10 Ways SEO Is The Secret To Brand-Building

Everyone wants their website on the top of the search results. SEO helps in enhancing the ranking and results in building a brand on search engines. Search engine optimization is now a basis of several companies, some for digital marketing business, while others enhance their company standards to come to a brand level. However, some kind of blame SEO for its creation of an uphill battle against algorithms and updates.

Despite this, it is important to see SEO as a highly significant concept for brand-building. When we have this kind of mindset, our approach while using SEO will take us nearer to our marketing goals. SEO comes with the creation of ever-growing opportunities. It brings with it a method to reach new and wider audiences.

Ultimately, it is a tool that carries the strength to give you control over your business’s online presence. Read on to know how strategic SEO services agencies do this and how it nears your company toward becoming a brand.

Because the top of funnel content is what suits Google

As we all know, Google’s major task is to answer questions, most of which are informational. There are many of them that consist of branded terms. Now, users wish to get search results that give general answers and ideas, which are perfect for what we call top-of-the-funnel content.

One can utilize the SEO concept here by going with long-tail keywords which prove relevant for your brand’s expertise. The keywords should also be surrounded with the created comprehensive content in long-form. One can go ahead with including semantic keywords along with questions in the form of subheadings. Apart from this, do ad-branded graphics to get ready for brand building with SEO.

Basically, all pages can rank top after Google’s May update

While one needs to be grounded enough about the rankings one would get on Google, one should also know that Google does make non-AMP pages rank in the top stories. Those results are in a snippet that is pulled from Google News. And it happens when a general Google search is done on a newsworthy topic.

One just needs to submit his/her website to Google News, do some optimization of the digital experience. S/he gets to enjoy the instant brand building for those relevant top stories.

Low-competition image searches and their relation with brand building

One needs to know here that such low-competition image searches prove to play well with brand creation for companies/businesses. One can publish as well as optimize the high-quality branded images too to make the SEO evolve with Google’s long term plan. One can expect major shifts from Google to AI-powered visual searches too since such searches are on an increase across other apps.

For better integrity in everything published

SEO, as a vital brand-creating tool, enhances respect for a brand while enhancing integrity and positivity for branding.

More-trustable organic results when compared with paid ads

As per some research, around 27 percent of people use ad blockers. Another seventy to eighty actively ignore those paid search results and avoid going straight for the organic results. Because people are aware of the fact that anyone can pay for ads, they don’t really trust the ads anymore.

Hence, we come to the point where one can choose what’s better: to pay to show up on top in the search results, or make it organically rank for the same keyword. This is why we see leading brands prioritizing organic SEO despite having a budget for PPC ads.

Levelling of the field by Google’s core web vitals update

Google has given a six-month warning to websites and marketers for preparing for Core Web Vitals update. Also, it has even revealed detailed factors that it’ll use for ranking websites for digital experience. This is in addition to the new real-time report in Search Console.

This transparency needs to be taken seriously while knowing that websites falling short could vanish. There is provision for websites with great digital experiences to make a solid branding.

Gaining authority within the relevant keyword groups

One can gain the attention of Google by publishing trustworthy, authoritative content on a consistent basis. This needs to be done within one’s expertise only. It may not be suitable to dwell upon what the details are when it comes to how Google decides what to rank. However, we may consider one point here, that is Google EAT, or expertise, authority and trustworthiness.      

For expanded search results snippets

The above-mentioned practices apply to Google snippets too. This is about including more content for every search result. This will help users decide what is worth clicking and will help you with a better and more number of branding opportunities for standing out.

Video searches – SEO and snippets too.

Again, one may know that video searches make use of SEO as well as snippets. Around 85 percent of people are known to have internet connections to watch online at least once every week. It is obvious to find that billions of hours are being spent on YouTube alone every day.

Now, because the video is not going to go anywhere, we can choose to respect what it can do for the much-needed branding.

Become a household name through SEO for voice search

Use popular questions within your expertise in order to enhance your brand’s chances of becoming one of those household names. You may also do so by supplying some straightforward answers right below the questions. Here, it is suitable to prefer simple writing and Keep naturally, while optimizing top-ranking expert content for such voice search.

These are some of the best ways which companies can use for brand-building purposes and generate maximum business by ranking at the top. 


Hey there! I am an SEO specialist, working as the Head of SEO at GBIM Technologies - one of India’s fastest-growing internet marketing companies. Here, I lead a brilliant team and oversee their On-page SEO, link building, technical SEO, Google tools and review their performance reports for hundreds of clients abroad. I began my journey in the ever-growing field of SEO some four years ago. Since then, I had the honour to learn the nuts and bolts of this field from some of the leading SEO and digital marketing gurus in the industry. During my time here, I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge on handling every type of client, from brick and mortar businesses to large scale companies, while driving optimal SEO results to them. Honestly, I owe this phenomenal success to the fantastic support given by our company’s higher management and the solid foundation laid by my SEO team.

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