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15 PPC Tips to Boost Your Google AdWords Campaign Performance

by | Mar 5, 2021 | PPC

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Adwords campaigns are one of the smartest ways of improving your marketing mix. However, Google Adwords campaigns are not easy to crack. You have to consider many things like google adwords pricing, ad budget, target options and your ideal audience before embarking on your ad campaign journey. But if you are already invested in Google Ads campaign, then your primary aim will be to boost your campaign performance.

Have a look at the 15 PPC Tips that help you boost your Campaign Performance:


1.Select The Correct Bidding Strategy

Bidding strategies can make or break your Google PPC Campaigns. Your Google Adwords Pricing budget must be set according to your bidding strategy. Google Adwords offer you a number of bidding strategies for helping you stay in your budget.

You can pick from conversion based strategies, impression based strategies,click based strategies or interaction based strategies.

Before selecting a bidding strategy it is important for you to define your campaign goals as this helps you pick the correct bidding strategy.


2.Show Your Ads At The Right Time

All marketers know what significance displaying the right ad to the correct target audience holds for having successful campaigns. Knowing your target audience and their online  behaviours plays a significant role in your ad placement strategies. Most of your target audience is active between 9-5 business hours. However, when starting your campaign try and display it on 24/7 basis as it helps generate more exposure. 


3.Circulate Your Ads

Ad rotation can make your google ads campaigns super successful. You cannot display all your ads together and hence with ad rotations you can ensure that all your ads garner equal attention. Google offers  four options of Ads rotation for optimising your ad sets:

  • Click Based Optimisation: It optimises ad rotations for ads that have generated the most clicks in the past and can be displayed again in the future.
  • Conversion Based Optimisation: Very similar to ad clicks, ads getting maximum conversions are shown more often in the future.
  • Even Based Optimisation: Every ad enters similar amounts of auctions. Although it is not guaranteed that every ad will meet the standards of getting an impression. If the ads are untouched after 90 days,they will get optimized for clicks or conversions.
  • Indefinite Optimisation: Similar to even rotation, the only catch is that if the ads are not optimised within 90 days, nothing else happens.

You can start your ads rotation with conversions as they are easy and quick to operate.


 4.Target Locations Systematically & Cautiously

Targeting the locations where you want your ads being displayed helps you capture the correct audience and increases your business exposure.  Selecting your target locations is relatively easy. Businesses having physical locations must target audiences within their city. Businesses operating on a national level must pick the entire country as their target location. Before doing so, always study your audience’s buying behaviour as it might not be similar in all parts of the country. After doing so, you can target only those locations that display buying behaviours suiting your business as a location for your ads.


  1. Make Use Of Effective Device Targeting

Mobiles have become the go-to device for today’s online audience to perform various online activities. It is important that your ads run smoothly on every chosen device, especially mobile phones. Luckily, Google has enhanced it campaign capabilities and lets businesses target their audiences on specific devices.  Use the following tactics while device targeting:

  •  Mobile Oriented Text Ads: These ads are simple plain text ads displayed on mobile phones.
  • Call Specific: These ads get displayed with the sole aim of enticing consumers to make phone calls averse to directing users to a landing page.
  • Build Mobile-Based Ads Only: These ads look different from screen to screen. Adwords gives you an option known as device preference , that you can select for choosing certain ads that are mobile -preferred. This helps you develop your content and CTAs respectively.

Always ensure that your website’s landing page must be mobile-friendly, if your mobile ads are directing users to it.


6.Ensure To Apply Bid Adjustments

You can easily adjust your Google Adwords Pricing by adjusting your bids. Bid adjustments help you change the frequency of  how your ads get displayed based on various factors such as location, time and the methods people use for conducting website searches.

For example, If most of your ideal audience uses mobile for searches, then you can increase you bid for when your audience conducts a search on their device. Make sure you study your performance videos well for making the correct changes. Find places that offer you the best conversion rates.


7.Optimise Your Bids For Achieving The Best Ad Position

You must continuously optimise your bids for ensuring  the success of your adwords campaign. Always align your campaign as per the goals you decided before starting the campaign. You can select from two types of bid approaches, manual or algorithmic. The manual approach needs you to manage your bids manually by simply adding or subtracting simple bids that is based on the Boolean Logic for reaching a specified  number of clicks, conversions,targets. The latter approach combines manual and automation methods, taking the basic factors one uses in manual optimisation while including in-depth business factors like budget needs,long term/short term goals,etc.


  1. Ensure To Use Single Keyword Ad Groups

Single Keyword Ad Groups are keyword ad groups containing a single keyword. Google recommends you to have around 10-20. Single keyword ad groups are beneficial as only a single keyword  triggers your ad, saving your hard work on creating unique ads with the correct multiple keywords. This method helps you increase your ad’s CTR and lower your CPC. You follow this practice for your most valuable keywords  and create meaningful ads with them.


9.Make Use Of Dynamic Keyword Insertion To Improve CTR

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is one of the best ways of CTR optimisation.DKI is an ad feature that lets you dynamically insert a keyword that is very relevant to the ad that needs to be displayed. One of the best PC strategies for boosting  your results and helping online audiences find exactly what they need.


  1. Make Use Of Add Extensions

Ad Extensions have the ability to increase your exposure to your online audiences drastically as their primary function is to give people information about your business like contact number, address, landing pages links. It helps people make better decisions. Ad extensions also give your ads more visibility on SERPs, resulting in increased ad value. Remember the ad extension you use must have some significance and add value to your add.


  1. Conducting A/B Tests For Your Landing Pages And Ads

Conducting A/B tests lets you know if your ads are working well and the unrequited elements in your ads. A/B testing is ever simple in PPC and you must focus only on the four major areas of your ad coy, namely:

  • Headline
  • Link
  • Body
  • Keywords Used On Ad Display

The more you test, the better keywords you have for your ad campaigns.


  1. Pick Only The Most Significant Keywords

Selecting the most valuable keywords for your campaign is one of the most tough and important jobs. Building your keyword list takes time, planning and patience. You must find the perfect balance of terms and not overuse keywords. Avoid grabbing all the high ranking keywords as they are highly competitive and costly, and can result in an increase in your Google Adwords Pricing. Select keywords that are well-performing in your specific industry and avoid going overboard.


13.Organise Your Account Structure

An important step of boosting your campaigns , organising your account structure gives you a clear idea of the next steps you need to take for your campaign. Take a look at your bidding strategy, analyse if you need to optimise it for better results. Assess the number of keywords in each ad group, the number of ads in each ad group and how relevant the keywords are with each other and also the ads within each group.


  1. Create A Negative Keyword List

Negative keywords let search engines know the ads that need not be displayed for certain terms.This helps you control the type of searches that trigger your ads. It also helps only the most interested customers look at your ads, keeping irrelevant traffic out saving your time and money in the future.


15.Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

Experimenting with your campaigns is one of the significant ways of ensuring a high performing campaign. Today, there is a lot of data available in the market that you can use as per your wish and create innovative campaigns. You must have ever evolving strategies  suiting new trends and consumers. When you experiment, you learn what works for your business and what doesn’t. You can use this experience and create better campaigns in the future.

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