In order to attract more and more customers, you must make your campaigns powerful. But then there is something else as well that you need to make more powerful and that is your offer. Imagine a situation when your offer is something that no one can resist and you have created an excellent campaign, then you won’t face any difficulties. Plus if your offer in itself is undeniable then you will not only convert leads but will also attract the loyalty of the customer.

The process is quite simple to understand. If anyone bought your product or sought the services offered by you then he or she will not only buy from you again but will also recommend the personal contacts about your brand. Hence, if done right you will be able to attract recurring customers with your one-time campaign. 


5- Prefer Split Testing 

Split testing is often known as the A/B testing method. Under this method, people test various versions of web pages to check which web pages are working efficiently and have the potential to attract better leads and conversions. Once, you have tested the various versions of landing pages, you can make the one live. Plus, if you want to make any changes in those pages to see whether it can work better after alterations and upgrades, then you can even do that. The power of testing solely remains with you. 


6- Do Not Take Device Targeting Lightly 

Mobile users are increasing exponentially these days and are expected to grow even more in the coming years. In such situations, if you fail to make your ad mobile friendly and responsive, you are ought to lose a lot of probable customers. Most people use a smart cellular device to search for their search queries on the respective search engines. Hence, you must definitely make your ads both mobile-friendly and responsible. 

Not just this, you also have to check whether the landing page is mobile responsive or not. Because if you want your target audience to take the desired action, then your landing pages are also expected to be mobile responsive to avoid disappointments. 


7- Stop Pushing Sales And Start Pushing Value

Being a business owner you must focus on providing value to your customers. Any brand can sell products or offer services but if you want your audience to remember you for good, you have to extinguish yourself from the crowd. For that, you have to focus on solving any problem that they might be having, nourishing their skillset, improving their knowledge base, etc to not only attract their attention but also convert them into your loyal customer. 

If your target audience has benefited from your brand they will remember your brand for good. This way you are not only earning profits but also goodwill.


8- Test Different Bidding Models 

Being a Google Adwords Expert you have a wide range of bidding strategies to select the best one for yourself. Below are the options, Let’s have a look at them:

  • Target Cost Per Acquisition
  • Target Return on Ad Spend
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click 
  • Maximize Clicks
  • Manual Cost Per Click Bidding 
  • Target Search Page Location
  • Target Outranking Share
  • Cost Per Mile Bidding 
  • Viewable Cost Per Mile Bidding

You have your business goals clear and the settings of the campaign done, then the only thing left is to decide the bidding model. You can select the best one from the list above that meets all of your requirements quite well. 


9- Run An Account-Based Marketing Plan 

Allot a single Google Adwords Account for individual clients. This way you will be able to run remarketing campaigns effectively. Plus the flow of your account will also not be disturbed. Having your target audience defined will reduce the efforts in the long run. So, the next time when you wish to target or retarget your audiences, you don’t have to waste time targeting your audience. You can simply select the already mentioned list of target audience and you are good to go. This means if you once have curated a target audience list, you can use it for several other campaigns coming in future. 


Final Words 

You know the tips provided by the Google Adwords Expert to nail the AdWords game in 2021. But have you ever thought about outsourcing your Google Adwords requirement to an expert?

Let GBIM Technologies take on your requirements and give them the chance to deliver traffic beyond your expectations.

It is with great pride and utmost responsibility I humbly accept being known as Mumbai’s visionary creator of successful SEO values. I have professional expertise in developing target rich SEO campaigns, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Google analytics tactics. I also possess a gamut of associated technical know-how. As the Co-founder and director of Mumbai’s best SEO company, GBIM Technologies I have the resources and capabilities for optimizing online businesses to accomplish target goals. Over five years of focused learning and experience in SEO and digital marketing has honed my skills, improving organic search engine rankings for online businesses. I achieve set targets with a unique and creative approach based on research and analysis.
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