15 Things To Know Before Designing A Website

  • September 24, 2021
  • Nirlep Patel
  • 4 min read

A website decides the future of a brand. No matter whether the business is small or big, the website is the ultimate need in this digital world. The business website will act as the face of your brand to the online world. Your website is the place where you can provide knowledge to your customers about who you are and what services you provide. 

If the website building and design go smoothly and correctly, it will function as the machine for attracting new customers to your business. But if it’s not done correctly and adequately, it can take up all your money and time and give nothing in return. Many business owners are known for the risks and problems that arise in the process of website designing and development. Therefore, they shift their website building and designing process to a professional and experienced website design company in Bangalore

However, if you want to know how to avoid the oppressive website design, then make sure to remember these 15 things in your mind.  

1. What is the point of the website?

Before starting with the website designing process, you need to know what purpose you are designing the website. You should know the reason behind developing and designing a website. Without a specific reason, you cannot be able to design the website as it’s aimless right from its starting. 

2. What is your online brand name? 

The next thing you need to be cleared with is your brand name. You should know what your potential customers call you in the digital world. If you are using the common business name, but some other business already takes it. Then think of another yet memorable brand name. The best website design company in Bangalore will assist you in choosing a perfect and catchy brand name for your company.

3. What type of content do you need? 

You also need to be clear with the content you are going to provide. Therefore, you should know which type of content will appear on the homepage of your website. Having a clear idea of what information you want to deliver to your customers will make it easy for you to design the website. 

4. What’s your branding? 

Your online store is somewhat similar to window shopping. Therefore, you should be clear with the idea of what your branding will be before designing the website. 

5. What’s your colour scheme? 

If you are clear with which colour you will use in your website, you can be able to design the perfect structure and layout of your website. Here you can imply either the established colour palette of your business or can start trying with some new colours. An established website designing company in Bangalore can play with good colour combinations and offer a perfect website to generate more traffic. 

6. What’s your menu structure? 

Here you need to make your navigation clear and simple. If your website does not indicate where to move to another page, the website design is useless and will not grab any customer traffic. 

7. What could be frustrating visitors? 

You should know what things on your website can make your customers frustrated and irritated at the same time. Therefore, you should make and design your website with easy usability. 

8. Do you have an excellent call to action? 

Now you must have cleared the purpose of your website. Therefore you should plan to implement a good call for action on your website. A good call to action might include contacting through phone, mail, or website, completing the form, signing up, etc. 

9. How often will you update your website? 

After various steps, you should also focus on whether you will be updating your website content regularly or occasionally. If you want to update the content regularly, you should use a CMS system like WordPress or Shopify. 

10. Who will write all of the content? 

Now you need to confirm who will be going to design your website content. The website content includes text, pictures, and videos. Here you can hire the best website design company in Banglore to make your task easier. 

11. What keywords are you going to target? 

Keywords are those important words through which people will find your website. If you are well known for what keywords you are optimizing, you can get high audience coverage. 

12. Is it secure? 

Security is an essential concern of any website, irrespective of the business type. Therefore, if your website is secure and safe, you are protected from all the hackers and their techniques. 

13. Who will build your website? 

Now, you need to know who will build your website. Yes, you can do it by yourself for your business. But if you build your website from professionals like the reliable website design company in Bangalore, you will experience the perfect website. 

14. What’s your budget? 

Before you start building your website, you need to know its budget. It will help in understanding the size and quality of your website. Therefore, you don’t need to invest a lot here. 

15. How will you market the website? 

If you have not paid attention to this point or thing, the above-discussed stuff will be all useless. You need to have an active marketing plan ready with you to make a strong presence in the competitive online world. 

These are some of the things that you know before designing your business website. However, hiring professional website design companies in Bangalore is always best for this task. 

Nirlep Patel
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