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7 Effective Way To Use Google Trends For Best SEO Results

by | Jun 26, 2021 | SEO

7 effective way to use google trends for best seo results

If you’re struggling to improve your website’s ranking and drive traffic to your business website for improved sales, here are some of the effective ways to use google trends for the best SEO results and it is a very famous tool amongst the best SEO specialists in Bangalore. To run a business or webpage on social media, it is very important to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps to drive maximum audience to required web pages by using search engines. 

There are many best ways in which we can use Google Trends to get better results. Here today we will discuss the top 7 ways to use google trends as per expert SEO companies in Bangalore.

1. Identify The Seasonal Trends 

If your business is season-dependent, you can easily estimate its peaks and bottoms by analyzing the related search queries in Google Trends. You can then create the content in the following ways

  • Create relevant content 

For Instance, if you sell air conditioners it may make sense to put together a “summer season preparation guide” and publish it in March. After all, that is when your potential customers are most likely to be searching for air conditioners.

  • Start optimizing existing relevant pages before the peak 

If you already have a “summer season preparation guide” or perhaps even an eCommerce page selling umbrellas. You need to start prioritizing the optimization of such pages a few months before the peak season. For example, start a link building campaign in February, this may result in boosting your rank in time for the peak search period.

Seasonal trends are one of the most reliable and consistent topics to cover. They provide good content for you to attract customers. Take advantage of searches, certain keywords will attract your potential buyers, professional SEO specialists in Bangalore will help you with this. You can create new content or optimize existing content when its popularity peaks.

2. Find Relevant Topics That Are Trending Right Now.

Find relevant topics that are trending now. Being updated about current events keeps your audience informed. They can do their jobs in a better way if they are aware of current trends. They’ll start relying on you more if you provide content on trending topics. To get the best SEO service in Bangalore find a company that will help you in finding the trending topics as per your business.

Use Google Trends trending search tool to find trending topics. It will suggest to you the queries people have searched for the most for the last 24 hours. You can also filter these stories by category, like Business, Entertainment, Health, Sci/Tech, Sports, and Top Stories.

3. Find Real-Time Marketing Opportunities 

Google Trends is now offering minute-to-minute, real-time data from more than 100-billion searches through the engine monthly so that you can evaluate search trends during various seasons or time periods. You can see the minute-by-minute data for a particular time period from the past week. You can use this data for real-time marketing to attract people by watching spikes in search terms during major events, you can easily determine what topics are grabbing people’s interest. An SEO specialist in Bangalore will assist you in finding better marketing opportunities to sustain yourself in the industry.

4. Research Local Shopping Trends

Another amazing feature of Google Trends is the ability to search for shopping trends in a particular place or area. This data will help you to know the consumers purchasing behaviour for different searches.

To create this compelling graphic, they searched Google Shopping for the highest purchase intent for beauty products for each state last month. The resulting map will show the products people most want to buy in these states. If you sell cosmetics, the data will show you where you’ll get the most value for your advertising efforts. 

5. Make Sure Popularity Spikes Aren’t Skewing A Keyword’s Search Volume. 

If you’re searching for a good topic for your next content, check the topics with Google Trends. Don’t write something that is outdated, in which the people are not interested anymore 

You wouldn’t want to waste time creating content for falling topics. The monthly search volume calculates the average number of times people searched for a keyword every month. This can become a major problem because outliers in data can skew averages. SEO specialists in Bangalore are well versed with all the tools which can help in getting better keywords to search volume.

6. Create Content and Promote It:

One of the biggest problems is to come up with fresh topics for your content that will engage your target audience. You can give the data context and meaning through visual charts to present and compare similar terminologies, highlight queries that are related using google trends. Google Correlate will help you to find associations between various search trends or any data point you are interested in writing about.

7. Find New, Relevant Long-Tail Keywords

Find new, relevant long-tail keywords. Google Trends is not only a keyword research tool it can also help you in developing your entire content strategy. After plugging in your keyword, Google Trends will display the most trending-related queries and the most popular related queries. Seo specialists in Bangalore will help you find new and relevant long-tail keywords as they are experts in that field.

You can then plug these related keywords into SEO software, like Ahrefs or SEMrush, to check their keyword difficulty, search volume, and find even more related keywords. Finally, this feature will help you find the trending and popular topic that can attract organic traffic.

The SEO specialists in Bangalore are specialized in providing you with the best results. They are experts in offering SEO services in Bangalore with good experience. If you want to boost your ranking and increase sales. Get in touch with them.

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