5 Essential Shopify SEO Tips to Get More Organic Traffic


You have probably heard that the number of visitors on your website is a direct reflection of your e-commerce success.

But getting traffic is not that easy. Search engines are complex mechanisms that continuously change the way they rank websites. According to the study, 75% of online shoppers usually ignore paid ads while searching for products. And 90% of online shoppers use search engines to find products. So if you want to get more organic traffic, you need to use SEO tips to get your website ranked higher in the search results. Shopify SEO is one of the best SEO tools you have and you can easily use it for optimizing your store and the SEO agencies in Mumbai use this extensively to effectively draw in more traffic. It is affordable, easy to use, and works in the best way. Just by using the SEO tool, you can rank your store in the search engine. It will help you drastically see the changes in the ranking of your store. If you are new in the sphere of SEO agencies in Mumbai, you may not be aware of all the tips required to use Shopify for drawing in more organic traffic. 

The good news is here we have discussed Shopify SEO tips provided in this article that will help your website get more organic traffic.

Perform in-depth keyword and audience research

Keyword research has evolved a lot in the current years along with the SEO agencies in mumbai. Relying on metrics and keyword density for content optimisation are traditional methods which are not so commonly used nor do they work in the present market. 

The newer methods need to focus on target clients. Focus on the type of product you are trying to sell and think of the relevant keywords the customers may use to find that particular product instead of simply using the name of the product as the keyword. Look up and research the variations of keywords used by web surfers for that particular product to find the best ones.

Posting an article with the best “product name” and creating a link to the product you are selling can also be a useful strategy for SEO agencies in Mumbai, as these links have semantic relevance. 

Choose A Keyword Or Phrase That Actually Sells

When you are working under SEO agencies in Mumbai you have to remember that keywords are your bread and butter, they are your arsenal and the key tool that could make or break your work. As part of keyword research make sure to choose the keywords that actually sell products, search diligently and conduct thorough market research to find them. Your clients would thank you for and you would have built a successful long term relationship if you can successfully find keywords that make their products rank higher on search. 

Conduct proper evaluation of your digital presence and observe if the products are discoverable when people search for the relevant items. For such cases, you can improve on organic traffic with specific keywords relevant to the business. 

There are several free software available out there such as Hubspot, Uber suggest and Google Keyword Planner. You can use them to effectively search for related keywords.

Optimize your product pages

A general rule of thumb for SEO agencies in Mumbai is the more content you add the better, i.e there should be thorough and detailed content available regarding the products. 

Be sure to never boilerplate copies or simply use duplicate product titles and descriptions from the original manufacturer content. It is essential to have experienced content writers who can write fresh content. SEO team members need to create specific and original product images and videos. 

Connect Your Pages And Content With Internal Links

Linking back to the product page with your blogs and articles is another efficient way to optimise the product pages. SEO agencies in Mumbai can do this easily by adding links through featured images that link to the original product page through the blog. This will bring in more visibility to your product through the search engine results along with extra context for possible customers. 

Improve your user experience

If you have experience within the sphere of SEO agencies in Mumbai you would know already that a high-end user experience can do a lot for attracting more customers or even get them to keep coming to the website. Good user engagement metrics can be quite useful and important for the sustainable growth of your SEO, along with adding organic visibility. 

Dwell time measures the time a single user spends between clicking on a search result to going back to the original search engine page. Google uses this metric to create an assessment and evaluation of the search result qualities. Try to reduce the bounce rate while increasing the average session duration as these can work effectively in increasing average dwell time. 

The secret to figuring out effectively improving user experience is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. 

As long as you remember these five tips it should be easy to draw in more organic traffic to your website.

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